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[Crew] White Saint Pirates  Empty [Crew] White Saint Pirates

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Nov 12, 2021 8:55 pm

White Saint Pirates (NPC)

Name: White Saint Pirates
Faction: Pirates (Yonkou)
Number of Members: ~1,200 (main crew); ~224,000 (allies and subordinate crew members worldwide)
Strength: 100

Jolly Roger: A skull with a thick white beard and its eyes shut. There is a halo above the skull and an open scroll below it.

Motive: The White Saint Pirates consider themselves to be the explorers and defenders of the true history. Their goal is to find all poneglyphs around the world and guide their messages to Laugh Tale. There, they hope to weave the erased past into the Rio Poneglyph. White Saint himself was once one of the Gorosei, but he since defected and founded his crew to oppose the Celestial Dragons' rule over the world. It is rumoured that the White Saint Pirates have strong ties with the New Revolutionary Army. All those who join the White Saint Pirates abandon their family names and consider themselves reborn under White Saint's Jolly Roger.

Flagship: St. Alexandria (T6) - A large warship with a white hull and paddles on its sides. Its figurehead is a dainty golden lady reading from an open scroll.

"White Saint" Meiōsei:

Roch "of the Divine Arms":
"Sacred Pillar" Gallus:
"Heavenly Schemer" Kagami Ibaraki:
"Blessed Blades" Karasumaru:

"Pious Fist" Seraphim:
"Hallowing" Sturm:
"Supernal Pupil" Duisco:
"Sinless" Zhenmei:
"Holy Ankh" Pega:
"Blue Spirit" Wilgils:

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