Revival Dawn is a role-playing forum set in an alternate universe of canon One Piece.
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PostSubject: UNIVERSE [jcink]   UNIVERSE [jcink] EmptyWed Mar 25, 2020 2:11 pm

UNIVERSE [jcink] Universead

Set in modern day Seoul, SK, Universe is a panfandom spirits site where powered individuals have existed since the atomic age in the 50s, and our main setting is focused on the connections between kpop idols in seven entertainment companies(though non-idols are also allowed). Most of our drama is tied up in past life memories(of the canon spirits) and the struggle of living day to day with supernatural abilities. Your favorite kpop concepts just got a lot more strange and a bit more ‘powerful’, but that’s one of the industry’s charm points.  
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UNIVERSE [jcink]
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