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Paramore A-A D. Drunk's Equipment Empty Paramore A-A D. Drunk's Equipment

This post has assessment comments.Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:25 pm

Paramore A-A D Drunk's Equipment

Character Name: Paramore Avicii-Astley D. Drunk
Number of Equipment Pieces: 1
Highest tiered equipment: Tier 1
Total Equipment Stat Points: +5

Equipment Name: Hunting Knife
Equipment Type: Knife
Equipment Tier: What is the tier of this equipment?
Equipment Stats: +5 Strength

Equipment Description: With a serrated edge in order to assist in the act of cutting, rather than stabbing, the leather handle of the knife has been worn away due to years of usage, resulting in a firm, ergonomic handle, worn-away specifically for Drunk's handling.

2nd Free Rank 1:


Equipment Techniques:

Devil Fruit Equipment Techniques:
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