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Wanted Board

This is where the most notorious player criminals of Revival Dawn will be listed.
To make your own wanted posters, head to the One Piece Wanted Poster Maker.

For your wanted poster to be accepted for the wanted board, it must meet the following requirements:

- The crimes list must be brief and cover the main crimes that your character is wanted for. The higher your character's tier, the more crimes you can add to the list.
- The name must be uppercase and the spacing should be adjusted for the name to span the width of the poster.
- The name should have an interpunct ⟨·⟩ between the forename and surname.
- The bounty text spacing should be adjusted for the numbers to span the width of the poster.
- The sepia, grayscale, and other colour filters should be adjusted for the image in the wanted poster to match the colour scheme for other posters on the board.
You can then request your wanted poster to be added to the Wanted Board in [discord]approval-requests[/discord].

Player Posters

Gray "The Conqueror" Starks - 5,000,000,000:
Richard "Plague Rat" Maxwell - 235,000,000:
Thrash "the Typhoon" - 165,081,000:
Dax "The Goldmonger" Morgan - 27,900,000:
"Venomous Bartender" Karl Friedrich - 10,000,000:
Rias "Funbags" Keko - 4,300,000:

NPC Posters

Djinn - 6,000,000,000:
"Behemoth", Loha - 4,850,000,000:
"Thunder Ogre", Brandy Auger - 4,430,000,000:
"White Saint" Meiosei - 4,200,098,108:
"Firebear'd", Ursus Berengar - 4,000,000,000:
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