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Cygnus Kabetogama

Name : Cygnus L. Kabetogama
Epithet : Retriever/Retorībā
Age : 17
Height : 16'10"
Weight : ???
Species : Mink (Canine)
Faction : Pirates
Crew : P.T.S.D.
Ship : Dead Air
Crew Role : Shipwright
Devil Fruit : N/A
Haki Level : 1
Hitpoints (HP) : 150
Attack (ATK) : 105
Defense (DEF) : 105
Reflex (RX) : 80
Willpower (WP) : 100
Level : 10
Experience Points : 1000
Berries Berries : 5,050,000
Posts : 30
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[Episode] What Town Is This Again? Empty [Episode] What Town Is This Again?

Mon Oct 25, 2021 7:10 am
Quest Info:
Quest Name: What Town Is This Again?
Quest Category: Episode
Player Participants: Cygnus Kabetogama +1
Planned Location(s): Uncharted Island
Planned Time Range: December 15th 1828
Summary: On his way to Spider Miles Cygnus makes a pit stop for some food. He quickly realizes that he just sailed right into a marine outpost. When the marines begin acting hostile towards him the young man is faced with a decision to make: Will he talk or fight his way out?

The small boat could hardly be described as comfortable, but it sure as hell beat being trapped under the deck of the kind merchant ship. Now the only thing that was bothering Kabe was the fact that he had absolutely nothing to do. At least back on the merchant’s ship members of the crew would hang out and talk with the large swordsman.

Regardless, Kabe did not put too much thought into his current situation. Especially because he still had his favorite snacks right next to--

The dog couldn’t believe it, It was all just there right next to him. All of his food that he was so excited to finish from last night. He leaned around, still sitting in his large lawn chair that he had placed near the helm of the small vessel. To his surprise all of his food had disappeared with the exceptions of a few crumbs. This could not be real, Cygnus is a big guy but he never eats that amount of food unless he is sad, drunk, or nervous.

Now standing up Kabe looks to the horizon, fortunately he sees what appears to be an island coming up where he can hopefully restock his supply of food.

The seas are calm and the sky is only partly covered by big fluffy clouds. The breeze is nice and cool and if the situation had been different for Kabe he might even be happy at this moment. About half an hour passes and Cygnus is finally coming upon the island. Upon basic inspection the dog notices that all of the buildings have similar designs and color schemes. They even had multiple of the same flag flying high in the air. The port had no space to dock so Kabe opted to go farther along down the beach before he dropped the anchor.

The near 17 foot tall Mink had left his swords and cloak on the ship. Leaving himself only dressed in a white swimsuit and beige sandals. Kabe felt confident that most common folk would leave him alone purely based on his size. While on his way over to the port town Cygnus took a moment to observe the local wildlife of the island. Palm trees towered over the edge of the beach, guarding a thick forest of deciduous trees. Small animals like squirrels and songbirds were abundant and could be easily seen up in the branches or rummaging around on the forest floor.

“Stop right there”

Kabe turned his head in reaction to the unfamiliar voice but as he looked around he was unable to locate anyone in the vicinity.

“Down here big guy”

Kabe looks down and is unable to help himself from letting out a hearty laugh, “Grororororo, My bad friend. What can I help you with?”

“You are about to enter a Marine base and I do not recognize you, can you please give me some sort of identification”

Cygnus pretends to search in his pockets in order to buy himself some time. A moment passes but luckily another man steps up

“Wait a minute you idiot, I think that's Commander Starch”

“Oh, you really ate that weird fruit that the Captain gave you? I couldn’t even recognize you my bad boss”

“I cannot believe that these guys are more dumb than me, Lets see how long the charade will last at this point”

“Grorororo, I’ll tell you guys all about it later. I just gotta go do some-- uh business”

“All right see you later Starch-san”

Kabe walks into the large marine outpost and only has one thought on his mind.

Where is their kitchen?

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