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[Episode] Defense of the DawnBringer Empty [Episode] Defense of the DawnBringer

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Jan 06, 2021 2:36 am
Episode Details
Episode Details:

The warm ocean air greeted his face as he awoke on the deck of his ship. his vision was slightly hazy at first and then slowly began to clear up oh yes it was another beautiful day. His ship had arrived late last night. It had been The closest island that he was going to visit and possibly resupply at was known as Kano Country. He rolled over onto the side of his bed and let out a great big yawn as he slowly pulled himself out of bed. He had never been here before but it was the closest island he could get to. His supplies for food and water were diminished quite greatly and he worried for his men more than for himself. He had forgone food rations quite a few times just so his men could eat. he felt blessed to have so many good crewmen aboard the journey from Zou had been a very long one and lonely but along the way, he picked up people who were interested in setting out to sea.

Though little did they all know that he was actually a secret agent of the revolutionary army. Though he may have been at the very bottom of the ladder for the rank he was still a member and proud of it. Slowly he rose from his bed his massive twelve-foot height and his bed creaked just ever so slightly. He shook his head and his long white mane of hair was disheveled and unkempt as it flowed down his backside. Just the way he liked it he moved towards his dresser and pulled out a comb and began to ritually brush out his fur along his body. A minks fur was his pride and he tried to keep it immaculate. It had been increasingly difficult to get business done in person for him since the Yonkou FireBeards attack. The world government declaring minks an enemy of the world government. Perhaps it would be best for him to just stay on the boat and make a list for one of his grunts to go and do the shopping once they arrived on the island.

He quietly remained within his room as he back to brush his face long sideburns when he heard a crewman shout out. " Land Ho!" He let out a sigh of relief as he set the brush down and moved towards his dresser and put on his trademark clothing. black suit with mesh armor underneath, over which he wears a sleeveless kimono shirt with white fur trimmings made from his own shed fur, and markings reminiscent of tiger stripes on it which is held closed by a red sash. He knew it was going to be a This was going to be such a pain in the ass. at this port, it always was whenever someone caught sight of him he thought to himself. Most people hated the mink tribe for ignorant rumors and declared them cannibals and nothing more than a mindless beast.

What ridiculousness. He merely got many awkward glances at him. But mostly those of hatred and loathing. But it was worse He gripped his right hand in anger as he thought of Firbeard once again. The ship slowly began to lose speed and he felt it slowly completely as they reached the dock. He would remain on the boat for the time being no sense in causing troubles if all they thought that this ship was full of humans. He moved to his writing desk and began to make out a list of supplies that they needed. Simple but essential things, Food water, preservatives, ingredients for the cook maybe a few medical supplies. Once completed he knocked on his door and slid the note halfway out and sighed as he leaned up against the right side of the door. he waited a few moments and heard footsteps and the door creaked open slightly as one of his men outstretched his hand and Jun reached into his pocket and pulled out a pouch and tossed it onto the man's hand full of berri the man nodded his head in gratitude and Jun reciprocated.  He remained in his room for some time as he heard his men disembarking the ship for some well-earned R&R.

However, there were some footsteps and voices of people he had never heard before as they climbed aboard his ship. the sound of their heavy footfalls indicated a few. He narrowed his eyes as he listened quietly within the darkness of his room. " Hrmm this ain't a half-bad ship  commander,  would ya look at the size of those doors though there captains definitely overcompensating for something." The men laughed as Jun's hands remained flat on his thighs. Still, he remained quiet as he listened remaining calm as they walked about the deck of the ship. He slowly raised his left hand and locked the door to the captain's room. However, the lock was a bit loud. "I thought you said everyone was of this ship Jenson!" Junichi merely continued to hold his ground as his expression hardened a bit as his eyes moved towards the door as the unknown figures moved towards the door.


[Episode] Defense of the DawnBringer Empty Re: [Episode] Defense of the DawnBringer

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Jan 09, 2021 10:58 pm

OOC: (-eh is a cough; -ee is a weeze)

Brood made his way through Kano still, even though it was a fucking bad idea given the shit that he had already done here thus far. But committing one more act of piracy wasn't that much of a big deal. Especially given the fact that he didn't expect to run into fellow criminals. At least not any criminal that had even a modicum of intelligence. Having reunited with his former crewmates as well as meeting a few new ones, Brood thought it a good idea to make sure that the Happo Navy couldn't pursue him after it was time to flee this corrupt ass nation. The best way for the madman to accomplish this lofty goal was to fuck up their ports. If they had to spend some moments repairing it, it'd give the new captain of the Dead Air plenty of chances to conduct their escape.

He didn't exactly know what to feel about all of these new members just yet, but he figured that now was as good a chance as any to have them prove themselves in the field. So he sent them all over Kano to do their business before meeting up at the ship to flee this horrid island. Brood had already gained everything that he wanted from this place and he planned to never return to this island so long as he was alive. To ensure this, he wanted to be sure that things went swimmingly. He'd take Jackson by the collar and pull him close, looking into those lifeless and deranged eyes, speaking with authority despite the fact that he was fully aware that Jackson was going to be a disobedient little shit regardless of what he barked out. Such was the way of his crew.

"You and Desmond-ee will go and sabo-eh-tage the docks. Do not-eh allow them to rally-eh after the Dead Air-ee." He then dropped the man down before he turned to look back towards the larger city as a hole. "We're due for-ee a...distraction..." The hulking captain of the Primetime Pirates exclaimed before he quickly found himself leaving the area. This would leave the most unlikely of pairings to get an important job done. Desmond had to prove that he was worthy of being trusted again after failing to protect the Big Time and Jackson had to prove he was trustworthy at all. Especially since his antics were definitely starting to wear thin on Mushiba. A dangerous plateau to find oneself dangling from to be sure. Both would need to sack up quickly.

Jackson took a moment to peer from left to right, analyzing the myriad of unfortunate souls whom had yet to understand that their mortal coils were soon nearing expiration. Fortunately for the masses, he hadn't a reason... nor divine inspiration to designate the expiration of any clocks here on the island. Though he was confident that such an occurrence would be changing in a matter of moments. Their wasn't a way to blow up the docks without a few casualties... especially if the one tasked with such an endeavor was the Representative of Death. He'd check the two bags at his right and left hips, seeing his myriad of explosive devices and nodding slowly as he waited for Desmond to head in the right direction. He wasn't aware of where the docks were after-all.

Desmond on the other hand found himself bellowing outwards in the same booming voice that he always had. It was clear that he was never one to utilize an inside voice and therefore someone whose entire existence would cease if he ever needed to use restraint or caution in a situation. That is what made this task quite the perfect fit for the mountain of muscle. He already attracted attention to his location due to the fact that he was thirteen feet tall and sported the flag of the Primetime Pirates on the back of his leather jacket. In a similar fashion as his captain. Confident that the pair could be done by dinner, Big Dirty spoke up, almost barking given his feral nature and overwhelming confidence. "Alright little man, follow me. We will get so many honey-dips by the time we're through here! Pervavavava!~"

The mastodon trudged forward and for a time everything was quiet for the duo. It was godsend that for once things didn't seem to be immediately going off the rails. Especially given the fact that such stability lasting was the most improbable outcome of this day.

As they approached the dock, Jackson noted that a large gathering of men seemed to be making their way aboard one of the nearby vessels and he noted that one of their members, a man that unbeknownst to the pairing was designated as Jensen, had reached the end of his rope. His time had come, he just hadn't known this yet. Jackson pivoted on his feet and made his way towards the larger lumbering vessel, reaching down into his pockets all the while. A situation that alerted Desmond.

"Oi now! Whaddya' think you're doing?! We got a job to do! Gah! Fuck it!" He attempted to stop Jackson, but the smaller man was nearly unstoppable when his mind was set on delivering the uninitiated into the sweet chilling embrace of death. There was a fearsomeness that started to grow within Desmond as he somehow felt the intentions of his Nakama. This understanding rationalizing itself in his mind through the understanding that such a large force of witnesses would merely call the guards down here long before they had a chance to fully devastate the docks. The only course of action that remained was getting rid of the trash and Big dirty was going to accomplish that with ruthless aggression and reckless abandon.

All the while, the pairing had no idea that someone else was dwelling upon the sea-faring homestead. Not that it mattered. They had their goal and they were going to accomplish it. Helping some stranger out was just a matter of coincidence. Especially one that wasn't paying their fee.

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[Episode] Defense of the DawnBringer Empty Re: [Episode] Defense of the DawnBringer

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Jan 15, 2021 2:40 am
Dai would remain within the confines of his room. Listening intently as he heard the two pairs of feet moving slowly towards his door.  His fingers interlocked his nails being careful as they could easily cut flesh. It was a particular aesthetic choice but in any way to get an advantage in combat, he would takas long as it was honorable. His facial expression remained soured as the footsteps came closer and closer. Well if they tried to pose any sort of trouble he would just have to shove them off. But first, he would try diplomacy. No need for fighting and causing an incident as much as he would have liked a good brawl.  His fingers flexed and tightened the cartilage popping on each individual finger. the footsteps came to a stop he could see shadows underneath the door the scents of two men who were unknown to him wafted through his nostrils.  The handle upon his door jiggled a few times. One of the men had tried to open it.

The one known as Jenson spoke, "doors locked sir!" There was a sound of a palm hitting a face as the commander's eyes rolled in annoyance. "I can see that Jenson. Hey, you in there come on out we won't hurt you this is a fine ship you got here." Dai merely remained grounded in his spot. the tip of his tail gently beginning to point upwards. a clear sign of agitation. "He however maintained a calm and composed manner of speech as he spoke for the first time. His voice was deep yet there was a gentleness to it. " Yes, she is a great ship. I think I'll stay in here if you don't mind." He paused for a moment as he listened to the pair of men whispering back and forth to each other. The commander spoke once more. "Hey now that's not very polite now is it, here we come to make you a nice lucrative offer and you can't even show your face where's your etiquette man?"

His brow furrowed deeper as he listened to the lesser mink continue to speak to him. His fur upon his body began to rise up another sign of agitation. This person was beginning to annoy him. But he couldn't afford to cause a problem, not with his men away.  He would need to keep them talking for the time being by time for his men to return. "Oh, manners you want to talk about manners do you. You come onto my ship without invitation or provocation trying to sell mee me some business opportunity. No no, that my friend was the first mistake you made." His toes curled gently scrapping the nails against the wooden floor. Lesser minks sure were arrogant to think that they can do whatever the hell they want.  The commander spoke again irritation in his voice "Do you know who you're talking to? I'm Commander Baskins of the Happo navy I demand your respect naive! I came here willing to pay you a handsome amount of Berri for this ship."

He listened as the man fumed he could hear his angered breathing and soon enough his own anger cracked through his calm and friendly manner. "Ohh the navy huh. Well, that changes things a bit." He slowly stood up to the full-frame of his massive twelve feet. "Since you are with the government you can get the fuck off my property, which since I own this ship is effectively everything!" His heart rate rapidly he could feel on the side of his right temple an exposed vein pulsed his tail swaying back and forth. If this kept up things were definitely going to get heated after that. Why did he have to let his temper shoot off that quickly.  Then again he did have a hatred of anything affiliated with the world government perhaps it was his inner revolutionary? Or perhaps it was the trauma he had endured so long ago? or perhaps a combination of both?

The door to his room buckled slightly as an impact had been made from the side. "Fuck it break it down Jenson lets teach that man to show some respect to his superiors." A pair of footsteps began to move away from the door while the other moved to the front of the door.  "Sorry mate gotta follow orders." With that said from Jenson, there was a grunted sound as he rammed up against the double doors with his shoulder.  He sighed and moved from his spot. Yet another mistake for these foolish lesser minks. To damage his ship oh no no this could not go unpunished. Het tutted as positioned himself at the opposite end from the door roughly about a foot away. Bang bang the sound of a body hitting against his doors. He waved his hands from the side bringing them over his head and parallel to his chest closing his eyes as he took a fighting pose. His right foot pointed at a right angle his left leg slowly sliding behind him to anchor himself and he centered his body weight grounding himself.

His long tail wrapped around his waist like a belt. "So be it then, you made your final mistake then. the second mistake was damaging my ship and now this! tsk tsk, the Happo navy really has gone down in picking out soldiers. By the way, you should have brought more men if you intended a fight." He growled as he slowly licked his lips the doors creaking more and more under the strain from the constant barrage from the man known as Jenson. A question began to gnaw at the back of his mind though. Which technique shall he use against these insufferable creatins? He had a variety of things he could do did he want to damage them both or simply fight them one at a time? a voice of reason spoke in the back of his mind 'no-no fight them one at a time you need to figure out how strong they are.' It was the smart thing to do besides he was up against a commander of the Happo navy and an underling. First things first take care of the weak link.


[Episode] Defense of the DawnBringer Empty Re: [Episode] Defense of the DawnBringer

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Feb 17, 2021 7:37 am

OOC: (-eh is a cough; -ee is a weeze)

Desmond didn't mind dinner and a show, but he couldn't see shit from where he was. Nor did he want to just all-out destroy the vessel of this stranger who was being accosted by the Happo Navy. In truth, there wasn't much that he could do given that the fight was in a confined space. He didn't even seem to have a reason to get involved either. So he'd look over towards his psychotic comrade and shrug for a moment before relaxing his hands on the top of his head.

He figured the best course of action was to begin the operation instead. Now that he calculated that if he got aboard that ship to help out, he'd likely end up doing more damage to the vessel than the Navy would. Especially since if the rumors were true, they were likely trying to claim it for their fleet.

It wasn't a half bad vessel in actuality. So aiding whoever was aboard it would likely lead to great things. Like adding a second ship to the crew's roster.

"Fawk. We might as well start the goddamn operation. Ya got the depth charges???" He was genuinely curious if the crazy bastard actually listened to directives for once or if he was just flying by the seat of his pants yet again.

"Yes.....It is time to start...isn't it?... have them." Jackson stated coldly as he stared off towards the Dawnbringer. "However..." His eyes narrowing momentarily as he shuffled around in his side pouches. He'd pull out two sticks of dynamite, swinging them so fast as he tossed them out that they'd ignite from the sheer friction against the air.

It was his special ability at least. The way that Jackson threw the projectiles allowed them to get extremely hot before slicing through the air, so that no air could form around the sticks and put out the dynamite. It was a very unique technique for someone who acted in a similar manner to a serial killer. Very bombastic for someone that styled themselves as an assassin. But that was the price of his abilities and he made sure that he could at least draw out some of those people aboard the ship by timing his explosions.

The explosion occurred with great force, enough to cause the ship to shake. Though the bombs went off just before they were close enough to cause damage to the ship. Hopefully this would cause a few of the roaches to scatter outside to see what the racket was.

Those who did were in for quite the surprise when a massive hulking figure, Desmond, would appear just inches above them, slamming their fist down with enough force to cause minor damage to the ship's hull, but using the shockwave to launch those men upwards into the air before they'd find themselves being face to face with yet another stick of dynamite. Going off in front of them causing the men to immolate while being knocked over the ledge and into the depths of the water below.

Desmond would look irked for a moment as he'd call over towards Jackson. Who'd be sky-walking towards the vessel now and landing upon the ship's uppermost deck.

"Ya idjit! Next time say something before you just go and launch an attack." Desmond was fuming given his look of agitation.

Jackson ignored the plea of his comrade, however. Their combination worked out for the better, so he took the right path towards liberating this ship from the dock before the pair would ultimately blow this place sky high. He figured that Brood would appreciate this gesture before he too ultimately met his death by Jackson's hand. Never let it be said that Jackson wasn't generous, at least.

Desmond snorted for a moment as he called towards the innards of the ship with his boisterous voice. "Okay ya pussies, get the fuck outta there so we can bash ya fuggin brains in! We got a tight schedule! Tighter than Sere-"

He'd be cut off by Jackson tossing up two specialty dynamite sticks that exploded so loudly that it would disorient anyone that was outside of the ship, but within proximity to it. The bang caused any potential reinforcements to be isolated momentarily. Jackson turned away from the ship and moved towards the ledge. Looking around to see who all was affected by the blast.

Such antics caused a vein to grow on Desmond's forehead yet again. "Oi!? Are ya adverse ta saying what the fawk you're doing?!" More bitching would expel from Desmond's mouth all the while. Going on a rant that was obviously being ignored by Jackson.

The pair waited for more enemies to pour out of the ship. Best to fight out in the open anyway. Less the owner of this ship wanted to potentially lose their vessel.

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