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Name : Noah Lacroix
Epithet : Red Falcon
Age : 18
Height : 1.88m
Weight : 86Kg
Species : Human
Faction : New Revolutionary Army
Crew : L'Aube du Monde
Crew Role : Captain
Devil Fruit : Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Falcon
Quality Score : B
Crew Pool : [bel=u] 15,000,000
Balance : [bel] 100,029,821
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[Episode] The Bloody Chamber Empty [Episode] The Bloody Chamber

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Mar 04, 2024 5:22 pm
Quest Details:

Noah was sitting at the counter of the bar he might label as his favourite one- the Stoneridge. Since he came of age, it was probably the establishment he visited the most. Though, at first glance, it could be hard to see why. Situated in some poorer parts of Bleue Fontaine, people here were bawdy, less formal, said what was on their minds, but most importantly just wanted to have a good time without following any protocol present at court or more fancy establishments.

To put it nicely, Stoneridge was run down. A gloomy atmosphere, its furniture had seen better days, and the distinct smell of spilt beer, sometimes mixed with other odours one does not wish to think about, lingered in the air whenever one dared to enter. Daring to enter was indeed needed, as many of the local citizens made sure to search for a better place to stay, whereas for others it was precisely the charm they needed. Unknowing tourists hardly found their way here, too. Its visitors preferred to be among themselves.

However, the queer, deviating from the atmosphere found in every other bar, vibe was precisely the charm its regular guests, like Noah, looked forwards to. Here, every customer was treated with respect as long as they showed a bare minimum of human decency, while nobody had to be somebody they were not just to fit in. Though it certainly helped how Stoneridge’s regulars decided to defy the norm to begin with.

Only a few women were brave enough to enter and those who did usually enjoyed their stay. Most of them had a peculiar taste in their partners which was hard to come by, whereas others simply enjoyed being left in peace. While the vast majority of Stoneridge’s clientele was male, stemming from different classes and standing, they all shared at least one aspect: their taste in partners. At Stoneridge, women could enjoy their drinks in peace, unless they were looking for one of their own, not having to deal with brash men trying to flirt with them. Here, visitors were more focused on flirting with their own than it would be possible in other places. As queer as Stoneridge was, so were its customers as well.

Here, seeing kissing men was no oddity. Before their amorous endeavour could escalate, though, they were usually thrown out by the barkeeper to find more private chambers. Since Noah came to peace with who he was, he enjoyed being here. There was no need to adjust here- Noah could flirt with other men without fearing repercussions. Other than the occasional rejection everybody else had to fear as well, of course.

Tonight, Stoneridge was well-frequented, with many visitors intermingling in smaller groups. The redhead was one of the few who was still solo, checking the other customers out, imagining what the night had yet to offer. After a while, Noah’s eyes locked on somebody he declared as his target for tonight, sitting at the other side of the counter, almost the definition of what a twink would be: with blond hair and blue eyes, an effeminate appearance with a slender build, and roughly the same age as Noah, but looking as if he knew what he wanted. When Noah was just about ready to leave his place, a man suddenly leaned on the counter next to the redhead, casually addressing him. ”Are you sure you’re looking for boys if you can have a real man instead?”

Without waiting for a response, he placed a drink he brought with him in front of Noah. ”If you would do me the honour of having a drink with you. Don’t they say, ‘old horses for young riders, young horses for old riders’?” For a moment he smirked, suggestively teasing Noah. ”Anyways, if they don’t, they totally should. I’m pretty sure whatever you had planned to do with that boy over there won’t be as fun as what I could do to you.” When Noah now looked into the stranger’s eyes, he felt as if he was peeled out of his clothes with eye contact alone. Unsure if what he had heard would be a threat or a flirt, Noah decided to believe it was the latter.

"Oh, what would you do to me if I let you?" Noah took the drink and sipped at it, unable to name what he was tasting, before he decided to tease the man a bit himself. "I don’t want to risk you getting a heart attack. I mean, aren’t old horses quickly exhausted?" With his lips still wet, Noah slowly licked over them without realizing it, taking a closer look at his vis-à-vis. He had thick blue, almost black, hair which was gelled backwards and striking facial features which were framed by a similarly blue and thick beard which almost reminded Noah of a mane. His eyes were almost black, managing to make somebody freeze if directly looked into. To boot he was big, probably a few inches taller than Noah, though his build looked slenderer than Noah’s, as far as the redhead could judge through all those clothes.

But most importantly, he was a good chunk older than Noah was- he guessed the man was in his late twenties, though the mane could easily be distracting. ”Oh, don’t you worry about me, little robin. Old horses precisely train with young riders because they want to stay in good shape.” Noah had to giggle, looking at his drink which was now almost empty. He felt surprisingly light, questioning how much he had drunk already. Or was simply all the flirting and teasing getting to his head? "Why don’t you show me what you can do, then? Lead the way."

Without waiting for another answer, Noah sealed the man’s lips with a kiss, while simultaneously grabbing hold of one of his partner’s hands, slowly leading him outside of Stoneridge. Before Noah left the establishment, though, he quickly placed some money on the counter to pay for his debts. "As charming as Robin could be, the name’s Noah Lacroix." The man, meanwhile, followed Noah at first, before quickly leading the way as soon as the night’s air grazed the couples’ faces. ”Levio. Levio Delgado.” After a short break which Levio took to inspect Noah once again, he ultimately continued. ”How unfortunate. Just when I remembered all those little robins I caught as a child I ran into you, reminding me of those. You know what, an old horse’s memory isn’t the best, so you’ll be my little robin.” With that, Noah doubted he would hear his actual name too much in the hours ahead. Not that there would be much time spent talking, anyways.

Noah followed Levio, who led Noah further and further away from town. The fresh air helped him to sober up a bit- emptying the cocktail might not have been the best idea. It took the duo not long and they seemed to travel near a forest, only passing one farmhouse. If Noah saw correctly, the farmer would raise pigs here, but that was rather hard to tell in the darkness- the moon was probably the biggest source of light right now. "Isn’t this usually the part in detective stories when the victim realizes that following the murderer might’ve been a bad idea?"

When the man turned around now, looking Noah in the eyes, the boy guessed that he saw how Levio slightly raised the corners of his mouth. ”Of course. For the victim, it would’ve been wise to turn tails long ago. But lucky for me, we’re not in a detective story, right? Otherwise, this could very well be the part where the perpetrator disposes of the corpse by feeding it to pigs, right?” Well, this would confirm Noah’s hunch. Just when the boy wished to respond, his lips were sealed again by a kiss, while Levio’s hands now moved downwards. ”Of course, I could’ve taught you how to ride in one of the many back alleys in town. But I usually enjoy some of the privacy my home has to offer. We don’t want to disturb some citizens with all the screaming now, don’t we?” Just the right words to assure somebody that everything would end well, right?

A few more minutes passed and they finally arrived at their destination. Levio’s home was remote- whatever would happen behind closed doors, nobody would witness it anytime soon. The minute that Noah set foot into the man’s house, Levio lunged at the boy. Before Noah had any chance to properly take in the interior, the predator was already all over his prey.
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