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Himura's Samehada  Empty Himura's Samehada

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Jul 20, 2020 1:20 pm

Himura Momoshiki's Equipment

Character Name: Himura Momoshiki
Number of Equipment Pieces: 1 piece
Highest tiered equipment: Tier 1
Total Equipment Stat Points: +5 Attack

Equipment Name: Samehada
Equipment Type: Sword
Equipment Tier: Tier 1 
Equipment Stats: +5 Attack

Himura's Samehada  155478-32456-samehada

Equipment Description: Samehada was a weapon that was given to Himura by his fishman karate sensei, and the weapon that Himura has created his unique style of fishman karate around. Samehada is a large sword with the blade being about the same size as his entire body and reaching up to his shoulders, and the handle reaching above his head. The blade was constructed in an atypically manner, with the blade being comprised from a series of downward-facing scales running about its length until it hits he hilt, of which, there is a small skull. The blade itself is usually wrapped in bandages, with only the tip being shown. There is a long cord that is connects Samehada to the user's arm.


Equipment Techniques:

Devil Fruit Equipment Techniques:
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