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[Episode] Resistance in Midway Empty [Episode] Resistance in Midway

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:10 pm
Quest Information:

Resistance in Midway Starring Jack Glasgow

The sky was blue and merry with seagulls flocking through the sky crossing the beautiful white clouds that filled the sky. The sun beamed directly through the clouds, reflecting off the alluring ocean below and onto a small boat that traveled carefree on the waters. The wooden boat that carried Jackson slowly moved closer to an island that came into range, drifting towards the outer edges. Jackson stood tall on the boat with his backpack on shoulders. “This must be the Goa Kingdom. I thought It would’ve been more beautiful from the name,” he said. As the boat reached the outer edges of the island, the wind gently blew through the forest trees that were now visible. Jack had made it to the village.

As he took his first step onto the dock, tension was rising throughout the island.

Entering into the village, Jack strolled through the village with the residents. The population seemed low since the streets weren’t crowded like most islands. The village was also very quiet, the gentle wind usually overtaking the silence. Though one building brightened up the village, the bar. The heavy talking from the building caught Jack’s attention. His random strolling transitioned into purposeful walking as he headed for the building. Jack didn’t see any issue with heading to the bar. His main reason for stopping at the island was for food and water to continue his voyage. So the bar was a reasonable place for a resupply since they have those two things. Furthermore, Jack wanted a drink for the road before he left the island.

As Jack entered the bar, a man standing on a stool caught his attention then the large crowd of upset people who surrounded him. “P-Please calm down,” the man said. His voice had a nervous tone. “As the m-mayor, I guarantee your protection,” he added, adjusting his tie. The crowd continued talking in an inaudible uncontrollable tone. Jack slowly walked around the crowd towards one of the available tables and took a seat. The bartender, who was a lady, came from around the bar and walked towards Jack's table. Once she reached the table, she gave Jack a big smile. “Welcome,” she happily said. “I apologize for the crowd but the village isn’t the happiest as of right now. I’m more than happy to assist you though,” she ended.

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[Episode] Resistance in Midway Empty Re: [Episode] Resistance in Midway

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Jack turned his head to the crowd. “It’s fine,” he said. “I’m from out of town so it doesn’t have nothing to do with me,” he continued. The bartender nodded her head. While Jackson spoke with the bartender about resupplying and a drink, the bar doors opened. A filthy looking aged man stood in the door frame in tattered clothing with a cutlass hanging from his waist. His hand rested on the hilt of the sword as he walked in. The mayor noticed the man, his facial expression changing from nervous to afraid. The crowd noticed the mayor’s attention was directed towards someone behind them and slowly, at different times of course, they turned their heads to the man at the entrance which left mixed emotions on their faces.

The man towered over the crowd, his large shadow covering the room due to the sun beaming into the bar. As he stepped forward, the crowd split into two sections leaving a path to the stool the mayor stood upon. The man smiled revealing several missing and rotten teeth. “I’ve come from Mount Corvo with a final warning from my leader,” The man said, walking through the path with his hand still resting on the cutlass’ hilt. The chatter caught Jack and the bartender’s attention. They turned their heads towards the crowd, watching the man come closer and closer to the mayor, pacing himself with every step. “Since you’ve ignored the others, this warning will be like no other,” the man said, reaching the mayor.

The crowd was frightened, unable to move or speak. The man flicked his sword’s hilt which unsheathed his blade. “W-We’ve been t-trying, please understand,” the mayor said, stepping down from the stool, now staring up at the man. As he stood face to face with the man, he could sense his demonic aura and saw blood in his eyes. He became weak at the legs and fell to the floor. The man drew the cutlass blade. “Well you should’ve tried harder, mayor.” The mayor raised his hand at the man. “P-Please don’t kill me,” the mayor begged. As the man swung his mighty blade down at the mayor, Jack burst in front of the man. Holding his longsword by the tip and hilt, the cutlass blade struck the middle of Jack's blade. "I don't think that's necessary," Jack said.

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[Episode] Resistance in Midway Empty Re: [Episode] Resistance in Midway

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Jan 10, 2021 3:36 am
The bar grew silent as the crowd backed away from the two. The mayor remained on the ground, slowly sliding behind Jack. The man’s toothless smile faded away as his attack was defended by the young man. His smile transitioned into an angry frown as he threw his mighty blade into the air once more, then swinging his sword at Jack’s side. Jack moved his blade to defend his side, catching his attack again. “I don’t know what’s happening but I advise you to leave him alone,” Jack warned the man. The crowd, mayor, and bartender stood stunned. “How pathetic mayor. You’re being saved by an outsider,” the man said, lifting his leg and swinging it at Jack’s opposite side, directly hitting him.

Jack shrieked in pain as the man’s large foot made contact with his side, sending him crashing into nearby barrels. With the amount of force used, the barrels busted. Fruits and damaged wooden planks covered Jack’s body. The man laughed and pierced the mayor’s soul with his blood lust eyes. “Thank the fool for saving you. This is your final warning mayor,” the man said, turning towards the door and leaving. Once the man left, the mayor stood up and turned towards the barrels. “T-That boy is a savior,” he said, running to assist him. Everyone crowded around as Jack lifted his head from the rubble. He held onto his side in discomfort. The mayor kneeled down next to him, placing his hand on his shoulder.

“Thank you for saving me back there, B-Boy," The mayor said, offering his hand to assist Jack up. “I’m the mayor of the village. I apologize for that deeply,” he added, Jack accepting his hand, lifting him from the rubble. Once he was back on his feet, Jack dispersed his longsword and stuck his palm towards the mayor. “You're fine. What was that about,” Jack questioned. The mayor adjusted his tie. That was one of the bandits from the mountain,” he responded. “And honestly, they’re the least of our worries,” he ended with a stressed sigh. Jack took a seat on one of the barrels that remained intact. His hand still rested on his side. “Fill me in on your problem. Maybe we can work something out,” Jack said.

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