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Wild Hunt Pirates Empty Wild Hunt Pirates

Mon Nov 15, 2021 3:03 am

Wild Hunt Pirates (NPC)

Name: Wild Hunt Pirates
Faction: Pirates (Yonkou)
Number of Members: ~24,000 (main crew); ~1,500,000 (allies and subordinate crew members worldwide)
Strength: 100

Jolly Roger: A frowning dragon's skull with aurochs horns growing out of its temples and dragon antlers growing from its crown. The skull has a long and fiery red moustache that matches Loha's. The Jolly Roger has a kanabo crossed against a hammer.

Motive: The Wild Hunt Pirates, under the leadership of Loha, want to conquer the world. Loha believes fiercely in the rule of "the strong devour the weak" and lives by its rules. On that same note, he respects those strong enough to resist him - even if they inevitably fall.

He has a tight grip over what is known as the "strongest army in the world" - the giants of Elbaf. He combined their strength with his crew to form the strongest pirate faction of his time. Loha himself is known as the world's strongest creature. It is said that his ancestor once held the same title. It is also rumoured that he is forming an army of artificial ability users to achieve his ambition of ruling the world.

Flagship: Naglfar (T6) - A massive black longship with red and orange flames painted on its hull. Its figurehead is a green serpentine dragon wrapped around the bowsprit.

"Behemoth" Aurochs Loha:

Wild Hunt Pirates ILUENll
First Name: Loha
Last Name: Aurochs
Epithet: Behemoth
Traits: Merciless, Emotional, Unrelenting
Species/Tribe: Giant-Oni Crossbred
Bounty: 4,850,000,000


Fighting Style: Ryu Ryu no Mi (Dragon-Dragon Fruit), Model: Shenron
Level: 100
Prestige: 10
Attack: 800
Defense: 800
Reflex: 655
Willpower: 600

"Elbaf's Inferno" Abaddon Chandey:

Wild Hunt Pirates Akr0ybo
First Name: Chandey
Last Name: Abaddon
Epithet: Elbaf's Inferno
Traits: Loyal, Authoritative, Decisive
Species/Tribe: Human-Giant Crossbred
Bounty: 2,000,012,024


Fighting Style: Ryu Ryu no Mi (Dragon-Dragon Fruit), Model: Smaug
Level: 100
Prestige: 5
Attack: 700
Defense: 700
Reflex: 655
Willpower: 550
"Great Ape" Hal Newman Tamba:

Wild Hunt Pirates SDqNM3a
First Name: Tamba
Middle Name: Newman
Last Name: Hal
Epithet: Great Ape
Traits: Impulsive, Nosy, Wise
Species/Tribe: Human
Bounty: 1,562,500,000


Fighting Style: Saru Saru no Mi (Monkey-Monkey Fruit), Model: Sun Wukong
Level: 100
Prestige: 2
Attack: 600
Defense: 550
Reflex: 735
Willpower: 550

Wild Hunt Pirates Placeholder
First Name:
Last Name:

Fighting Style:

"Rampaging" Sea Gird:

Wild Hunt Pirates AnxxIuK
First Name: Sea
Last Name: Gird
Epithet: Rampaging
Traits: Distant, Asocial, Thorough
Species/Tribe: Human-Giant-Oni Crossbred
Bounty: 821,000,000


Fighting Style: Ryu Ryu no Mi (Dragon-Dragon Fruit), Model: Styracosaurus
Level: 97
Attack: 600
Defense: 625
Reflex: 540
Willpower: 500
Eve War "Boneless":

Wild Hunt Pirates P0uL2K4
First Name: Eve
Last Name: War
Epithet: Boneless
Traits: Rational, Dignified, Calm
Species/Tribe: Longleg-Giant-Oni Crossbred
Bounty: 710,000,000


Fighting Style: Ryu Ryu no Mi (Dragon-Dragon Fruit), Model: Apatosaurus
Level: 95
Attack: 600
Defense: 575
Reflex: 550
Willpower: 500
"Oreo Punk" Wits Shirk:

Wild Hunt Pirates KO1o8wj
First Name: Wits
Last Name: Shirk
Epithet: Oreo Punk
Traits: Moralistic, Casual, Sentimental
Species/Tribe: Oni-Giant-Oni Crossbred
Bounty: 604,000,000


Fighting Style: Ryu Ryu no Mi (Dragon-Dragon Fruit), Model: Deinonychus
Level: 92
Attack: 585
Defense: 480
Reflex: 600
Willpower: 500
"Topside" Bee Urn:

Wild Hunt Pirates 7TZ74NG
First Name: Bee
Last Name: Urn
Epithet: Topside
Traits: Crafty, Erratic, Arrogant
Species/Tribe: Mermaid-Giant-Oni Crossbred
Bounty: 575,000,000


Fighting Style: Ryu Ryu no Mi (Dragon-Dragon Fruit), Model: Pterodactyl
Level: 90
Attack: 530
Defense: 470
Reflex: 675
Willpower: 450
Feral "The Lone Cat":

Wild Hunt Pirates MFZSLp1
Name: Feral
Epithet: The Lone Cat
Traits: Lazy, Dismissive, Dramatic
Species/Tribe: Human
Bounty: 470,000,000


Fighting Style: Neko Neko no Mi (Cat-Cat Fruit), Model: Eurasian Cave Lion
Level: 85
Attack: 565
Defense: 500
Reflex: 510
Willpower: 450
Rabid "The Solo Dog":

Wild Hunt Pirates KHTgvyv
Name: Rabid
Epithet: The Solo Dog
Traits: Brave, Loyal, Excitable
Species/Tribe: Human
Bounty: 469,000,000


Fighting Style: Inu Inu no Mi (Dog-Dog Fruit), Model: Thylacine
Level: 85
Attack: 500
Defense: 565
Reflex: 510
Willpower: 450

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