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Dran Z. Vesper {WIP} Empty Dran Z. Vesper {WIP}

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Apr 29, 2022 12:18 am

Dran Z. Vesper

Dran Z. Vesper {WIP} 7ee170970db63e4729e98418603c8c0b

Basic Character Information

First Name: Dran
Middle Name/Initial: Z.
Last Name: Vesper
Epithet: Dirty Dran
Birthdate: 04/20/1809
Gender: Male
Species/Race/Tribe: Human
Faction: Pirate?
Profession: Professional Lookout (After years of being in the worst areas of Spider Miles and assisting the Pirates with raids Dran became accustom to seeing trouble coming from afar. Being small he wasn't one who'd be able to fight many foes, however perhaps his other allies could.)

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'1
Weight: 200

Hair Style:  Near neck length & Unkept
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Crimson(Left), Purple(Right)
Scars: Burn scars on the sole of his feet
Clothing and Accessories:
Dran typically dresses in a rather odd variety of clothes. His main clothes consists of a black and gold cape draping over a purple and gold tuxedo like top that matches his dress pants. It's very common for Dran to leave his top unbuttoned displaying his undershirt. Under that layer is another shirt with a much lighter shade of purple on it. The clothes although fashionable are visually tattered and torn in numerous areas. The worst being Dran's shredded cloak some spots even coated in dried blood and food. The clothes themselves look as though they need to be thoroughly wash around a hundred times before a creature should be wearing them.

Dran when on land or boarding enemy ships he will always wear a black mask covering up nearly half of his face. The reason being if he was involved in a violent dispute he'd prefer to avoid getting blood or other liquids in his mouth. Although at all times the mask is always around Dran's neck hidden under
Dran has a well toned body and tall figure, however he might not be the tallest amongst humans he was definitely relatively tall in general. He prefers his current figure to that of a more bulky figure, after all he was more likely to avoid blows and slashes with a thinner figure. Dran's body is almost entirely covered by his attire and accessories henceforth most people don't get to see that area of him.

The Past

Main Traits:
-Deft to smells
-Anosmia (Loss of Smell)
-Hard headed
-Rustic Ships
-Bandits (With some exceptions)
-Being Robbed/mugged
-Killing Others
Unique laugh:
Out of Combat:
When laughing out of combat Dran typically lets out a wisp of air before breaking into a loud almost obnoxious laugh that could be heard around an entire room. His teeth are always parting which typically means he's in a good mood.

In Combat:
In combat if Dran were to laugh it'd be a lot less joyful. More or less the sound of the laugh is more psychotics than anything else. His teeth only part around an inch to allow air to escape in the sound of a raspy and bone chilling chuckle.

Hometown: Spider Miles

Out Of Combat:
When Dran isn't in combat the pirate is a very bright person. He having already been down pretty low isn't one to think he's at his worst point in life even if he's penniless or shipless. He typically goes throughout the day trying to find things to do or potentially people to plunder. Fighting isn't the first thing in this pirates mind. Instead he is a firm believer in berries talk and poor people walk/swim. Dran doesn't mind other peoples company, however he isn't one to give an arm and a leg for someone to speak with him. He isn't one to make friends easily, instead anyone useful is more or less a tool unless they prove they aren't going to turn on the Dirty pirate. If Dran was to approve of someone and potentially think of them as a friend he'd fight through thick and thin to assure they achieve whatever their heart desires.

In Combat:
In combat Dran is always level headed and perceptive. He typically doesn't start fighting immediately instead giving his opponents an option: Drop you loot or lose your life. Although most pirates would rather fight to the death Dran feels it's only fair to give them the option. If they refuse Dran will let out a rather cold laugh before attempting to fight his opponents. Whilst in combat Dran is always watching his allies and or mercenaries to assure himself that they aren't in danger. If the battle proves too difficult Dran has no issue retreating until another day. After all he is more or less in the pirating business for money not to lose his life.

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