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Neveh Dua Diem Empty Neveh Dua Diem

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:18 pm

Neveh Diem

Neveh Dua Diem Screen10

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Hardboiled

First Name: Neveh
Middle Name/Initial: Dua
Last Name: Diem
Epithet: n/a
Birthdate: 8th March 1810
Gender: Female
Species/Race/Tribe: Human  
Faction: Marine
Profession: Sniper/Navigator

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’3
Weight: 126 lbs

Hair Style: Ponytail mostly
Hair Color: Dark blue ontop and blonde underneath
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Scars: Small scar through her right eyebrow
Clothing and Accessories:

Depending on when and where decides Neveh’s clothing choices. Sure she would love to spend a whole day in her onesie but superior officers are big ol sourpusses and would write her up again if she attempted it. Her clothing can be practical. If its cold she would wear something fluffy, warm and marvellous. Warm weather she would be dressed ‘appropriately’ likewise. Surprisingly through a lot of Neveh’s sick leave coincide on days when the weather hits scorching temperatures and the beaches, bars becomes popular gathering spots. People would swear to see the double of Neveh lounging beside a pool in a bikini or in some casual shorts, t-shirt and always with a mojito in hand. However, that is slander! And if it was her. It is important to stay hydrated and cool in warm weather!    

Pesky work claims a ridiculous amount of her time, the dress code is a fascist system. She protests and rebels against this tyrannical abuse of power by editing some of its uniform. Her uniform is now a marine hat, dog tags, marine issueed boots and edited skinny fitting marine jean’s though with a ripped design made through the material. The rest comes from the ‘Diem womans wear collection’. Just store bought clothes, none of the items has that actual label. Yet. The rest of her duty uniform would include a white face mask with gold aesthetic design imprinted onto it. The elw neckerchief is binned and the common Marine top is buried somewhere in Neveh’s closet or washing basket, some place. Instead she wear a white off the shoulder crop top and occasionly a white zip up hoodie and or sunglasses.    

Description:  It would be Neveh’s multicoloured peekaboo hairstyle that would pick her out from a crowd. Admit it, its awesome.  Head, fingers, knees and toes, all within proper requirements to be categorised human. ‘A small wee thing’ would be an apt and accurate description of her, even though somewhat insulting and hurtful to hear. God may have personally gifted her with a kilowatt smile, a wonderous sight that could thaw the cold hearts of traffic wardens and can brighten a room up just that little extra bit. -Legal note- Neveh is not liable or takes responsibility of any shortages or breakages of any electric light fixtures in her vicinity when she expresses joy or happiness with a smile.

Looks like prison bait but shes actually 19 years of age. She just looks younger for what she is. A training injury has left a scar or a bad ass slit through her right eyebrow. Blessed with a fantastic metabolism or a guardian angel looking out for calorie intake, Neveh has been able to keep in pretty good shape. Maybe she could wish for a couple of extra inches than being a 5’3 small fry but she makes due.          

The Past

Main Traits: Amicable, flippant, sly, adaptable, creative, imaginative, playfully mischievous, jedi    
Likes: Music, Freebies, Money
Dislikes: Taxes, Pain, Chores
Unique laugh: Its starts of well and good with a smooth and acceptable hahaha but then ... she snorts. Its embarrassing. Shes aware of her problem and is working on getting better.

Hometown: South Blue, Baterilla


Her occupation means that she pretty much has to be a bit of a killjoy for a lot of people. When someone is being a nuisance her job forces her to noisy into peoples private problems and get involved. She would rather not! The person or persons causing a bit of mischieve don’t want her involved either. Common sense would leave it at that and they all go on happy with their lives. Though, ugh, work! Her bosses make her do orders and so Neveh has to intrude on all kinds of people’s private businesses. Accusations like disrupting the peace, drunk and disorderly and attempted murder. ‘Attempted’ they didn’t fully go ahead with a murder but Neveh would have to follow orders and arrest somebody anyway. When people are not trying to stab, kill, maim, assault, shoot, ignite or over zealously trying to sell her stuff. She can be a delight.

The exception though could probably be the unfortunate soul having to room with her. Neveh annoyingly sleep walks and these night trips can have their own adventures. She once woke up with scuba gear, a waffle maker and a fully prepared picnic. she was unsure what sleep Neveh’s intended to do. They didn’t even have a waffle maker in the barracks?! Neveh sometimes suffers from night terrors, she doesn’t like to talk about her dreams much but her screams at night can be irritating to her dorm.      

Insubordination, misconduct and a variety of other dis-satisfactory reports make up quite an interesting service record. She is a very misshapen piece within the marines. Her personality is very conflictive with the strict, law-abiding and serving nature of the Marines. Why they haven’t tossed her or locked her up can be a real pickle to understand. People might just assume that she has friends or family in high places or maybe some juicy dirt to avoid the boot. Even with those flaws its difficult not to like her, she’s an approachable and loveable treasure really, most of the time. A personal quiz in a magazine once listed her qualities as quirky and chipper! The good days mostly out balances the frownie ones. Neveh can generally be seen as an easy going and carefree person.

When trouble rears its ugly self, violence being inevitable, danger breathing down Neveh’s face-Throatpunchthroatpunchthroatpunch- and repeat. Until satisfactory results have been achieved. Though battles are never straight forward as such. Well, maybe a passionate spur of the moment bar brawl where words are spoken with ones fists and finished with one’s integrity. Yhea! Neveh is a complex character, she enjoys a good rampage as the next character but plays the game differently. Her history and training would judge what ways to best tackle a hostile situation.          

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