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[Episode] All Predators, No Prey Empty [Episode] All Predators, No Prey

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Oct 06, 2020 1:04 am
Quest Details:

Zhenya Ferry stepped off the transport ship with the rest of those passengers lagging behind. His night had involved far too many drinks and far too little sleep for the early horns and announcements from the boat's captain. A brown bag slung over his shoulder with his weapons and travel goods, he stepped onto Baterilla. Cove Deep was a modest town, most notable for an inn that was popular with travelers. Many of the passengers made directly for the establishment, looking to be the first to claim one of its few vacancies.

Zhenya would not be relying on such modest accommodations. Rather, he opted to visit an armory, looking to refresh the weapons and ammunition in his arsenal. The first blacksmith he visited, however, was completely devoid of goods.

"How does an armory run out of weapons?" he asked, clutching his forehead and its pulsing migraine. "You're really fucking up this supply and demand thing a business is supposed to have," he noted.

The young clerk behind the counter nodded apologetically. "Yahaha, sir, you see, sir. Our products have been completely bought out by other customers, sir."

"When can you expect to be restocked then? Anything'll do."

"Sir, you see, sir. Our production queue, sir, has been completely filled by these same customers, sir."

"What?!" Zhenya barked, then groaned at the headache his voice had exaggerated. Zhenya carried three guns and even he couldn't imagine needing such an outrageous amount of goods. Whoever was filling out such orders was buying for a small army. "Who's this customer then?"

"Sir, you see, sir. Of course, our customers expect confidentiality," the clerk said, still nodding apologetically. "You understand, don't you, sir?"

Zhenya palmed the bobblehead clerk, with his fist, his other hand clutching his own head. "I've got a splitting headache. I'd be happy to share it with you, if the next words out of your mouth aren't the answer to my question. Who's this buyer?"

"Sir, you see, sir-"

The bounty hunter made good on his promise. The bobblehead clerk's head cracked the ornate wood of his own counter, with the audible sound of a broken nose. Zhenya waited for the blood to pool a bit before continuing his interrogation.

"Bzz, wrong answer. Try again."

The clerk nodded his head. "His name is-"

Yeti Raleigh. Pirate Lieutenant of the Cerulean Raiders. Bounty - 1,500,000 Beris:

Yeti Raleigh was an exceptionally patient man. As such, he didn't mind that his men hadn't yet arrived for their morning rendezvous. He spent his time practicing his kicks, smacking his powerful leg against the sturdy tree trunks outside of Cove Deep.

"Hey lieutenant!" one of his men finally called out, breaking Yeti from his disciplined training. "We've finally got the info on the pirate we're hunting. Volo Rosso! Word is he's got a devil fruit!"

"We're no stranger to such tools," Yeti coolly replied. "However, I'll do my best to make sure you all stay safe," he said sternly, flicking one of his blond cowlicks out of his steely gaze.

"That's our cool lieutenant!" Another pirate cheered. Their applause and giddy laughter was cut short by the sudden realization of the scene of carnage before them. Seven trees lay on their sides, as if hacked down by mighty steel axes. "Did you... do all of this in the time it took to get here?"

Yeti took the intel file from one of his subordinates. "Of course. With disciplined practice, you can get there too. I'll be sure to teach you when we're done," he clapped the pirate on his shoulder.

"As if... you're a monster," the pirate muttered.

"The sooner we're done, the sooner we can return these weapons to the captain," Yeti announced. "Let's get to hunting."
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