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So far, this island was top of the list of places she would hate dying. Though that doesn't go to say that the place didn't have its charm, it just purely wasn't for her. So why was she here?

Well, that goes back a few years but to give the short version, it was because her sister owed her a favor. Back during the time of her capture, Seras was known as the older sister of the group. Having been one of the oldest members there prior to the escape, Seras had naturally taken on a sort of big sister role for the group, eventually being the one to spearhead their escape years later. Before they broke free, Seras had befriended one of the newest kids to be introduced to the ring, a girl named Annie. It was clearly apparent right off the bat that Annie wasn't going to last in the ring. The girl was much more acclimated to her previous life, living a peaceful one with a loving family; she wasn't a fighter. Seras saw this and immediately felt bad for her, developing a sort of soft spot for the kid as her naivety and innocence would often dig under Seras's tough exterior. During their time together, the kid would go on and on about how great their life back home was and that, if they ever got the chance, Annie would show Seras how great her home was. Fast forward a couple of months, or 3 months ago from today, when the lot of them were able to finally get that taste of freedom once again. Having no home to return to, Seras decided to ask Annie for a favor: to see this great home that she spoke so highly of. The two of them were able to stowaway on a transport ship from Ilusia to Baterilla and never looked back. Unfortunately, upon arriving at Annie's home, the two found her parents' dead bodies, hanging from the ceiling and rotting. Overcome with grief over losing their daughter, both of Annie's parents decided to take their own lives.

Since then the pair have been living out of the house, the bodies having been removed a long time ago. While Annie seems to back to her old self, Seras knows that somewhere below that cheerful exterior was an unexplainable pain, caused by an irreparable wound. While she smiled, there was clearly pain behind it.

"Hey Sera, what about this one? Do ya think we can buy one of these? Pleaaaaase?" The voice of Annie snapped Seras out of her trance, recalling past memories and just thinking in general. The girl was pointing at a stand that was filled with candy, one of it's kind out of the entire marketplace. There were people all around them, everyone too invested in their own world to really care about anything else. Seras's senses were invaded by the aroma of food, from pasta to pastry, and her ears were violated by the constant yelling of everyone else in the vicinity fighting about stuff that didn't matter.

"Hm? What did I say last week?" Seras knew what she said last week because it's what she says every week. This has to be at least the ninth time they've had this exact exchange. Anticipating what the child was going to say next, Seras brought her finger up and began to wave it as she spoke, talking as if she was reading off a list.

"Needs, not necessities. Wants will be the death of me." Both of them spoke in unison, reciting the motto with a sort of song-like rhythm. Seras watched as Annie's eyes rolled and couldn't help but giggle. Annie reminded her a lot of how she was when she was younger, thinking that she was the most important person at all times. It's unfortunate how life's played out for both of them. Sometimes Seras dreams of a world where she grew up to be a merchant like her parents, living a quiet and normal life.

"Now, I don't say these things just to waste my breath. It's important that you are able to choose what can keep you living and what won't. But... I guess it's also good to learn when to splurge and when to hold back." She couldn't help but sigh, disappointed in herself for caving in after giving a lecture. It would be a real shame if Annie started getting the impression that Seras was soft after this entire time she's invested in the kid. The worst part is if that happened, Seras didn't know if she'd be able to stand up against her. By this point, Annie was starting to become her own child, and there was no way that Seras was going to be able to bring herself to treat the kid poorly when the time came.

Anyways, Seras threw her hood off her head as she approached the cart, showing a small sign of respect if any. Showing her face in public was bound to lead to trouble at some point so it didn't hurt to start developing the habit now before she was forced to. The man standing behind the cart had a very inviting look to him. He was middle-aged with a lean build, seeming to be no older than Seras was. Out of everything, though, his most defining feature would be his bright pink hair, seemingly natural. He stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the merchants that littered the street, many of them seeming like their grandchildren had grandchildren and even a sneeze would cause them to crumble to dust. The man greeted her with a smile and Seras took a step back to get a good look at the wooden sign he had nailed to the top of his cart. Squinting, she could see that it read "Carl's Candy Cart."

"Carl, huh?" She was thinking out loud, not really noticing it until Annie tugged at her cloak on reflex. This was something she'd do semi-often, saying her thoughts with no filter. Luckily Annie was there to make her aware of it before it got out of hand and Seras would say something that she would regret. Seras's main problem with his name is that he doesn't look the part, especially his hair.

"Hehe, yeah... My mother isn't actually the most creative when it comes to naming and my father was way too much of a pansy to really fight her about it. This is why there's me, Carl, my brothers Bob, and Jeff. Meanwhile, my half-siblings got Andromeda and Percy, but that's neither here nor there... Candy! I got all sorts of sweets, but candy is what's on display. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you're buying for you're dau-"

"Not my daughter. She's just a traveling partner. Wait, c'mon man. I don't look that old, do I?" Her eyes were glued to the display crates that were, as he said, filled to the brim with all types of candy. The air was poisoned by their sheer presence, overriding everything else Seras had experienced and replacing it with pure sweetness. From her previous statement, it was pretty obvious to anyone with a shred of perception that she was not in the mood for conversation so Seras assumed that he would just stop talking to her and diverted her attention back to Annie her daugh--er, companion. "Hey, Ann, so what exactly were you looking at here? And don't go thinking that I'm going to start buying whatever you ask for on the regular. This is a once in a while sort of thing, don't get used to it."
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"Hmm... I want..." Annie replied to Seras with no real answer as the girl proceeded to eye down the display once again. Seras had a feeling that this was going to take a while and so she stood tall and turned her back to the cart, now facing the crowd. Her eyes scanned the horizon in the sea of heads, wondering if she could actually pick out anybody from the crowd or if they were all just generic, irrelevant characters. She was doing this for a good moment, her eyes just traveling over the diverse group of people that littered the street. It was kind of surprising, the kinds of people that she was able to catch a glimpse of. Everyone had a different, unique look on their face, something that could only be formed through pain, happiness, love, and loss. For some reason, this piqued her interest, how you can tell so much about someone just by looking at their face, and the way that they hold themselves. For example, there was a man in the crowd that looked to be in his 50 even though he had a much younger look to him. The only way that one could even discern his true age was by looking at the expression he kept on his face, one of regret and hate. His eyes were wide open but glued to the ground in front of him, which let Seras clue in on the fact that he's lived a life that he wishes he could go back to or a life that he regrets. Which one of those two? She wasn’t really sure but had a good feeling by just observing him. Another odd person that stood out among the crowd was a man with pink hair. Heh, can you believe that? Pink hair. This man was pretty tall as he loomed over the rest of the crowd like a castle surrounded by huts, but then again so did she. His signature pink hair was unkempt and scraggly, covering his eyes and most of his facial features besides his mouth. The way he walked was a clear indicator to Seras that this guy was up to something, but she didn’t really care as he was over there and she was over there, making him someone else's problem.

“Hey, Sera… Sera!” Annie’s voice abruptly tore Seras out of her isolated world. The child was tugging at the woman’s cloak, desperately trying to get her attention.

“Hm? Yeah, what’s up? Finally, figure out what you want yet?” Seras whipped around to face Annie and the cart. She caught a glimpse of Carl, his eyes were looking over her shoulder and then locked with hers. Suspiciously, he darted his eyes away almost immediately and began looking at something else, anything else that wasn't Seras.

"Actually... I was wondering, what you would want? There's so many things that I dunno what to pick." Annie put her hand to her chin, knitting her brow as she stared at the candy as if it were going to move any second. Seras couldn't help but let out a laugh, the image of this child deeply studying the candy was somewhat absurd to her. But it also made her feel kind of weird, being thought of like this even if it wasn't about something major. Seras missed this feeling. "Well, y'know, I'm not much of a candy person but if I had to choose I would go with-"


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Seras spun around to witness a pink blur make it's way across the crowd. It seems like this sudden cry for help ripped everyone out of their own personal worlds, the crowd starting to party around this giant like was some sort of profit. Actually, that wasn't entirely true, as there were still two people completely oblivious to the situation, those being Annie and Carl. Carl, like the awkward creep that he seemed to be, was fixated on the girl. This obsession irked Seras the wrong way, as it would anyone, but it would have to wait for a more appropriate time to be addressed. Annie on the other hand had her mind filled up on this apparently important decision on what she wanted to get. This was most likely Seras's fault for never really letting the kid spoil herself every now and then, but it could also be chalked up to the fact that Annie just had a horrible sense of responsibility like most normal children do. Watching them, the pirate just couldn't help but shake her head, amazed at the actions of those two in a time like this.

"I said help you idiots!" Once again, that voice rang throughout the crowd. However, for the first time, Seras was able to catch a glimpse of its owner. That voice, which trumped the collective noise of the crowd, belonged to a teenage boy. He was roughly average in height for a man, along with having a much leaner build despite the large amount of muscle he had on him, so much that it left an imprint on his clothes as he moved. Speaking of which, his attire was a bit odd. Despite having a complexion that would be native to Baterilla, he was walking around in a hakama and a haori. The hakama was a bland black and white, but his haori provided a stark contrast as it was a black to orange gradient starting from the collar. He had an angry look on his face, rightfully so as he was just robbed in broad daylight and people were just watching despite his pleas for help. From where she was standing, she could only see one half of his face but she did notice that there was a black piece of cloth wrapped around his temple, possibly covering his forehead and eye but she was not sure. Her attention then darted to the pink-haired man, who she was finally able to get a good look at as people started to disperse away from him. He was a man of size, having a broad build and lots of muscle on him, but he wasn't as defined as the kid was. It was more that he was just naturally built this way, like a giant or something.

Anyways, that was enough looking. Since nobody saw it right to help this boy, Seras figured that she was going to have to be the person to step up to the plate. The pirate whipped around to address Annie for what may be the last time for a while: "I'll be back." There wasn't really much for her to say, but she felt obligated to say something in case Annie ended up turning around at some point and Seras was just gone. She didn't want to abandon the girl as her parents did, Seras knew that feeling all too well and didn't want to see it happen to someone she cared about for the second time.

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This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Jan 20, 2021 12:31 pm
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Thief uses LT on Seras
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