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[Episode] The Great Hunt of Momogakure Empty [Episode] The Great Hunt of Momogakure

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Apr 13, 2022 4:03 pm

The day was just starting as the sun made its way up, leaving beautiful streaks of citrus yellow dancing in the morning sky. "So beautiful" Said a green haired boy who peered at the sun through a ships window as he carried a crate. The boy was a marine Ensign named Percival, a wannabe doctor who, unlike others of his rank loved to spend most of his time in the doctors office helping with whatever he can. He mainly spent his time helping as he too wanted to be a doctor one day but couldn't deny it was also keep him from facing some of the discrimination he gets from others on the ship.


The sound of the den den mushi startled Percival enough for him to nearly lose his grip on the crate and drop it on his foot. "That was a close one" Percival chuckled as he made his way over to the blue shelled transponder snail. "Mr.Gray's office, Percival speaking" Percival said as the rough but all to familiar voice on the other side began to reply. "It's Captain Hathcock, I need you in my office right now Percival" he said in a tone that made Percival feel as if he should expect punishment. "Yes sir!" The purple eyes boy said as they both hung up and he quickly took off his lab coat, hanging it up as he took off to the captains office.

He couldn't lie, he was a bit nervous. Exactly why did Captain Hathcock want him? The last time he had seen the mountain of a man captain was when he was first transferred but only in passing ever since. He just hoped he wasn't in trouble but he wouldn't know till he talked to the big man himself. As Percival found himself outside the captains office he breathed deeply and exhaled before knocking on the door. "Come in" The brown haired man would say to Percival who made his way into the office. "You needed me sir?" He said as he attempted to keep his nervousness from showing, "Yes, now sit down" The captain said gesturing him to the slightly worn leather seat on the other side of his desk.

Captain Hathcock 's brown eyes pierced into Percival before he began to speak. "I know you've only been here for a little while but i have something for you to do" The captain looked to his left and opened a drawer, taking out a manila colored file and slid it Percival's way. "There is a pirate on terrorizing a small island named Momogakure and you've been picked to stop him" He said with a serious tone as Percival's face nearly dropped as he read the contents of the file. He had never been on a mission before and his first one was to capture a pirate?  why was he picked to do this out of others on the ship? whatever the reason maybe it could be a good time to prove himself as a marine. "Yes Sir, when do i begin?" Percival asked, "We shall be docking on Momogakure in the next few hours, go get ready and ill call you when we get there."

Percival sat up and saluted Hathcock before exiting his office. "I should probably polish Agni and read up on the pirate some more" Percival said to himself as he walked back towards his room, the file clenched tightly in his left hand


[Episode] The Great Hunt of Momogakure Empty Re: [Episode] The Great Hunt of Momogakure

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Jun 08, 2022 1:09 am
Ah, Momogakure. The peach village, Denver was curious about the name every time he heard about the bounty that was on this island. Denver looked at the wanted poster, Fred Lowe. There wasn't much on the pirate besides a picture, it made him feel uneasy about what he was walking into. The truth of the matter was, he didn't have much of a plan, if he ran into the pirate it would be a great fight. Having stowed away on a ship, he now had to figure out how to get back off the island. This was the main downside of following the money instead of planning out his actions. As the ship began to come to a halt at Momogakure, Denver sighed as he came to realize the truth of his actions, coming without a ship to escape made it near impossible to claim the bounty on this pirate's head. Especially with the bounty specifically saying to bring him back alive.

Making his way off the ship, he finds a group of pirates waiting on the docks. Having been in his own head, he didn't think to check what the ship was brought to the island. Mistake number one. As he steps into their view, he catches in his peripheral vision lots of weaponry that was moved to the island. A lot of pistols and katanas. "Jeez...What do y'all plan on doing with that?" He mistakenly asked aloud, thinking he was talking to himself. Mistake number two. With that slip of the tongue, he recognized the looks in their eyes as they viewed him as someone who caught them doing something illegal. Unfortunately, not the first time having received that look he felt he needed to get out of the way. Trying to wave them off and turn to walk away, he found his nose in the lower stomach of a much taller man. Looking up, a giant of a man about nine feet tall stood beside him. Within seconds his world was black as he was knocked unconscious. It was a cheap shot, or so Denver would tell anyone who asked.



Water splattered all over Denver's face as he was rudely awakened while in a cell. What happened? Denver shook his head as he tried to figure out what was going on. Raising his head, he tried to wipe his eyes to get the water out of them to get a better look at the person who threw water at him. Unfortunately, his arms were locked away from each other. As his wingspan was laid out with cuffs keeping him against the wall, very inconvenient to him considering his devil fruit. Had they placed it on his ankle, he could have just clapped his way to freedom. Lucky bastards.

The man in front of him was a scrawny man in a kimono. Denver cocked his head to the side, confused by the choice of clothing. It was rare for him to see a kimono, let alone on a random island in the South Blue. "Ah. Finally, you're awake. Well, who do we have here?"

Denver smirked, "Just someone who is chasing some cash. What's with the clothes? Going to a funeral?" His cockiness never had an off button, even when in this pirate's version of jail.

"Rude. No need to be when I'm the one holding the key." The man flashed the key out of his pocket, before handing it over to one of the guards within the area. "I wanted to know why you came here, you don't seem like Navy. And if you're a pirate you are a stupid one to not come with a crew. Are you going to tell me you are a bounty hunter? If so, God you are a horrible one."

"Ouch. That hurt." Denver responded, coldly.

"Going to give me a name?" The man persisted.

Denver shook his head, there was no reason to give his name yet. If the person opened the door and took off the cuff from one of his hands, he was going to get out of here.


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[Episode] The Great Hunt of Momogakure Empty Re: [Episode] The Great Hunt of Momogakure

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Jun 14, 2022 12:58 pm
It had been awhile since the navy ship had docked onto the island of Momogakure and after finishing a breifing with with the captain Percival had found himself setting off to complete the mission given to him. As the information on where Lowe was hiding on the Island was unknown, he was told to go to the nearest town not too far off the docks as it was one of the last places he and his crew were seen. Sweat spots formed on his headband but he wasn't sure If it was from the heat of the sun or his nerves getting worse as he worried if he was even the right pick for this. After all people already didn't like him for being an Oni but he didn't want to give them any more reason to dislike him.

As he continued his walk towards the town his thoughts soon turned to the millions of peach blossoms that lay around and he understood why the place was known as Momogakure, the peach trees seemed endless. They shone a beautiful pink shade as the light hit them and he felt it wouldn't do much harm if he took a second to look at a few of the trees. As he walked off his path towards the never-ending sea of trees he paused as he noticed something strange. As he got closer to the trees he eventually came to notice a path hidden behind them to somewhere that wasn't headed towards the town.

Looking at the hidden path the marine took a minute to make a decision to follow it or not before moving his way behind the trees to the path. He had no clue if he was making the right choice by going off his suggested route but he hoped something would come of it.

Percival walked for what felt like forever before entering a small clearing that had what seemed to be an abandoned building in the middle. "What's this?" He asked himself as he stared at the building but was interuppted with the shout of someone else. "HEY WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" the rough voice belong too a man who he did not notice at the time and he must be grading the place for some reason. "I'm from the navy whoever you are you better stop right now!" Percival said as he made his stepped further into clearing from the path and grabbed agni from his back. "A horned navy man huh?, now I really have to kill you!" Said the bald man as he grabbed his sword from his hip  as he approached Percival and swung. Since this man had no idea what Percival could do as his blade touched the marines body it passed through with no harm but left the blade a scorching red color. "W-what the? Are you a monster?!?" The man yelled before being hit square in the face with a kanabo sending him backwards.

Percival had to end the fight quickly as he knew that the commotion would cause whoever else was in the area to be alerted to his presence. In hopes that he could find a hiding spot in the building he ran to the front door and opened it running in as fast as he could. Upon entering he noticed two men standing by a cell with a man chained, maybe this is what the other guy was protecting. Percival held agni in front of him as he prepared to have to fight "Whoever you are, release that man right now and tell me what you are doing here."

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