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Name : Jack Glasgow
Age : 20
Height : 6 ft.
Weight : 185 lb
Species : Human
Faction : Pirates
Crew : Atrocity's Disciples
Crew Role : Captain
Devil Fruit : Blood Blood no Mi
Haki Level : 1
Hitpoints (HP) : 153
Attack (ATK) : 100
Defense (DEF) : 100
Reflex (RX) : 100
Willpower (WP) : 105
Level : 10
Experience Points : 1000
Berries Berries : 50,000
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[Episode] A Fateful Altercation Empty [Episode] A Fateful Altercation

Thu Jan 07, 2021 9:58 pm
Quest Information:
Quest Name: A Fateful Altercation
Quest Category: Episode
Player Participants: Jack Glasgow (+1), Horogoma Oda (+2)
Planned Location(s): East Blue, Shell Town
Summary: Inside a bar located on the Island, an altercation starts at a table with a bunch of drunks. Jack and Horogoma attempt to de-escalate the situation which only backfires and drags them into it. This leads to a decent sized fight that alerts nearby Marines. Once the Marines walk into the bar, the fighting immediately stops. The Marines charge everyone involved with "Disturbing the Peace" and arrest them. Most accepting their fate and being arrested, a few resist and their fighting spirits are shutdown. Jack and Horogoma try to plead their case with the Marines that they were trying to stop the situation. However the Marines don't believe them which causes Jack and Horogoma to resist. With Jack and Horogoma resisting their arrest, this puts the two into a sticky situation with the Marine forces.

A Fateful Altercation With Jack Glasgow and Hogoroma Oda

On the beautiful island of Shell Town, inside a bar, Jackson sat at a table alone. The bar was lively and was packed with civilians from the island and petty criminals from around the East Blue. In the middle of the bar were several circular wooden tables with decorative flowers in the middle. Every single table and chair was filled by a criminal since they decided to take control of the middle part of the bar. Normal people, who didn’t want to be harassed, usually sat on the outskirts or at the bar. It didn’t matter much to Jackson. He sat on the outside tables because, at the time, there was nobody around his table and he didn't want to be bothered.

Jack raised his hand which alerted one of the few bartenders who started to walk towards him. The bartender was one of the younger ones, a male. He was dressed very sharp and his walk was filled with confidence. Once the bartender was in the vicinity, he put his hands together. “What do you need sir,” the bartender asked. Jack grabbed the glass cup that was on his table, lifting it towards the bartender. The glass cup was filled with alcohol but only the ice remained now. “I’d love another shot,” Jack replied. The bartender nodded his head, grabbing the glass cup. “Of course,” he responded.

“One more thing,” Jack continued, frustration in his voice. “Thank you for being so kind but don’t call me sir.” Jack ended, the bartender bowing his head. “I apologize mister. Hospitality is something our company strives for,” The bartender said before walking away to refill the glass. Jack sighed. He knew his rudeness was uncalled for but after being through so much in the last few years, honestly, he couldn’t help it. While he waited for his drink to arrive, one of the tables in the middle of the bar became loud. The table was surrounded in a booze smell. One of the men at the table stood up, slamming his hands on the table. “Who the hell are you talking to!”

WORD COUNTER 350 / 350

[Episode] A Fateful Altercation Empty Re: [Episode] A Fateful Altercation

Sun Jan 10, 2021 3:52 pm
Hogoromo's stale face examined people as he walked through shells town, a place where a marine base held. Many returned his glare as his body was clad in white, sadly enough to Hogoromo he had no bounty so being seen was no problem as no one would recognize him as a pirate. Just what was Hogoromo doing here anyway? well after the disperse of his former crew and his hijacking of the black oni ship, this place was the closest for him to catch a small break before finding a crew of his own. His thoughts were suddenly stopped by a growl of his stomach as he sighed, looks like he had forgotten to eat before leaving the hotel that morning.

Hogoromo seemed to be in luck, as he was just a few steps from being at the door of a bar, his favorite place when he was in the Rudo pirates now stained with the memory of their disperse. Hogoromo made his way into the bars scene, immediately being hit with the smell of alcohol and the unwashed bodies of some of the patrons. Eyes from all over the bar seem to find their way to him, some even commenting on his choice of clothing. He simply ignored them as he found an clear table another table occupied by a lone male with a very different hair type than his.

It wasnt long before he was greeted by a middle aged female waiter who handed him a menu. "What can I get for you today?" she asked with a sweet tone. Hogoromo took a second "I'll have the special with water, please" he said with a slight smile and handing the menu back to her. It was only moments after his waiter went to fill his order he heard a commotion begin towards the center of the bar. "Who the hell are you talking too!" is all he heard to know that soon there would probably be a bar fight, something he always secretly found annoying. Luckily enough, Hogoromo had his trusty swords on him just incase anything were to come his way.

Word Count: 354
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