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[Archived 2021-01-02] 69th Battalion Quest Empty [Archived 2021-01-02] 69th Battalion Quest

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:05 pm
Meanwhile, already on the island...

A heaving cough shook through a boy in the middle of a street, his marine-colored uniform rippling under the force of his lungs rebellion. He heaved in place for a solid minute before slamming his fist into his chest and percussively ending his coughing fit. The boy shook his head to get rid of the redness that had begun to build up alongside the beginnings of a headache. When he looked up, he noticed that everyone around was looking at him as if they expected him to keel over. "Ummah...Ver'ry sorry 'bout that. 'm fine, so please go about your days." He apologized.

His sharp little eyes scurried about the people's faces as they went back to their own businesses and days, and landed on the other marine grunt his commanding officer had sent along. They definitely looked like he expected his charge to fall down dead any second or something... he could have sworn he had explained himself once or twice before but maybe he had missed one? He growled at them. "Uh, stop looking sorry for me, or you'll be missing a kidney before we get back to the ship. Moron."

For some reason, his little threat seemed to have a calming effect... The marine, unbeknownst to the dense Privera, had been worried about the health of his diminutive fellow marine. If he was back to threatening him with his outlandish threats it surely meant that the kid wasn't dying just yet. "Of course, Ensign Privera. I'll stop at once."

The kid nodded and went back to making his way down the street... he had been hearing a mumble or two about someone worried about something, but his young brain wasn't the best at holding onto all the details... Privera wished he had written down the details when he'd heard it. He felt a despairing expression leak onto his face and he let out another cough, making the grunt jolt. He wished that his superiors didn't feel the need to send babysitters with him wherever he went. Privera knows he looks sickly but he isn't on his death bed or anything...

Maybe he should lay off with writing his will whenever they didn't give him any real paperwork to do, but it certainly kept his workload up.

[Archived 2021-01-02] 69th Battalion Quest Empty Re: [Archived 2021-01-02] 69th Battalion Quest

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:56 am

[Stop in the name of *hacking cough*]

Vacations on small islands such as the Conomi Islands usually involved lots of recreational activities such as sun bathing, fishing, flirting with the local beauties, and indulging in one’s hobbies. These were all lovely things that Mars wished he could be doing and technically nothing was actually stopping him except for the fact that his ‘vacation’ was the only way to investigate the island without bringing in an ‘overwhelming’ force. “Tch, idiots.” Hack-hack-hack! The signature hacks of the Wheezing Heron scared the few fishers who were all relaxing around him. "Huh, wha-?!" "Goodness!"

The lanky Marine was out of uniform but still wore his usual dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and his slacks. He was currently taking a ‘stroll’ along some of the random coastlines that day looking for a nice private ‘fishing hole’ for him to stake out as his own. Of course in reality he was simply looking for any signs of illegally docked ships or possible spots a pirate vessel would wish to dock if they wanted to remain incognito. Mars had heard rumblings that the very island he was ‘vacationing’ on was due to be hit by some pirates but his superiors had brushed off his rumors as simply that, baseless rumors. Mars had a hunch however, if the same rumor kept being whispered enough then he figured there’d be a foundation of truth underneath it all.

Though his ‘vacation’ was quickly coming to an end as he had been on the island for quite a few days now to no avail. It was honestly irritating that this turned out to be nothing, not because he wanted pirates to assault these peaceful people who he found lived rather simple yet comfortable lives, but because he wasted precious vacation time on this hoax. All while not actually relaxing! These aggrieved thoughts caused another fit of hacking from the man which once again frightened some of the older fishermen nearby. "Oh my!" "Is he okay?!"

“I need a smoke.” Mars said as soon as the coughing fit faded and proceeded to light himself a cigarette. Perhaps he should just head back to the little village he was staying at and spend the last couple of days relaxing, no need to make this vacation a total waste. At least these people would get to continue living their lives in peace.

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[Archived 2021-01-02] 69th Battalion Quest Empty [Archived] 69th Battalion Quest

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Mar 10, 2020 11:55 pm
The salty sea breeze gently tussled the magnificent pompadour atop Kazu’s head as the wooden ship bobbed and creaked with each passing wave. The youth’s eyes firmly locked on the land mass they were quickly approaching as the crew scurried around him shouting out orders. Why the hell did he send me here? His questions were warranted, these islands weren’t exactly known for their high crime rates and his master didn’t exactly brief him all that well, essentially shoving him onto a shady ship without a word other than ‘good luck on the mission’. “Tch..”

“Hey marine brat!” The not so proper captain shouted out, “Get yer ass off my ship ya bugger!” his fist was shaking in the air as spit rained down through the air with every word.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck you too old man!” Kazu shouted back as he swaggered off the ship. Flipping the sailor the bird over his shoulder as he did so. “Conomi islands, huh? Tch..” He mumbled, stuffing his hands into his pockets and slouching like the delinquent he is as he wandered into the small port town. [/i]First he sticks me on that shit boat and now I’m stuck out here in this backwater fishtown.. Wait till I get my fuckin hands on him![/i] His train of thought was suddenly interrupted by the sound of someone coughing to the point of death.

What the…? He thought, noticing the small marine telling off another after he had recovered his faculties. Well, looks like I aint the only dawg here, maybe things will get interestin after all. Kazu smiled at the thought before dipping down an alleyway to avoid being seen, before ending up at the entrance to a pub. Now, lets see what kinda fun I can get into.
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