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Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Sinornithosaurus Empty Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Sinornithosaurus

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:23 am

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Sinornithosaurus

Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Sinornithosaurus
Devil Fruit Type: Zoan

Devil Fruit Appearance: A green fruit with a faint orange tint. It is the size of a small cantaloupe, with a pattern of swirls and waves.
Devil Fruit Description: Ryu Ryu no Mi: Model Sinornithosaurus is an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit which allows its user to transform either partially or fully into a Sinornithosaurus, a feathered dromaeosaurid dinosaur believed to potentially have venom and the ability to glide. This grants its user various abilities in relation to the aforementioned creature.

Fighting Style: Primal Fury
Weapon Utilization: N/A
Description: Primal Fury is an entirely freeform fighting style utilizing an individuals environment with great adaptability to any given scenario. This fighting style's main focus is with swift yet devastating blows with what some may often consider as dirty such as biting, spitting, eye gouging and such in tandem with grappling techniques.

Toggled and Passive Abilities:

  • Toggle | Partial Transformation: Thick Skin: In this form the user develops feathers and a thick leathery skin, these feathers particularly form around the underarms with some growth around the user's torso and neck as well. Claws form on the user's hands along with a sharper row of teeth and elongated fangs with an inward curve capable of dispensing venom. The user's muscles become more defined in this form. The user gains a +20% increase to DEF however suffers from a -10% decrease to both WP and RX.

  • Toggle | Partial Transformation: Feral: The user's legs grow longer and more defined, gaining additional strength and the ability to exert more force. Talons also develop on the user's feet. A rather long tail would also grow behind with a line of feathers on its underside, capable of exerting force akin to the user's legs and is fully controllable, acting almost like an extra limb. Other physical changes from Partial Transformation: Thick Hide is also present however with slimmer physique and more feathers across the body, the user's claws and teeth are also much sharper than in the latter form. The user gains a +20% increase to their ATK however suffers from a -10% decrease to both DEF and WP.

  • Toggle | Full Transformation: The user fully transforms into that of a Sinornithosaurus, albeit much larger than how they are normally depicted in history books. The user gains the proportions of said dinosaur with a feathery body and wing-like arms. A beak-like snout also develops with a sharp row of inward curving fangs capable of dispensing venom. The user gains a +25% increase to their RX however suffers from a -15% decrease to their WP and a -10% decrease to their DEF.

  • Passive | Venom Gland: When in either partial transformations or in full transformation, the user develops a venom gland able to produce and dispense venom through the user's teeth. This venom is acidic in nature. When spat, those unfortunate enough to come into physical contact with such may be inflicted with severe rashes to minor acid burns. When injected upon an individual through a bite, however, affected individuals may suffer anywhere from minor to nigh unbearable pain on the affected area depending on one's tolerance accompanied by the occasional swelling and potential muscle tightening.

  • Passive | Gliding: ¬†When in either partial transformations or in full transformation, with use of the user's down feathers found on the underside of their arms, the user is able to glide for short distances. This gliding is much more efficient whilst in full transformation as the down feathers are more developed and suited for the user's proportions in this state.


Light Techniques:

Medium Techniques:

Heavy Techniques:

AoE Techniques:

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