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Raysha Valentine
Raysha Valentine
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[Episode] A unusual meet up Empty [Episode] A unusual meet up

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Apr 24, 2024 1:33 pm
Raysha had just recently purchased her gauntlets paying for it with the large amounts of money she stole. Though currently they were stored in her backpack hidden under and inside various other objects. Right now she was using her devil fruit to appear as a human she had previously copied. Then killed and incinerated the body, dumping what ever remained in the ocean off shore. That way no one could see two of the same person walking around. She was currently sailing on a big ship transporting other civilians.

The whole time she was on the ship she kept to herself as well as keeping a low profile. Eventually the ship would start to arrive at the docks. For a place called Orange island, she would then begin to disembark. Once at the docks she would casually begin to walk around the area like a normal tourist would. As she looked for a good places she could switch to her true form, while still having a good excuse for where this form went.

She couldn’t just go into a private room at an inn or some other room with only one way in. Because it would give away the fact that her true form and current form were the same or at least connected in some way. Which would make the current form useless and no longer able to be used.

After she found a spot she would look around for 10 more minutes then start to go through an ally way. Checking to see if she was being watched or followed in anyway. Before she carefully doubles back enters the spot which is an unused two story building. She would then check around the building to make sure no one else was there. As well as make sure no one was looking at the building.

After waiting a hour just to be safe and to make sure no one was going to coming or watching as well as checking first and second floor. She would change back into her true form and proceed to climb out second story window on to a roof and then jump to the roof of a nearby building. The climb down to the streets and begin heading to a restaurant she recently saw while looking around.
Name : Lavender
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[Episode] A unusual meet up Empty Re: [Episode] A unusual meet up

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Apr 27, 2024 12:14 am
"O God, I am truly alone in this world
Losing all forms of love and hope, I am left with sorrow and rage
These feelings are as close to me as a mother to her child
So ever faithful, so why O lord should I begrudge it
These feelings of mourn and pain that are constantly seated in soul
They have not once abandon me and I am certain they will never leave me.
Ah! I understand now, O my despair. I see now. You are the lord to which answer my prayers
My lord, you truly bless me
For I know that on the day of reckoning, you will be their
To once again wench open the cage in my heart and nestle yourself in it.
Lavender would think to himself, marking down the poem he just created into his journal as he disembark from the merchant ship, he was paid to guard. The vessel having just arrived in Orange town as he tucked away his journal as he look for the ship captain on the pier. It didn't take long to spot the burly man having out coin to the other sailors as he himself got in line. It wasn't log till he was standing in front of the captain as a bag of berries fell into his hand as he nodded to the captain and began to make his way off the pier.  

It didn't take long for him to make his way into town. As he was mostly following the crowd and the smell of food as he entered the heart of orange town. " Orange town... Orange town... That means they must have a lot of citrus-y dishes. Hmm, I want to try all the orange related dishes I can but, where do I go? I'll just follow my noise to whatever smells the best. How about that. " He would think to himself as broke from the crowd and wandered for a bit before settling on a place that drew him in with a nice sweet aroma.  The restaurant was nearly filled to the brim as he had to wait some time for the waitress to approach him. " Sorry for the wait, sir. As you can see, we're quite busy today. If you want to table by yourself it'll be an extra 100 berries on your tab. If not, we'll sit you with the next available person to help get people seated. What do you say, sir? " The waitress would ask awaiting his answer as Lavender finally spoke up.

" Oh that's fine. You can just have someone join my table or vice versa. " He would say as the waitress just nodded before motioning for him to follow her. He was quickly lead through the crowded restaurant was seated by the window which had sun pouring in as she place a menu down on the table before speaking. " Take your time and look through the menu to see what you want. I'll be back shortly with the next guest and after they look the menu over, I'll take everyone's order, ok? " She would say before leaving as Lavender would pick up the menu and start reading through some of the listed items.

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Raysha Valentine
Raysha Valentine
Age : 0
Balance : [bel] 5,050,000
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[Episode] A unusual meet up Empty Re: [Episode] A unusual meet up

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Jun 06, 2024 1:55 pm
After Raysha exited the alley way she noticed some people looking nervously at her as well as them whispering. But she ignored them, she then went into a restaurant she saw. But as soon as she did the place went quite normally that would be fine for her but it was also a full restaurant and she didn’t want to eat in a crowded place. So immediately after entering and noticing it was full she turned around and went to find a far less crowded restaurant. Walking through town and entering and leaving bars and towns until she found just the right one.

She would enter the restaurant that seemed to be one quarter full at most  then plop herself down at a table and would say “bring me food right now!” She would then pound the table startling some of the staff.

She would then watch as most of them frantically went to the kitchen to prepare more food. While one or two would attempt to sneak out but stopped when Raysha through a stool in front of them. They would then immediately go back inside and wait in the kitchen.
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