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Neveh Dua Diem Empty Neveh Dua Diem

Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:18 am

Neveh Diem

Neveh Dua Diem Screen10

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Hardboiled

First Name: Neveh
Middle Name/Initial: Dua
Last Name: Diem
Epithet: n/a
Birthdate: 8th March 1810
Gender: Female
Species/Race/Tribe: Human  
Faction: Marine
Profession: Sniper/Navigator

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’3
Weight: 126 lbs

Hair Style: Ponytail mostly
Hair Color: Dark blue ontop and blonde underneath
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Scars: Small scar through her right eyebrow
Clothing and Accessories:

Depending on when and where decides Neveh’s clothing choices. Sure she would love to spend a whole day in her onesie but superior officers are big ol sourpusses and would write her up again if she attempted it. Her clothing can be practical. If its cold she would wear something fluffy, warm and marvellous. Warm weather she would be dressed ‘appropriately’ likewise. Surprisingly through a lot of Neveh’s sick leave coincide on days when the weather hits scorching temperatures and the beaches, bars becomes popular gathering spots. People would swear to see the double of Neveh lounging beside a pool in a bikini or in some casual shorts, t-shirt and always with a mojito in hand. However, that is slander! And if it was her. It is important to stay hydrated and cool in warm weather!    

Pesky work claims a ridiculous amount of her time, the dress code is a fascist system. She protests and rebels against this tyrannical abuse of power by editing some of its uniform. Her uniform is now a marine hat, dog tags, marine issueed boots and edited skinny fitting marine jean’s though with a ripped design made through the material. The rest comes from the ‘Diem womans wear collection’. Just store bought clothes, none of the items has that actual label. Yet. The rest of her duty uniform would include a white face mask with gold aesthetic design imprinted onto it. The elw neckerchief is binned and the common Marine top is buried somewhere in Neveh’s closet or washing basket, some place. Instead she wear a white off the shoulder crop top and occasionly a white zip up hoodie and or sunglasses.    

Description:  It would be Neveh’s multicoloured peekaboo hairstyle that would pick her out from a crowd. Admit it, its awesome.  Head, fingers, knees and toes, all within proper requirements to be categorised human. ‘A small wee thing’ would be an apt and accurate description of her, even though somewhat insulting and hurtful to hear. God may have personally gifted her with a kilowatt smile, a wonderous sight that could thaw the cold hearts of traffic wardens and can brighten a room up just that little extra bit. -Legal note- Neveh is not liable or takes responsibility of any shortages or breakages of any electric light fixtures in her vicinity when she expresses joy or happiness with a smile.

Looks like prison bait but shes actually 19 years of age. She just looks younger for what she is. A training injury has left a scar or a bad ass slit through her right eyebrow. Blessed with a fantastic metabolism or a guardian angel looking out for calorie intake, Neveh has been able to keep in pretty good shape. Maybe she could wish for a couple of extra inches than being a 5’3 small fry but she makes due.          

The Past

Main Traits: Amicable, flippant, sly, adaptable, creative, imaginative, playfully mischievous, jedi    
Likes: Music, Freebies, Money
Dislikes: Taxes, Pain, Chores
Unique laugh: Its starts of well and good with a smooth and acceptable hahaha but then ... she snorts. Its embarrassing. Shes aware of her problem and is working on getting better.

Hometown: South Blue, Baterilla


Her occupation means that she pretty much has to be a bit of a killjoy for a lot of people. When someone is being a nuisance her job forces her to noisy into peoples private problems and get involved. She would rather not! The person or persons causing a bit of mischieve don’t want her involved either. Common sense would leave it at that and they all go on happy with their lives. Though, ugh, work! Her bosses make her do orders and so Neveh has to intrude on all kinds of people’s private businesses. Accusations like disrupting the peace, drunk and disorderly and attempted murder. ‘Attempted’ they didn’t fully go ahead with a murder but Neveh would have to follow orders and arrest somebody anyway. When people are not trying to stab, kill, maim, assault, shoot, ignite or over zealously trying to sell her stuff. She can be a delight.

The exception though could probably be the unfortunate soul having to room with her. Neveh annoyingly sleep walks and these night trips can have their own adventures. She once woke up with scuba gear, a waffle maker and a fully prepared picnic. she was unsure what sleep Neveh’s intended to do. They didn’t even have a waffle maker in the barracks?! Neveh sometimes suffers from night terrors, she doesn’t like to talk about her dreams much but her screams at night can be irritating to her dorm.      

Insubordination, misconduct and a variety of other dis-satisfactory reports make up quite an interesting service record. She is a very misshapen piece within the marines. Her personality is very conflictive with the strict, law-abiding and serving nature of the Marines. Why they haven’t tossed her or locked her up can be a real pickle to understand. People might just assume that she has friends or family in high places or maybe some juicy dirt to avoid the boot. Even with those flaws its difficult not to like her, she’s an approachable and loveable treasure really, most of the time. A personal quiz in a magazine once listed her qualities as quirky and chipper! The good days mostly out balances the frownie ones. Neveh can generally be seen as an easy going and carefree person.

When trouble rears its ugly self, violence being inevitable, danger breathing down Neveh’s face-Throatpunchthroatpunchthroatpunch- and repeat. Until satisfactory results have been achieved. Though battles are never straight forward as such. Well, maybe a passionate spur of the moment bar brawl where words are spoken with ones fists and finished with one’s integrity. Yhea! Neveh is a complex character, she enjoys a good rampage as the next character but plays the game differently. Her history and training would judge what ways to best tackle a hostile situation.          



The south blue dream. A nice house, white picket fence and a happy loving family. Might have been gotten there with some illegal contraband but no one is perfect. This cushy life was gained trough the tricky but profitable exportation of less than reputable goods from one place to another. Her mother and father were simple couriers though society would rudely label them as smugglers. But rightly so.

On those nights when a baby sitter wasn’t available Neveh was taken along on these excursions. Fun Family road trips. It actually provided to be educational trips, it improved her Math skills, her units of measurements really progressed. Discreetly moving from location to location, her parents taught her a few tips and tricks to help to avoid detection and so they all wouldn’t be hung or executed in some awful way. During the lull in those nights, Neveh would get to discover tid-bits about her parents. She would discover that one of her mother’s hobby was predicting the weather. If the night sky was cloudy or had a slight hew to it, her mother could somewhat predict the weather.

Her father always liked to point out whenever these predictions failed, never mean spirited just playful jeering from one close companion to another. As those things go. Aside from hearing how her father liked to drink, many on many of stories of old friends involved alcohol. Those nights, carrying packages from one pickup to delivery, disregarding the short intervening terrifying moments of possible discovery. Neveh, her mum and father talked. Maybe just nervous energy coming out that caused them to speak, open up and something to distract themselves from that eairy quiet and the bordering chance they all could be found and deathly punished. She learned how her parents first met, he was a sailor and she was a shipwright and he failed to woo her on plenty of occasions. Eventually though she began to come around. So her father says. Her mother’s side of the story, somewhat described ongoing mental abuse until she was worn out and eventually caved.

Her father explained the wonders and sights he got to explore, the strange and wonderful phenomena he travels have taken him. The stars, a sailors old travel map wouldn’t always help she said. He warned her of such places and cleverly told her ‘his’ solutions. Whether he embellished some of the details to make himself sound clever, he bragged about ‘his’ methods in overcoming some fantastical crisis. Neveh enjoyed and listened to tales her father would tell. When a lack of conversation came her father would impart truths and curios of his strong held knowledge, besides drugs that is. He would speak of his ability to always find oneself. No, not mentally like how to find inner peace or one’s place in the universe or such rubbish. He would know were he is and were he would need to go. From father to daughter he taught her how to look at a map, ‘with her eyes’. A horrible dad joke. Was it worth it? Nope. But she did learn the skills to escape her dads poor sense of humour and likely make it home.

Her parents had an unease to leave Neveh at home by herself. Neveh was inwardly glas for this, she was terrified of her neighbour. Almost every community has at least one person, no one really knows them and they are the local legend where ghost stories originate from. He holds children down in his basement, his house is haunted, he transforms on the fullmoon or hes serial slasher seeking vengeance on teenage camp counsellors. Their is a lot of tales.

He was always a stranger in their community, present but backround in its ongoing. It freaked Neveh out further than others as she was direct neighbours with the ghost story factory. Out of all the other 46 houses she could have been living in, she was living just across from the last house on the block. The stranger, man or whatever he was. He was a enigma. Apart from being called Mr.Brown, nothing else is very much known about this character. Fun fact, ‘Brown’ besides being a horrible colour is one of the most common surnames there is, just after names like ‘Smith’ which is typically used as a fake alias. If Mr.Brown was up to no good he probably would have wanted a more common and unsuspecting surname like Smith. Very little else is known of him, except for the fact that he can really pull off that look with the circular red lense shades. One truth is that Mr.Brown does not work for a living, hes a retired salesman. He sold cleaning products. *This history part is getting side tracked by the presence of this bizarro Mr Rodgers.*

The organisation the Diems worked for began cleaning house. An investigation was ongoing and the organisation felt like it needed to dispose of possible liabilities. ‘In the wrong place at the wrong time’. This is a common expression for people with bad luck. Or even worse luck of being used as a last witty zinger as you soon pokevolve into a corpse. With great sense of direction and punctual time keeping, enforcers were already awaiting the Diems. In their house.  It was an efficient and quick affair, the Diems entered their home and closed the door behind them. Less than a 20 seconds later Neveh is running out the door with blood smeared across her face and top. She was soon followed by a hulkish man behind, exiting her house.    

Neveh experienced two earth shattering experiences that day, the death of her parents and secondly a garden vegetable can gravely upset someones day. Physicians can fail to realise that when an immovable force collides with an unstoppable force, one is going to get its sh*t knocked in. As so. One doesn’t simply threaten the bogeyman and not get shanked in the eye from a bag of grocerys and left to bleed out on the concrete with a carrot prodding out of their skull. Someone gravely failed underestimating a certain Mr.Brown.

In Neveh’s current mental condition it could be excusable to fail to acknowledge the skill and ingenuity to do someone in with a typical soup ingredient. Neveh had experienced the death of her parents and escaped. Running, escaping. I was all that consumed her. Her basic and primal need to flee danger. She was on this auto pilot until her brain momentarily fizzled and stopped replaying her parents death. Exhaustion and dehydration left her collapsed in a rando ditch. Sleep or something like it, blacking out. Regardless time past and Neveh couldn’t say that she was conscious or present for when the day became twilight. It was just how her parents blood on her skin conducted the cold night air that jumped her system again. Still, she lacked a will to rise. Curled up on the dirt she cried. Bunch and bunches of emotions drowned her, she even wished that it would just take her. The bodys needs is a strong motivator, even though she couldn’t careless about anything or anyone,. except for the two people who she had lost. Still so raw, her heart and grief ached for her parents.    

An officer was taking a statement of a young girl, it was a slow and patient progress. The child barely seemed to be present. Repeated moments the officer would have to kindly interrupt the child’s lost attention. Without nearby family, she was told that she would have to go into services until arrangements could be made. The young girl was barely present in reality, far off and haunted.    

An absent amount of time later. Coming out of some fugue state. Someone was asking her something but that wasn’t important, she knew were she was. And that was amping her wtf up to eleven. The previous catatonic child was losing. Her. Shit. A bonk on the head is quick to fix that reaction. Neveh eventually came to in her old house. The pain in her head and confusion momentarily stemmed the traumatic mess bubbling to envelop her again. Before that she was again infront of one of the enforcers that had murdered her family. Their was no evil monologue, intentions or scheme how he was able to get Neveh from a guarded precinct. It would be later when Neveh would put some thought to the mystery that she would consider that either it was a bribe or the killers had connections within the precinct. The enforcer wanted to know where her parents kept the product they smuggled. After some physical bargaining, Neveh reluctantly agreed to show the thug. The man distrusted the chil, and made Neveh retrieve the goods. It was hidden in a crawl space under the floor boards, her petite form was easily able to pass through unobstructed unlike her bulky abuser. Neveh used this advantage to escape out the side of the house.

Either it was the time of day when most people were off to work or that they didn’t want to get involved. A young girl was screaming from one neighbours house to another, anyone to help her. It was unexpected, but considering that she was in the garden of Mr Brown it wasn’t such a big surprise. She would have even approved of the garden’s pain painstakingly manicured displays. Unfortunate that she was trudging through it and her assailant was ploughing up the plants in his shovel like pursuit. Fantastically failing to wrestle off a full adult man, Neveh was being dragged back through the yard. The exit was occupied however. Mr.Brown stood unamused. Some words would be passed though what stuck to her that day was just the horrifying memory of the red lensed bespectacled man, folding the larger man up in on himself like a carboard box. The adept precision in which the task was done looked like a tedious effort.          

‘’the Diem’s girl’’ it wasn’t a question, just acknowledging he knew who she was. It was a lot of firsts that day, including digging an unmarked grave for a murder in Mr.Browns flower patch. Alot of attention was now spotted on this small out of the way cul de sac of a town. This was undesirable for Mr Brown. He will have to be a new stranger in a new small town somewhere. With a lot of reluctance he had to move some place else and with a lot more objection he had a young girl trailing after him.  

After an eventual time he reluctantly takes in Neveh and she becomes his protege of sorts. Learning his former craft. Having to pick up his life else were and provide for another, he had to find work again. Neveh woud discover that Mr.Brown was previously a contract killer. She highly doubted a cleaning product salesmen could dispatch someone with such ease. Though she was really unsure how tight the competition in that industry really was. Over the following time the two develop a fond friendship and mentorship. Vengeance was the goal she aspired to, anger and grief dominated her feelings. She didn’t think she would be normal again without making those who wronged her suffer .

The years passed and Neveh’s desire for justice roared. She found her parents killers and knew their base which they operated out of. Impatience caused her to neglect Mr.Browns warnings and undertake a systematic slaughter of everyone in the building. Eh, that was the idea, not a great idea but what better excuse to rampage is there. Disregarding her mentor’s pleads Neveh went when Mr.Brown wouldn’t be around. Neveh’s road would have ended that day. She didn’t get to were she wanted to be. It would have been a sad tale of Neveh Diem. In Neveh’s fool hardy suicide run she didn’t get to accomplish her goal but a friend helped her finish it. Neveh was beat and captured after some time making bodies hit the floor. She was rescued but at the expense of her friend and mentor, Mr.Brown. It was a bloody shoot-out to get to Neveh and he didn’t get to her without injury. Apparently Mr.Brown had rigged the complex with explosive but Neveh had jumped the gun. There was no good odds that both of them would get out of this alive.

Achievement of two. Neveh was successful avenging the death of her parents and surprisingly she was alive. After the dust and bricks were cleared, a damaged young girl would be found unconscious in remains of a small dumbwaiter lift that mostly survived the explosion. The young girl would be taken into the custody of the Marines for questioning after she was first given emergency medical aid and time to recover. Against her will Neveh would be court ordered into a juvenile Marine academy. Neveh had the possibility of being imprisoned but some intervention resulted in her being forced to attend military school.

She raged against the machine. Attempted to force, coerce, sneak, blackmail and mass riot her way out of there. All these escape attempts were all foiled. Her training instructor, her warden severely punished her each time through harsh and immensely struggling exercises. Funny, the harder they trained Neveh the harder she fought when captured. They started using nonlethal weapons to restrain her. This behaviour continued and continued. Almost a year, Neveh didn’t let them change or break her, screw them! Before Neveh could begin another escape attempt and rawshank her way out of this dump she was visited by her training instructor. She told Neveh that the exit will be unlocked and she would be allowed to leave. Before she would leave though her instructor spoke ‘’you want to leave.’’ Neveh obviously replied ‘’ugggh. Yeah!’’ Her training instructor laid out some truth bombs next. Witout malice she spoke ‘’You’re an orphan with no one and nothing to go back to. No one is looking for you or asking for you, in all senses you do not exist. We checked the home were you stayed. You think they remember you there? We called those around and no one had even noticed you were gone. No one knew or cared enough before we called and you had been gone for months.’’ It shouldn't have hurt to hear that, her and Mr.Brown had kept to themselves. Why was she surprised that nobody hadn’t noticed. ‘’No neighbours or even merchants around the city remember you. No one has even noticed you had gone. You have no family, no friends, nothing. You left no imprint on the world when you left it, your fighting so hard when theres nothing left for you to go back to. But here Neveh you have people who notice you leave. Even though you don’t have family, its interesting to find that you firecely support and even connect with the students around you. The only human connection who have in this world is us and those kids you conspire with and rebel with against this institute. Would you miss them if you left. Would you be happy if we set you off anywhere in the world and everyone here will go on, just forget about you. This is a final offer Neveh. If you leave, we will delete you from our records, no will come after you. It would have been you had never had existed here. But if you do decide to stay, I offer you a family Neveh and a place to matter and be remembered. We have special things in mind for you, and the others.

Neveh believed her. Her escape was flawless. Neveh’s return was also unexciting, she went back to her dorm, woke up the next morning and worked. Work, sleep, friends and family. This was her new routine until graduating the academy and then beginning something bigger within the Marines. Their class celebrated hard. Somewhere in between they congratulated themselves over a treat of some frozen froYo, Neveh didn’t like the flavour she choose, she actually gagged on eating the first spoonful. After graduation doors opened up for Neveh Diem.      

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