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[Episode] Marietta vs. Amadeus Empty [Episode] Marietta vs. Amadeus

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:33 pm

If there was one unspoken rule of Baterilla, it was a simple one: the families called the shots. Not the Navy. Not the pirates. The families ruled the roost, and to cross them was as good as signing your own death warrant. That's how they saw things, at least...

That's how she enforced them, too; she and others like her who carried out the families' collective will when others didn't or wouldn't play ball.

Just recently, a bounty hunter had come to Baterilla doing what he did best. That was hardly an issue, as pirates had a habit of causing trouble wherever they went, but it was what he'd done after that had warranted her attention. In the simple act of hunting Gregory the Flail, this bounty hunter had crossed the Morati family. Now, they wanted him to learn some respect, to know that if one does business on Baterilla, then one goes through the family to do it.

That's why she was here now.

That's why Marie walked into the hotel where Amadeus had been said to be staying on the island. Dressed in a dark blue suit jacket and slacks, one could still see her leather corset between the opened sides of the jacket, especially with a hand in each pants pocket. Her eyes glinted with ill intent as she stared own at the concierge behind his desk, and all she gave was a name, [plyr=misc]"Amadeus Rhodes."[/plyr]

[npc=misc]"U-Uhh, y-y-yes... R-Room Two thirty-six. S-S-Second floor. Stairs are r-right behind you, m-ma'am."[/npc] It'd taken him a second to find the name in the books, but he was pretty fast, all things considered. The kid was young, but not stupid. Someone had probably told him she'd be coming tonight, or else her reputation had simply preceded her.

It was probably the former.

With a thankful smirk, Marie turned and made her way up the stairs towards her target. The heels of her shoes struck the floor hard, echoing a little in the empty hallway with her weight. When she finally did reach the room, she reached her hand up to knock, but on second thought...

The door flung open noisily with a mighty kick just to the side of the lock. The woman had to stoop some to get in under the doorway, but stood to her full height once inside and replaced her hands into her pockets.

[plyr=misc]"Mr. Rhodes. We need to have a talk about your behavior."[/plyr] She grinned.

WC: 410/5000
Amadeus Rhodes
Amadeus Rhodes
Name : Amadeus Rhodes
Epithet : Deadman
Age : 24
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 224 lbs
Species : Cyborg
Faction : Bounty Hunter
Alliance : N/A
Crew : N/A
Ship : N/A
Marine Rank : N/A
Crew Role : N/A
Devil Fruit : N/A
Quality Score : A
Balance : [ber] 136,064,286
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[Episode] Marietta vs. Amadeus Empty Re: [Episode] Marietta vs. Amadeus

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Nov 28, 2021 1:48 pm
It had been a couple of days since Amadeus' battle with Grigory the Flail. The three of them, Amadeus, Eloise and Dr. Fizzeti, had relocated to a small hotel on the other side of town. A temporary arrangement while they got everything in order and figured out what to do going forward. That incident had no doubt put them on the Morati's shit list.

The time had given the doctor and his assistant ample time to work on properly repairing Amadeus. Getting new parts, replacing the worn ones. During such a time, it became noticeable that Eloise seemed to have a knack for cybernetics. She was actually able to make some improvements on him. They were even able to get some fresh clothes for him. By the end, Amadeus looked good as new, better even.

And then, came the discussion of what to do next. "The Morati aren't going to let this slide," Fizzeti explained as they sat at the table, "And they won't stop until they've gotten payback for it." Amadeus nodded. "So you're saying our best option is to leave Barterilla," he replied. "Indeed," Fizzeti answered, "But they won't make that easy either. They'll be expecting us to run and will be watching ever port." Amadeus sat back in his chair, thinking. "There may be a way for us. Though it's risky." "And that is?"

Suddenly the door burst open. All eyes snapped towards the rather tall, muscular woman stepping into their room. The way she carried herself showed a great deal of confidence in her abilities, or simply arrogance. One thing was for certain though, she was there for him, if her words were anything to go by.

"It will have to wait," Amadeus replied to Fizzeti before standing up to face the woman. "You know her?" Fizzeti shook his head, "She's clearly on the Morati's payroll. But I haven't seen her before. Maybe someone new?"

Amadeus walked forward until he was right in front of her. Despite the obvious size difference, the man didn't seem bothered. "If we're going to do this," he spoke, his voice betraying nothing, "then I suggest we take it outside. I doubt the owners would appreciate us trashing their building like this."

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