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[episode] Stumbling on a fallen angel Empty [episode] Stumbling on a fallen angel

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:59 pm

Summary: Sano was sent to see what happened happened to a shipment of goods scheduled to arrive at Spider miles. The last known location of the group dealing with the shipments carried by new smugglers was Swallow Island. While taking a look around the Swallow Island for the shipments he stumbles across someone who seemed lost or looking for something. Once Sano finds the crew of five friends they tell Sano their plans to take the goods and sell them for a higher price. A fight breaks out over the goods as well as the betrayal of the up starts. Once everything is calmed down Sano will have to take the goods to Spider Miles and have them unloaded like they were meant to be.

The sun was raising in the sky as birds cawed  as they flew around in the sky under the heat of the sun. The annoying sound woke a hung over and bruised man who rolled over and fell on the floor of the room he was staying in that night. He groaned as he lifted himself up and staggered over to the bathroom but not before grabbing the half empty bottle of whiskey. Shutting the door behind him the sound of running water could be heard as he looked in the mirror where his eye was black and blue with a few minor cuts on his face from the fights the other night. Sano lost track of time as he just stared blackly zoned out at the sad pathetic look on his face he took a gulp of whiskey from the bottle not breaking the eye contact with his reflection you look pathetic you thought you became stronger? The man let out a laugh before snapping and punching the mirror making it shatter where his fist made contact. Blood started to drip from his now cut hand caused by rage and glass finally breaking eye contact he headed into the shower taking the bottle of whiskey with him.  The warm water washed over as dry blood washed out of Sano's black hair turning the water into a dark red color almost looking brown. Holding his body up by resting one hand against the wall as all the dirt and blood flowed down his scared body taking another gulp of whiskey. After half an hour passed and a quarter bottle of whiskey later Sano stepped out of the shower feeling semi-refreshed  he dried himself off wrapping a towel around his waist as he headed into the room. The man sat on the foot of his bed  as he put a cigarette in his mouth lighting it making a cherry at the end with each puff. He fell back and was looking up at the ceiling remember what happened and what his boss told him. A steady stream flowed out the mans mouth closing his eyes I need more allies to become stronger the man thought seeing the somewhat error of his ways.

Sano  sat up and started to get ready as he started to put his suite on looking in the mirror as he made his bow tie with a half finished cigarette in his mouth. After he finished getting ready for the day of work ahead Sano started to leave the room as he tossed the bottle of whiskey shattering it against the wall. Sano started to head down the stairs as he reached the bottom he saw his boss Sano's mind just turned red as he clinched his  fist as he thought about just destroying his boss feeling betrayed by him as he took a step forward he felt the sudden rush of intoxication over come him and he calmed down.  Now feeling like a normal soldiers for the boss much as it made his gut twist and its not just because of the early morning whiskey. No it was the feeling of being betrayed by his boss but even more so he was upset with himself as he should have known he was just being used. Sano started walking closer to his boss he sat down as his boss had his normal smile like he didn't have a care in the world. How much Sano would love to just rip that smile off his face but he held back as he was doing his best to act professional. "Sano my man I have a fun job for you. Seems like some foolish upstart smugglers haven't brought us our goods. I have a feeling that they are going to try and take them and sell them off, so I'm sending you off to take care and send a message to them. The message of DO NOT FUCK WITH ME!!" Sano's boss yelled as the empty bar echoed his words.

Sano let out a sigh "Alright we can't have people thinking we are weak, so where are they?" Sano asked as flashes of rage started to flood over him as he thought about flipping the table I can't be weak. Sano though to himself as he coldly eyed his boss.

The boss chuckled lightly meeting Sano's gaze "You really want to kill them that badly don't you. Well from what I remember there were five of them on the crew and rumor has it that they are on Swallow Island. So I'll have someone sail you out there to get my goods back." The boss said with a voice of authority and not his usual calm laid back tone. Sano got up and went to get his tools from upstairs and to double check that he had his smokes. Once he had everything ready he went back downstairs where his boss cut him off before exiting the building "I arranged someone to take you to the island it's a small boat but it should be enough to get you there." Sano's rage towards his boss was starting to grow more and more. "Alright I'll head to the docks then." Sano said coldly as he just walked away from his boss and left the bar area.  Once outside Sano looked around and lit a cigarette before heading towards the dock after half an hour passed he made it to the dock.

The dock had a few ships there one was big enough to act as a real ship for a crew and then there were two slightly smaller ones next to it. Sano looked wondering which one was the one he was going to be on when a voice broke the silence "Mr.Sano, over here sir!!" A strange green haired man was waving his arms to get Sano's attention and behind him was a small boat that looked like it could barely hold three people.  Sano headed towards the stranger who was oddly dressed nicely for someone who was at the docks as he was wearing nice clothing that looked sort of pricey [i]fuck that's a tinny boat how's it going to get the job done?[/i] Sano thought to himself as he walked closer to the boat and hopped in "Well what are you waiting for lets get going." The tension in the air was thick enough where you could cut it with a knife only to be broken by the mans light laughter as he set the boat off "Looks like boss wasn't lying when he said you were hard to work with."

Sano laid down at the end of the boat and just smoked his cigarettes as the other man  sailed the ship to their destination the trip was filled with awkward silence on Sano's part and attempts to start a conversation on the green haired mans part. After two hours of the trip Sano finally spoke to the man "Shut the fuck up or I'll throw you over board." Sano said in a serious tone only to be met with the mans laughter "Finally I got a word out of you mwhaha." Sano shot daggers at the man "You bastard." Sano threw an apple at the man.

As they sailed closer they could start to see the shape of a bird in the distance as they grew closer they saw a ship anchored on the other side of the island. So they went and anchored between two big rocks near the beach where Sano jumped off the boat and started to move forward deeper into the island.

[episode] Stumbling on a fallen angel Empty Re: [episode] Stumbling on a fallen angel

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Feb 24, 2021 2:57 am
How the flow of wind carried them through the air. How the octopus filled to the brim with air slowly lost more and more of its shape as it drifted from the White Sea. The tentacles had clutched around, carrying aloft a small dinghy. Its mass and strength let it drift far from home. Far from the grand line, and off to the Blue Seas, toward the airspace of Swallow Island.

The octopus just seemed to be happy to get away from whatever it had been cast from. Its passenger was all the more grateful.

Blue hair that was stained purple and red, matted and sticky from the amount of blood pooled in the dinghy. Someone that was wounded. A black jacket had been thrown on over their body as they rode down through the sky from the heavenly islands they used to call home. The pain was numb now, like a searing pinch that radiated with heat every few seconds. Her teeth were grit together so tight they might crack from the pressure.

This person was Iris d'Arcen Ciel, and she was pounding one fist against the boat. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It hurts! It hurts! Fucking, fuck!"

She was doing everything to ignore the pain on her back, she was a sky islander, someone who belonged up in the White Sea, among the islands, serving the girl of her dreams, her mated partner, but here she was, drifting down from the paradise in the clouds.

It was a hellscape to Iris now, she wanted to go back, if only to find that redheaded fireball of a girl that occupied her mind.

Clipped wings made it hard, not that she could fly in the first place, but the blood loss and pain made it really hard to do a thing, she used her former butler clothing to act as padding and a compress to try and slow the blood loss. She was going to need a doctor, if she didn't wind up in the sea and the belly of a sea king.

Today had been the worst day of all the days.

She'd been starved and parched for the past week, beaten and battered to be made an example out of. And now? She had her wings sawed from her back and then was chased from her home, only by the graces of that girl from up high having gotten her into this vessel with the octopus.

When the octopus started to lose more of its air, the entire ensemble started to drift toward the ocean below quicker. Iris still could not for the life of her get up from the pain. She would remain in the boat, and hope the currents take her to an island where someone could find her.

The winds of fortune smiled on the former sky person, she was drifting down to an island, Swallow Island at that. But just as merciful as the winds were, they were just as cruel.

The octopus finally let go, and floated up into the air as it took in more wind, flying back up into the sky. It dropped the dinghy with Iris in it.

There was that immediate sinking feeling, like you were in the midst of falling, but on a full course. She was screaming for the short while she fell, the ship suddenly stopping as it hit a roof and slid down along a slant.

From there, she fell down from the dinghy as it tipped over, leaving her in the middle of a shipping yard, her various knives and throwing knives scattered around her, blood pooling on the ground around her from her back.

She had a look of displeasure beyond any dramatic sense of the word, there was no word in the lexicon of any language that could describe the dark hatred for the world that brewed in iris' eyes for this day alone.

[episode] Stumbling on a fallen angel Empty Re: [episode] Stumbling on a fallen angel

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Mar 12, 2021 1:00 am
As Sano was walking deeper into the island as he wanted to avoid getting too close to the ship that was docked by the water. It would be best to avoid damaging any of the goods that might be on the ship so hopefully there would be away to fight them on the land. As he was walking aimlessly at first Sano was able to find what looked like a small man made path big enough to fit a single cart on it being pulled by a horse or ox. Putting a cigarette in his mouth Sano walked down the path slowly staying alert to any noise that he heard in the trees expecting to get jumped. It was an odd feeling for him feeling both similar yet on a completely different level then the streets. Guess it can't be helped hopefully nothing too crazy happens as he walked down the path. His senses were on high alert from every twig cracking and breaking all around him from the animals that call this place home. His heart was racing faster than before his nerves were on edge as he took long drags from his cigarette to help calm them. A loud crash could be heard in the distance making flocks of birds fly away being startled from the noise.

Sano started to head towards the sound of the area where the noise came from leading him back the way he was just coming from back towards the shipyard. Sano's mind went into a bit of a panic as it was the area where his lil ship was anchored shit I hope the ship is alright and that the goods didn't get damaged Sano thought as he started running down the path throwing his half finished smoke to the ground as he huffed. Twice as quickly he reached the shipyard again but it was odd this time there seemed to be a ship in the middle of the ship yard. Sano looked up as he wondered how could a ship get onto the land like that it seemed like it crashed but how?

Sano started to walk slowly towards the sight of the ship only to see a woman in the boat with blood all over even more confused but on guard he drew his cutlass seeing all the knives around the ship. "Who do you work for?" Sano asked curiously as he kept his eyes on the girl in the ship. In the distance towards where the bigger ship was anchored the sound of two people walking towards the two peoples location. It took longer for them to get over to the crash because the two were fighting over to stay on the ship or see what the commotion was.
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