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This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Jan 06, 2021 4:57 pm
Current Quest:

Draconia couldn't do anything other than flex her biceps with pride. She was ripped as fuck and she wanted everyone on this island of degeneracy to know that. Any of these bozos step out of line and KERBLAMO! You're done kiddo. There was a swagger to the Tortoise Princess that couldn't be outmatched, especially by all of the little boys and girls playing pirate here in the East Blue. This was perhaps the most embarrassing location for her to start her journey, as she wished to be one of those cool Marines in the Grandline, yet she was stuck slumming it out here with a bunch of no-name pirates. Hardly big-shots, she didn't even know any individual bounty on this island. Hell... what island was she even on?

Draconia wasn't stupid enough to bring out her Marine uniform, allowing her to be afforded with the advantage of being an unknown element here in this pirate infested rat nest. She'd launch a hearty glob of spit onto the road as she travelled, showcasing firsthand just how little she thought of this place. Luckily she aided that undercover sucker from earlier whom, unfortunately, came to her begging for her aid. Apparently he was spying on some no-namers and got caught in the act. Seems he was operating outside of some sort of factory and as a result she was sent to go and find his 'case file'. But apparently the men that ran him out of his hovel seemingly took over the joint, much to the chagrin of the tortoise princess.

The young woman furiously clapped her hands together, celebrating how she managed to somehow remember all of these small details. Especially given the fact that she could have swore she was busy picking her own ear the entire time the poor guy was whining to him. Apparently these little governmental spies often worked in these hostile conditions. This intrigued the mastodon of a woman, as she could see the benefits to being privy on tons of juicy drama. To collect such morsels, it enticed her. Perhaps there would be many tidbits that she'd acquire on her own if she swept the place. She just had to remember where the whiner claimed the factory was located. She had already been looking for this place for a good forty minutes.

Thankfully, it wouldn't take her much longer to find her desired location. Noting another individual approaching from beyond the ridge, she had been told that all of the criminals in the building where male. Given how this woman was dressed, similar to the man, Draconia extrapolated that this lady must have been here for the same reason. In that case, it was best to team up and get the information back that way. She'd prance over towards the woman, waving her down with no tact and a lack of subtlety that might have appeared impressive to bystanders. "Oi der', ye her' ta toss dees buttgarglers out on der' arses? If'n so, ole Draconia 'ill be giv'n ye 'er thighceps. (Excuse me, are you here to relocate these miscreants stationed within the factory? If so, I'd love to join you.)"

She didn't seem to wait for an answer before she extended her hand out. A look of complete confidence on her face all the while. She allowed herself to be designated quickly through the announcement of her name and her rank. If this was an enemy pirate... well she'd just clobber the pretty bitch and call it a day. It wasn't everyday that an East Blue pirate actually provided a genuine threat. With one of the few examples being during the defense of Las Camp. All those monsters came out of the woodwork and.. well.. that was a very dangerous situation for Draconia to be in. Not that it mattered now. All that was on her mind was kicking some ass. If this lady was going to help her achieve that goal, then hell yeah. If not... well. Yeesh.

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This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:06 pm
About time,” Elizabeth grinned as she read over the directive. “I thought they’d forgotten all about little ol’ me.” It was not often that she was assigned to a mission but, when they did call for her, they would have long come to expect that it would be something grand. She, after all, was an artist. “Edgar, hm?” She scoffed at the coded message. “Not a good thing if CP wants him back.” Her eyes lingered over his image as she engraved it to memory. So long as she completed the original objective of the mission, she would receive her pay. However, an extra reward wouldn’t be too bad. Edgar, after all, had proven himself to be disposable. In fact, if that mole wasn’t dead by now, then he definitely would be wishing it by the time Cipher Pol got a hold of him. Leaving traces, after all, was a cardinal sin.

Elizabeth would turn the paper over almost as if she were expecting something to be written on its back. Her amber eyes would remain focused as she studied the off white backing of the summons. It, of course, was blank. Undeterred, she ignited a small flame from her opposite hand and moved it a few inches underneath the paper. It only took a few seconds before words that had been previously hidden from the naked eye began to emerge. As the words began to clear, a string of numbers made itself known. “Loguetown.” Satisfied, Elizabeth would bring the paper closer to her conjured flame. She watched as the paper disintegrated onto her hands and waited until nothing but ashes were left. With the summons now destroyed, she would toss the remains to the side disinterestedly before making the preparations to leave the place behind.

It took some time before Elizabeth was within the proximity of the coordinates she had received. If all went according to plan, she would be out by nightfall. With that in mind, the agent adjusted her unofficial service jacket before slipping into the crowded streets. As this was work, she had opted to wear something more formal. However, as Loguetown was a pirate town through and through, she had opted for something a bit different from the loud uniforms the others wore. Still, if someone were familiar with Cipher, they could potentially spot her within the crowd or, if they weren’t, then no one would pay her any mind. It worked to her benefit. After all, she might find an ally to help her wrap up the job. Thus, she ventured through the crowd until she came across a little subsection that ventured out from the road. She proceeded.

It wouldn’t be long before a large factory came into view from just across the ridge. Surprisingly, however, she also spotted a red-haired woman nearby. Although she had never met the woman, she was familiar to her. Elizabeth cursed. She has also heard the stories. It didn’t take long before the red-headed oni spotted her. It would have been all fine and dandy if it wasn’t for the fact that the woman was creating a large spectacle. With no sense of tact, the large red-head flagged her down causing Elizabeth’s amber eyes to twitch in blatant irritation. She, once again, cursed under her breath as the woman neared her. " Oi der', ye her' ta toss dees buttgarglers out on der' arses? If'n so, ole Draconia 'ill be giv'n ye 'er thighceps.” Siren grimaced. The what now? Her eyes would drift towards the woman’s extended hand. If she had planned to go undercover, this loud boarish woman had ruined it completely.

Without much choice, Siren nodded to the woman and shook the outstretched hand. From what little she could grasp, it seemed as if the woman was here for a job as well. Not that it mattered much. Hell, if the Commodore, herself, was offering help, how could Elizabeth refuse?  “The name's Siren.” She gestured towards the factory. She wouldn't even be surprised if the pirates were now aware of them. “Hope you’re up for a bit of fun tonight, Commodore.” Now that the element of surprise had been shattered, it was time to start the party. She grinned at the prospect. Sure, Draconia had been the worst choice to appear for a stealth mission but, right now, she would prove helpful in getting rid of the pests. So, long as she let Elizabeth walk off with the documents, of course.

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This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Jan 09, 2021 3:48 pm

Draconia blinked slowly as she looked over this little lady, a sliver of drool forcing itself out of the corner of her mouth before she slurped it up and spat it out towards the ground. She herself growing frustrated at this so-called nonchalance on display by this Ciper Pol agent. "Oi lasi, dun' ye be spoutin' nonsi. Our erk is nigh fun, is sear-e-uz bis-nis. (We aren't here to have fun, this is a serious mission we are undertaking.)" She huffed for a moment and began to rummage around in a pack, looking around momentarily. She needed to slip on her armor and gauntlets before this ordeal spiraled out of control. A goal that she'd reach with relative ease the moment she ducked behind one of the buildings. "Wun' b' bawt a momen' eh. (Won't be but a moment, if you'll excuse me.)"

Removing herself from where she stood, she'd be gone naught but five minutes until she'd walked out stacked in armor that made her look like some sort of noble knight. Her lack of Marine jacket made the Commodore feel a little exposed, but she didn't allow for such negative tidings to affect her outwards confidence. She'd stretch out, checking her flame-producing gauntlets, glancing over towards the mysterious woman whom didn't seem to want to take this mission seriously! Shaking her head with disappointment  She'd look over towards the factory before crouching down low enough so that her back was exposed to the smaller framed female. "Wu b' da plan o'ack shun, ya wee lil' lassi'?(What is the plan of action?)"

At some point it had to appear as though whatever her speech pattern was, it seemed to have no rhyme or reason. It was nothing more than a chaotic jumble of sounds that could pass for actual words. But deciphering her speech would take more than just having a keen ear. You'd have to basically force the meaning of her words into your brain. Even words she pronounced one way changed entirely given the sentence and the context. It wouldn't surprise Draconia if it was astonishing to others that she even held her position. But her men knew what she was saying and they followed her orders to the letter. No matter how scrambled those letters happened to be. Which in Draconia's case was more often than not.

"We dun' wan'ta roosh in'dere whipt out'n reddy. Kersplooting all ova' da place. (We don't want to just rush into there guns blazing do we?)" She took a moment to survey her surroundings. She was a master of apprehensions and as a result, there was no reason that she'd have to just charge in there just yet. She couldn't let her quarry escape after-all. "We 'unno our arse from our moufs, dey migh' escape. (We've yet to determine the amount of exits.)" The burly female expounded as she beat her chest, looking at her new comrade with a look of pure dejection on her face. "Yanno? (Hell, we don't even known how many enemies are in there. Rushing in half cocked is a bad idea.)" She waited for a response from her ally.

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This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Jan 26, 2021 12:55 pm
Elizabeth was quite surprised to see the wide-eyed look of disbelief the Commodore gave her in response. However, the momentary surprise would quickly turn into disgust as the massive woman spat onto the ground. "Oi lasi, dun' ye be spoutin' nonsi.” The Commodore would say in what Elizabeth could only understand as a jarble of words. Regardless, she would plaster a smile unto her face in order to keep things amicable. “Our erk is nigh fun, is sear-e-uz bis-nis.” However, upon hearing the words ‘serious business,’ Elizabeth’s face fell as she fought back her rising ire from the woman’s reprimand. Yet, the agent did not say a word as she knew things would end badly for her if she managed to get into the Commodore’s bad side.

Instead, Elizabeth would force a tight smile in hopes of calming herself down. “Of, course…” She would finally say as her voice trailed off. “How could I ever forget?” Much to her delight, the Commodore would then excuse herself momentarily giving Elizabeth a moment of peace. Now that she had time to think, she would go over the information once more. The directive had mentioned that the agent had been holed up in what she now assumed was the factory. It matched the coordinates but not much else had been reported. Not to mention that the documents she had yet to retrieve were not at all elaborated upon. Regardless, it was the norm for the kind of jobs she did. She only wondered how the boorish woman would come to affect her work.

By the time the Commodore found her way back to her, Elizabeth had just about managed to calm her anger down. That is, until she noticed the woman look at her and shake her head in disappointment. The large woman would then turn her back towards her right as the flickering flames of anger would burst into a raging fire. If Elizabeth had thought she had been mad before, she was definitely seething now. However, she knew better than to act upon the blazing fury she felt. She needed the Commodore and, even if she didn’t, the woman still bested her in both power and experience. Thus, all Elizabeth could do now was put up with it and hope she could keep her anger under control.

However, if there was one thing that she appreciated from the Commodore, it was that she took her into account. Or, at least, it was what she could only assume from the mess of words she had managed to pick up. "Wu b' da plan o'ack shun, ya wee lil' lassi'?'' The large woman would ask. Siren, on the other hand, could only guess what the words meant. ‘Oh whack shun..?’ Elizabeth thought to herself incredulously. ‘Yawee li lel?’ Siren would pause for a bit as she moved slightly for a better view of the factory. "We dun' wan'ta roosh in'dere whipt out'n reddy. Kersplooting all ova' da place." Siren would frown slightly in thought. She had no idea what any of that meant but, based on the Commodore’s body language, she could only assume that they were figuring out their next move.

The Commodore continued, “We 'unno our arse from our moufs, dey migh' escape.” Siren would narrow her eyes in disapproval at the woman’s look of dejection. She had no idea what the Commodore had said but she hated it. "Yanno?” Siren’s lip would form into a tight line as she mulled over the possible plans. “We could survey the grounds before going in,” She would say as she lifted her pointer finger and moved it in a circle. “It seems as if they haven’t caught wind of us yet, anyhow.” A miracle. That was for sure. “If it works for you, we can split up and meet back here. Or,” She would look at the Commodore. “If you have a better plan, I’m all for it.” She wasn’t happy with the suggestion but she couldn’t deny the woman’s experience.

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