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questoin Empty questoin

This post has assessment comments.Mon Mar 07, 2022 12:07 am
if in the start me up i get something that lets me start with devil fruit do i have to consume the devil fruit or can I start with it in my possession?

questoin Empty Re: questoin

This post has assessment comments.Mon Mar 07, 2022 8:30 am
You can keep it for later, or even trade it to another player character. Also you should join our Discord. We have a help desk channel on Discord where we usually recommend players ask questions.
The Conqueror / Black Fist

Name : Gray Starks
Epithet : The Conqueror / Black Fist
Age : 49
Height : 10'2" (310 cm)
Weight : 1043 lbs (473 kg)
Species : Human Cyborg
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Lurking Legend (Former Yonkou)
Crew : Black Fist Pirates (Destroyed)
Ship : Sangria's Vane (Destroyed)
Crew Role : Captain (Former)
Devil Fruit : Pressure-Pressure Fruit
Haki Level : 10
Hitpoints (HP) : 750
Attack (ATK) : 800
Defense (DEF) : 600
Reflex (RX) : 715
Willpower (WP) : 650
Level : 100
Prestige : 8
Experience Points : 18000
Bounty : [ber] 5,000,000,000
EXP Bonus : +0.20 (to all allies)
Income Bonus : +0.20
Shop Discount : -30%
Berries : [ber] 25,000,000,000
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questoin Empty Re: questoin

This post has assessment comments.Mon Mar 07, 2022 11:21 am
Hello there,

Welcome to Revival Dawn!

Like Lu Shang already mentioned, you can indeed save your devil fruit for later consumption (or trade) if you wish. You can also trade down to a different Starting Bonus if you'd prefer.

Also, as Lu Shang mentioned, I highly recommend you join the Discord server. It is a lot easier to interact with your fellow players there. You can let me know what you decide to do with your roll there!
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