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Ebyssa WIP Empty Ebyssa WIP

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:25 pm

Ebyssa Veihalis

Ebyssa WIP TVvHj8f

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Hardboiled | [Starting Bonus Roll]

First Name: Ebyssa | Originally Elcia |
Middle Name/Initial:  Aurealis
Last Name: Veihalis | Originally Lockhart |
Epithet: Foxy Doxy
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Faction: Marine
Profession: Dancing, Trading/Bargaining, and Navigation

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 Lbs.

Hair Style: She has mid-back length brown hair with varying shades of color, having been seen as bright brown,  black, and, ultimately, plain brown. Two shoulder-length strands of hair frame her face, with the left one starting from a prominent, high fringe.
Hair Color: Dark Brown with natural light-brown highlights.
Eye Color: Brown/Gray Tone (Often giving the illusion that her eyes are a soft black purple tone)
Scars: N/A
Clothing and Accessories: Ebyssa's shapely upper body is usually left largely exposed, with most of her attires being distinctively scanty: Ebyssa often wears an outfit that is scanty/exposing, but slightly more concealing: compared to what she also usually wears which is an array of bikinis and strapped high-heels, along with huge pieces of jewelry. Her usual attire though sports a white shirt, which left her abdomen and forearms exposed, held closed by a band below her collar, which was decorated by a wavy blue motif, and tied in a knot below her chest, which was exposed by the shirt and covered in a dark bikini top, with white edges flanked by wavy, protruding hollowed trimmings. Her black capri pants were held up by a tighter-fitting, lavender belt adorned by red hearts, and her high-heeled sandals were replaced by short-heeled ones, secured to her feet by many striped bands, which end mid-calf.  While in this outfit, she had no visible jewelry. Also, she often wears a dark, revealing bikini paired with light-colored flip-flops. Another popular outfit of hers is a light blue bikini top which features a camouflage pattern, a pair of capri pants, with two bands hanging from each leg and a light belt covered in heart motifs loosely tied around the waist. She completes her general outfit by wearing a pair of high-heeled sandals. She also had a pair of metal bracelets adorning her biceps, bearing an incision composed of many "A"s, and three simple, round metal bracelets on her right wrist.

Description: A woman of elevated beauty who is somewhat taller than most human women, but elegant with an olive-skin color. She has black hair, brownish-purple eyes, and thick eyelashes; Her hair is wavy and passes her shoulders. She bears a voluptuous figure with a large chest. Although her voluptuous figure also looks to be very fragile, due to her toned and thin body-size, which is the opposite of her personality. Ebyssa also is known for her thick thighs, and amazing body; she is the stunning imagery of beauty and confidence.

The Past

Main Traits: Loyal, Independent, Adventurous, Adaptable, Briliant, Incorruptible, and Generous.
Walking: Ebyssa enjoys walking, it helps clear her head and gives her a grain of peace.
Exploring: She loves to discover new places never seen before, or places she's never seen.
Historic Events: She loves to learn about any historical event, of the ancient times such as islands, or items such as weapons.
Books: Books are her main source of knowledge. She can be found browsing the library and archives trying to find out as much about everything as she can.
Mystery: What sea bearing soul doesn't love a good mystery. This is due to her love for exploration and her goal to discover new places, the mystery is just a cherry on the cake for her.
Humor: Ebyssais into different types of humor and is into different kinds of jokes. Rather if it's about someone's death or even a lame one to smile about.
Music: Music from the lips and music from the hands, Ebyssa enjoys and loves music; she can’t help but to dance, hum, or sing along if she knows the tune.
Knowledge: Curiosity killed the cat, right? However, due to her curiosity sometimes it can be a good thing. She enjoys and loves to learn things of all kinds, and enjoys the culture and respect of honoring others' way of life; as long as it isn’t evil/harmful to others.
Hindrance: Ebyssa is normally a very productive person in her own regard and does not like to be hindered in any way. Any hindrance to her goals will be removed.
Destructive People: She cannot stand when people purposely destroy anything that has value to it, whether it be a personal value or monetary value. Much like the marines she often deals with.
Enslaving: Being that she watched her father enslave a whole ocean of fishmen, she is disgusted by the act.
Alcohol: Although she isn’t a fan of alcohol, she sees the purpose of numbing her thoughts with it.
Interruptions: When she speaks or is doing something, Ebyssa hates it when someone interrupts her.
Lonesome: Due to having everyone taken from her when she was younger, she has a high dislike of being alone. Basically a fear.
Spiders: One of the only insects the woman can't stand. If she could eradicate them she would.
Snakes: One of the only reptiles the woman can't stand. The way they slither around just creeps her out.
Unique laugh: Does your character have a unique laugh? Well, it should. (Seriously, you need one or you're banned for life! I'm totally serious! Like, really, really serious!)

Hometown: Alabasta Kingdom


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