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[Episode] Unexpected Arrival Empty [Episode] Unexpected Arrival

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Dec 15, 2021 9:20 pm
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The date was February 15th, 1829. It was a calm morning on this day, except for the gloomy clouds that scattered across the beautiful, yet depressing sky above. Gently floating across the current was a tiny wooden boat carrying an even tinier figure. It was a teenage boy who patiently watched an island come into his peripheal vision. With his oversized bag slouching on his back and his chains swaying through the wind, the boy stood up and prepared to land on the island. This was a change of enviroment for him, so his body was filled with butterflies.

As the boat reached the outer area of the island, Daz jumped into the sky and landed into the arid thick sand. He stretched his arms into the humid air. "Finally I'm off that stupid boat," he thought, as he collected his surroundings. Infront of him was a large but highly dense jungle, and the beach was littered with trash. He couldn't believe he left his safe home for such a treacherous looking environment. Nonetheless, he slowly paced himself towards the jungle, releasing a disappointed sigh. "Keep the end goal in mind."

Entering into the jungle, the teenager found himself covered in goosebumps. It was dark and filled with random animal noises, but still quiet at the same time. The vegetation was still, and the thick leaves on the trees swayed softly through the air. The mysterious environment made him paranoid. He tightly held onto his bag straps, and loosely watched his surroundings, which would turn out to be a mistake. As he looked up at the trees above, searching for possible wildlife, he felt something crawling up his leg.

Looking down at his leg to identify the creature, it was a spider like one he's never seen before. The boy entered into a panicked state, and released a loud scream. Another blunder made by the teen.

Jumping into the sky before twirling his body, the boy smacked his shin on a mighty tree. The panicking force killed the spider, but rattled the leaves above, causing several large spiders to land on his head and in vicinity. His panicking state doubled which caused him to irrationally sprint deeper into the jungle, while attempting to brush the spiders off his person. He continued to scream very loudly.

After running several feet into the jungle, the boy finally tripped on a loose root and fell into a murky swamp. As he arose from the water, covered in dirt, the water only reached to his mid calf. As he inspected his body for spiders, he noticed they were no longer there. He lowered his upper body to put his hands on his knees, dirty water dripping from his dreads and face. He sighed in relief and caught his breath.

However, his ears caught onto the sound of the moving waters which attracted his attention. As he looked up, he was surrounded by several large alligators. It seemed the boy had stepped right into a breeding pit. With the knowledge he gained from reading and being unable to use his devil fruit, he knew he was in a grave situation. The ferocious alligators slowly made their way towards him, preparing to feast on his innocent flesh. "I can't catch a break," The weakened teen slurred.

At that moment, all the boy could do was accept his fate.

Name : Yumiko
Epithet : Kamaitachi
Age : 28
Height : 5'5'' / 165 cm
Weight : 128 lbs. / 58 kg
Species : Human
Faction : Civilian
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Quality Score : S
EXP Bonus : +0.20 (to all allies)
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[Episode] Unexpected Arrival Empty Re: [Episode] Unexpected Arrival

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Dec 16, 2021 2:21 pm
Beneath the gray curtain of clouds, a mountain of iron chugged along. Paddles splashed against water. Smoke billowed from twin chimneys. It cared neither for the passing winds nor the drifting currents, as it pulled towards a distant island with single-minded, mechanical determination.

Reminiscent of bees tending to their hive, figures in white uniforms swarmed the deck. Judging by the orders shouted, they were busy preparing for landfall. Overseeing their work stood three distinct silhouettes.

The tallest and most prominent one was an older gentleman. Aged like a fine wine, he had wrinkles that radiated wisdom and a mustache that left rapscallions envious. His white hair resembled, rather strongly, a teapot, with twisting locks mimicking the handle and the snout. The insignia on his impeccably ironed uniform marked him as the captain, both by role and rank.

Right by the captain’s side was a shorter, but no less distinguished fellow. Dressed to impress, he wore a black suit as smooth as his skin and thin mustache. Atop one hand, he balanced a tray with two cups and an actual teapot. Wisps of steam deliciously bitter steam drifted from the snout.

Finally the shortest of the three, the odd one out, was a dark-haired woman in an odd garb. Her outfit was in the style of a distant land, reminiscent of a green bath robe with a dark skirt on top. It had garnered raised brows among the crew. She carried no Marine symbols, only a sheathed blade at her hip.

In the distance, the shape of the island was growing clearer by the minute. It was enough to prompt a conversational comment from the Captain. “Ah, here we are. The island of...” He trailed off, before glancing at his aide. “Ambrister, does this one have a name?”

Said aide shook his head. “None in the records, sire.” His dull and dry tone betrayed no feelings one way or another. “It is quite common around these seas.” Many islands too small or otherwise uninhabitable tended to lack a name. Who would name them after all?

The captain took the explanation with a firm nod. “Very well then, as long as everything is in order.” He waved idly at their destination. “Carry on, nameless island.”

With the highly important matter of the island’s name addressed, the Captain turned to the quiet woman. “Yuhmeeko, was it?” His question stirred the woman from her silent trance.

“Yumiko, sir.”

Without missing a beat, the gentleman dismissed the correction. “Right. Yuhmeeko, I will be brief.” His hand cut across the air like a knife, aiming a swift point at the island. “Your mission is to capture a pirate on that island. Any questions?” Brief indeed.

Fortunately, Yumiko had never been one to ask too many questions. She merely bowed her head. “No, sir.” Knowing her duty was enough.

Naturally, the samurai had received an actual briefing before undertaking this assignment. The Headquarters had called for a tracker to chase down a target hiding on the island. She had plenty of experience on hunting, whether it be man or beast. Thus she had eagerly taken this little detour, before returning to her crew.

Feeling the call of the hunt, Yumiko stepped closer to the railing. “This one shall scout ahead.” Whirling winds flared around her, yanking her high into the sky. She spread her large sleeves and flew into the distance like a human-sized kite.

Despite the sudden departure, the unflappable man didn’t even blink. “Very well then. Good show.” His aide took the opportunity to lean closer for a quiet question. “Do you believe she’ll survive, sire?”

The doubt was enough to get something resembling mild shock out of the captain, as he glanced at his assistant. “Ambrister, please. Have some faith in the lass.” He turned his eyes back to the flying speck vanishing into the distance. “Now then. Prepare a team to fetch her corpse. No soldier left behind and all that.”

“Yes, sire.”

After a brief flight, the living kite swooped down. The whirling winds dissipated. She twisted around deftly, landing among rotting remains of wrecked ships. Bleached bones decorated the grim beach. Closing her eyes, she tentatively sniffed the air. It was thick with death and decay. No living prey here...

Yumiko’s cold gaze focused on the murky jungle. Growls and shrieks of unknown beasts scratched at the edge of her hearing. Her hand was drawn to the grip of her blade. It was time to hunt.

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