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Vilgefortz Hyde Empty Vilgefortz Hyde

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Apr 03, 2020 3:33 pm

Vilgefortz Hyde

Vilgefortz Hyde 0GfiLOD

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Pocket Change | Starting Bonus Roll

First Name: Vilgefortz
Last Name: Hyde
Epithet: N/A
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Marine
Soldier: A Marine both in rank and acting, Vilgefortz sees his occupation being his life. Trained extensively in all matters military, ranging from the conventional skills like field medicine and trench digging to highly unconventional like field craft and interrogation, he has the skill needed to undertake virtually any mission his superiors assign him, be it land or sea; a point of pride he makes sure he keeps polished.

Peacekeeper, Pugilist, Marksman, Swordsman, Murderer; Whatever name or title is given, when it comes to it, Vilgefortz is a fighter. Fist, steel and gunpowder are all part of his daily life. Rigorous training and a keen interest in all forms of combat, he goes to great lengths to be in the top bracket of his field.

Violence is to him what peace is to the layman, albeit not outright sadistic, it’s easy to confuse him as such.

Physical Appearance

Height: 195cm
Weight: 105kg

Hair Style: A wild mane of hair, tied back in a ball-like shape with small fringes.
Hair Color: Charcoal
Eye Color: Onyx
Scars: Innumerable scars all across his body, yet none particularly remarkable or distinctive.
Clothing and Accessories: Always donning the iconic Justice coat on his shoulders, Vilgefortz wears a variety of suits when on duty, having to specifically be tailor-made to his size yet he understands the value of exuding authority both in action and appearance.

If he is going to be deployed in active combat, he instead dons armour made of thick hardend leather with metal plating, heavy enough to shrug off a bullet or two yet light enough to let him cleave any miscreant with ease.  

When off duty, he instead opts to wear a variety of flowered shirts and knee-high trousers, exploring where he is shored as a tourist, while still dispensing justice, just with a nice cocktail in hand.

Description: Vilgefortz is a hulking man, by all standards except giant. His limbs thick as tree trunks and chest stout as a barrel, betray his disposition. Countless scars mark skin all over his person. Spars, Bar Brawls, Arrests; They all leave their mark; and the reason he prefers to shag in the dark; It usually leaves the shock for the morning.

Jaw clenched, eyes narrowed, Vilgefortz’s face is gaunt, at best covered with light stubble, as he is unable to grow a beard, a divided moustache and sideburns being the peak of his facial hair; a fact which he has made peace with it. Instead, he grows out his hair, shoulder-length, tightly bound back into the vague shape of a ball to not impede in everyday duties. His fish-like eyes, as black as a moonless night, cold and expressionless, gave him a gaze which pierces friend or foe alike; Only the women he wishes to bed are spared from it.

The Past

Main Traits: Steadfast, Brutal, Cold, Lecherous, Single-Minded
Likes: (Endowed) Women, Drinking, Fighting, “Justice”
Dislikes: Scum, Corruption, Cowardice, Weakness
Unique laugh: Wahahaha

Hometown: Unkown
Personality: An austere and cynical man, Vilgefortz’s a man of few words, and those few words are usually gruff. Emotions are rare and far between, and he mostly spends his time amongst training dummies and iron weights, although he is a not a bonehead by any means, understanding the value of books as much as a sword.

Coupled with the fact that he does not suffer fools, this make him a rather intimidating man, especially to serve under. He demands the utmost from his men, but he also demands more from himself and earns his respect through deeds, not words; especially after one faces him in a bout of sparring.

In combat, he fights with brutal efficiency, only sparing the lives if given the command by above and when absolute necessary even then; collateral damage is nearly always present, as he goes with full force, regardless if apprehending a low-time criminal or a bloodthirsty pirate. Does who do survive are usually met with a fate worse than those who die, as Vilgefortz is not above torture to get to his prey.

A man seemingly devoid of mercy, his contempt for pirate scum is only rivalled by corrupt marines, which he makes sure to root out at every opportunity with the same method as the former.

Yet, when he is shored and off duty, his lust for booze, boobs and banquets shows. A philandering womanizer, he is notorious for his ability to get into bar fights with seemingly impossible ease. Had he not been an Officer under the World Government, many a tavern would bar him, yet the only tavern to do so, found its owners under suspicion of harbouring criminal element, and after a rather destructive search for such element, it never opened its doors again.

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