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Episode of Cruz 1: Witness Testifying Empty Episode of Cruz 1: Witness Testifying

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Feb 27, 2020 12:28 pm

"Spider Miles... Why in the world would anyone ever want to do anything here *CLACK*!" Cruz mumbled to herself traitorously to herself as she scuttled along the rooftops of the island's main city. She had finally made it to this accursed island less than an hour ago and already she had come down from her initial spike of enthusiasm, the smell of the place made her feel uncomfortable.

She had yet to locate the building that man* had described to her 6 months ago, she had drilled his description of it into her memory and was confident in her ability to recognize the thing when she saw it, but nonetheless she had been wandering this place for almost an hour without seeing anything that looked remotely like the ordained meeting place. She knew she hadn't searched the whole city or even a majority of the city, but her expectations for how quickly she would be rid of the message once she reached Smider Miles had been unreasonable since she'd been fantasizing about what would happen for a few months now. It was only fitting that reality would disappoint her so.

"I've neen- ah, that's wrong- I've been around humans long enough to know that asking about a specific building will definitely make someone think I'm up to something. But I never imagined that it wouldn't be easily found..." Cruz could feel her face strain as she realized her own stupidity and she sighed, "I never even considered that I would have to look for it. Why didn't I ever think about this?- I never had free time to think about it before."

She had to set herself down for a minute to let her thoughts catch up to her situation. She ended up falling asleep for a while beneath her hat until a commotion woke her up.

She hand to blink the sleep out of her eyes before she crawled over to the side of the roof she had climbed onto and looked down to the street and saw some guys in suits getting into some kind of brawl with... some pretty normal looking dudes? There weren't any civilians nearby anymore, but no one was really hurt so the fight must have just begun. She stared at the fighting for a minute or so before one of the main players (For the pair were obviously the strongest of each side) in looking around caught their eye on her. More specifically they caught their eye on her hat.

"That Hat-!" He started, the other main player gullibly looking up as well.

"What, a grey bow... ler... HOLD ON A SECOND!" The suited man screeched indignantly, the fight grinding to a halt around him as suited man and common-looking man alike looked up at the bowler hat to their own reactions. The suited man, however, was not yet done being indignant. "There's no possible way that could be that man's hat! He had a Devil Fruit and the Cipher Pol's report said that his ship sank!"

"Crew S2 sank?" The normal looking man said, and as such Cruz finally had to confront the fact that THIS is one of the people she was supposed to deliver her message to. She sighed, a long-suffering sigh of someone whose life was so much more simple just a few months ago.

"Crew S2 is out." She admitted loudly, feeling a bit less confident now that everyone's eyes were on her, she took the hat off in one of her claws before suddenly using her devil fruit ability to eat the whole thing whole. "But that doesn't mean they failed! Shipping!" She announced launched the hat out in a parody of her 'shipping' series of attacks, leaving her back covered by the torn section of Revolutionary Flag she carried. The hat hit the common-looking guy in the face before he managed to get his senses in order and catch it. "Now get out of here you dumb human, I don't feel like adding more dead peoples wills to my weight, just the one was enough already!"

The man sputtered for a moment before realizing that the hat must be carrying the message and turning around to bolt through a nearby alleyway with a "Retreat, we've got what we came here for!"

(*Cruz's Backstory)


Episode of Cruz 1: Witness Testifying Empty Re: Episode of Cruz 1: Witness Testifying

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:15 pm
Cruz D. Malacos uses AoE Crab Shipping: Crabid Caltrop Field! on ??? and his underlings!
Cruz D. Malacos uses UT on ???

??? uses LT Agent Crash on Cruz D. Malacos
??? uses LT Dart Bullet on Cruz D. Malacos
??? uses UT on Cruz D Malacos

Name : Variable
Epithet : Variable
Age : 0
Height : Variable
Weight : Variable
Species : Variable
Faction : Variable
Crew : Variable
Ship : Variable
Crew Role : Variable
Devil Fruit : Variable
Bounty : Variable
Balance : Variable
Posts : 1281

Episode of Cruz 1: Witness Testifying Empty Re: Episode of Cruz 1: Witness Testifying

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:15 pm
The member 'Cruz D. Malacos' has done the following action : Dice Roll

#1 'Reflex Check' : 14, 18


#2 'Reflex Check' : 17, 10, 8

Episode of Cruz 1: Witness Testifying Empty Re: Episode of Cruz 1: Witness Testifying

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Mar 03, 2020 5:27 pm
As the normal-looking guys - who Cruz is 100% certain she identified right as being on "her side" -retreated, the suited government agents immediately launched into a chase with their boss yelling "Stop them! Those are Revolutionaries, we cannot allow a single one of their ranks to escape!"

Cruz could see where the fight would go from here... and she knew she would have to intervene to allow her "allies" to escape successfully. She couldn't count this as a success unless the message actually made it away safely with the informant afterall! "I'd really prefer if you didn't do that, suit guy!" Cruz yelled as she launched herself from the roof down to the street below. "After all, you guys are the ones who won't be escaping! [AoE] Crab Shipping: Crabid Caltrop Field!"

As the crab announced her attack a field of viciously spiked caltrops spewed from her mouth to cover a frankly impressive area for something launched from something of her size, landing beneath the feet of the suited man and his underlings. Most of the nameless agents practically doubled over in pain and saw immediate discoloration in any exposed skin near the bottom of their legs. To Cruz's surprise the general panic seemed to not reach the unnamed world government officer.

She had a few seconds to parse that thought as the man charged her and punted her tiny body like a sportball. She landed lightly on her back and quickly rolled herself over to see her approaching enemy...

Battle start: Cruz D. Malacos vs. ??? (Unnamed World Government Agent)

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