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[Episode] Fruit Thief: Enter Deimos  Empty [Episode] Fruit Thief: Enter Deimos

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Nov 11, 2021 10:08 pm
A gentle breeze tussled Deimos’s hair, as the young former nobleman watched the beautiful clouds sail through an endless crystal blue sky. It has been at least two weeks or a month at the most since Deimos and his companions had been washed ashore on the beaches of Baterilla. A heavy storm had torn apart their boat, and through some luck they had all been carried off to the same island together. Deimos and Aries survived the storm by clinging on to a large piece of debris that snapped off the ship, Achilles on the other hand, well Achilles had his secret ways that he told no one. 

Fortunately, that was all in the past and Deimos, alongside his friends, could think of the future. Now a days, the future constantly weighed heavily on his mind. Ever since he saw his father cut down in front of him, and his mother shackled, all Deimos could think of was how he could get his revenge. Achilles told him to be patient, to gather his wits, collect his allies, and increase his power. But at last, patience was not a friend to Deimos. Not even the peaceful act of cloud gazing could quench the burning hatred that boiled and rumbled within his stomach.

As he watched the clouds, Deimos thought of a story that his mother told him before bed. The story was about a boy who ate a magical fruit that grant him the ability to turn into a heavenly bird. This power caught the attention of a greedily emperor who wanted the fruit for himself, and so he hunted the boy down. The boy would eventually pick up the emperor, and soar into the heavens, where he dropped the emperor from the sky and let him crash down into the earth below.

Then the boy would soar, and soar, and soar into the sky, into paradise. Deimos wished he was the boy, he wished he could fly and drop his enemies from the heavens to be rid of them. Sadly, he recognized that he did not posses such a power, but he did hear whispers from a tavern about people who possessed such strange gifts. He wondered if he could, one day, attain such an odd blessing. But the question was how? 

Deimos rubbed his chin in thought, his gaze finally had been torn from the sky and onto the sandy beach below. He was snapped from his deep thought when he felt his head jerk forward, and a stinging sensation radiating from the back of his neck. 

[plyr=pirt]“OW YOU BASTARD”[/plyr] He growled and rose from the ground, gently massaging his neck. The young ex-nobleman turned to see his older half-brother, Aries laughing in amusement. Aries was about a foot or two taller than him, dressed in black pants, brown boots, and a dark grey sleeveless shirt. Unlike Deimos, who had been cursed with a slender and relatively feminine build, complete with long snow-white hair that trickled down to his back. Aries was and forever had been, the utter opposite of his half-brother. Deimos’s half-brother had short black and white hair, and muscles that Deimos found to be a bit too unnatural. 

[npc=misc]“JO-GU-GU-GU-GU” [/npc]Aries held stomach as laughter bellowed from his thin lips like thunder. [npc=misc]“What’s the matter little prince? Can’t take a hit?” [/npc]

[plyr=pirt]“Don’t be so proud of your little sneak attack skunk head! You caught me off guard!”[/plyr] Deimos sneered and continued to massage the stinging sensation that had taken firm root. [plyr=pirt]“Leave it to a coward like you to use such dishonorable means, if I had been on guard, you wouldn’t have been able to surprise or hurt me for that matter!” [/plyr]

[npc=misc]“Well, you know little-prince the point of a sneak attack is to catch your opponent off guard, or do you need to start your combat lessons all over again?” [/npc] A smirk had spread across his ‘ugly’ face, something which irritated Deimos to the core. [npc=misc]“Anyway, Achilles wants us to go into town to get some supplies, food, water, and wood. The basics nothing less nothing more”  [/npc]

Deimos rolled his eyes. [plyr=pirt]“And why could Achilles not get these materials himself? I mean, I am busy doing things, like um, plotting and scheming and stuff” [/plyr]

[npc=misc]“Precisely the reason why Achilles wants us to go into town, it will get your mind off your plots and schemes, and onto something hopefully better.” [/npc] Aries firmly grabbed Deimos by his arm and started to drag the former nobleman across the beach towards the town. He was tempted to fight against his brother, but then realized that he could visit the tavern and attempt to extract some information from the pirates and peasants about how to gain one of those mysterious abilities. 

[plyr=pirt]“Fine, fine, fine. But I want to visit the tavern at the docks. You know? The ones with the cherry pies and good booze, those qualify for supplies, right?” [/plyr]Deimos snaked his way out of Aries grasp and skipped in front of his brother so that he could lead the way to town. Aries took a moment to glare at Deimos, he opened his mouth to protest the former noble’s decision, but realized that it would be pointless and simply sighed. 

[npc=misc]“Fine”[/npc] He stated bluntly, and followed Deimos into the town. It did not take Aries and Deimos long to reach the town, their camp was merely twenty to thirty minutes away, but tucked into a bizarre area of the beach that no one liked to go to. That way, they were greeted with some minor privacy, and treated with some degree of peace of mind. Achilles feared that the Assassin who murdered Deimos’s family would chase them to Baterilla, and so demanded that both Deimos and Aries exercised precaution when in the town.

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