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"Hard pass."

"Give me more, I'll do it all."
"I can help you if you hold my bottle."
"I read the whole combat guide."
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Grover Aurum

Age : 0
Faction : Civilian
Haki Level : 2
Attack (ATK) : 57
Defense (DEF) : 95
Reflex (RX) : 95
Willpower (WP) : 133
Level : 10
Experience Points : 1000
Berries Berries : 50,000
Posts : 12
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Grover's Test Thread Empty Grover's Test Thread

on Thu Jul 14, 2016 12:38 pm


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</div></div><div class="GeminiUnder"></div><div class="GeminiThread">POST HERE
</div><div class="GeminiExpand"><div class="Geminitemp01">NOTES HERE
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