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"Happy birthdayyyy!" Cloud came in smacking his swords together in order to wake up the dead asleep teenager. With no energy, Denver sat up and flipped the bird to the obnoxious adult that was in his room trying to get him excited for his birthday. He was turning 15, but it seemed like the day was a lot more important for Cloud than for Denver. "Can you come back in like...four more hours? I'm tired Cloud..." Denver forced it out of his mouth, though it sounded like he grunted through the whole sentence. Cloud chuckled as he exited the room, letting Denver fall back into sleep for another few hours.

After what felt like ten minutes, though it was really three hours, Denver woke up to the smell of a delicious omelette. Rolling out of bed, he quickly got dressed into a nice pair of slacks and a button-up salmon shirt. Denver made it to the kitchen where Cloud had finished an omelette and had it placed next to an odd-looking fruit. "Goooood morning sleepy head! or should I say, birthday boy?!" Cloud said running around the kitchen to come to grapple Denver into a headlock before ruffling up his hair and making it spikier than normal. Denver quickly (and unsuccessfully) tried to shove him off. Cloud laughed it off as he let go of Denver and walked back around the table and took off the apron he wore. It was a strange sight to see Denver's teacher in such a happy mood, was it really just because of Denver's birthday?

"So, Denver. I told you I had a surprise for you for your birthday." Cloud pointed to the fruit on the table. "That is a devil fruit," He then pulled out a ripped-out page from a devil fruit encyclopedia. The fruit itself was the shape of a banana, though the white and blue color with the tip that looked like it was from a strawberry made him very confused. He had heard rumors of these fruits but never had seen one up close. "I told you I had a very special gift for you, but you have to help me if I give this to you. Think you can make this deal with me? You trust me right?"

Denver sat in silence as Cloud continued to talk, he read through the paper that sat in front of him. This fruit could give him the ability to switch locations with other people or inanimate objects? It felt like Cloud was leading him to some crazy plan, though they had talked about it before his birthday. Denver ran the idea through his head again before responding, "So, you need me to go to the birthday dinner that Silver Tooth is holding for me. Talk him into following me, and then we are going to try to take him out together. That is why you want me to take his fruit right? So I can switch locations with you and you can try to fight him?"

Cloud nodded, his long black hair coming loose in its ponytail. "Denver, I wouldn't ask you this if I didn't think you could handle it. We both want to get rid of Silver Tooth, you know I won't let anything happen to you. You can trust me. Plus, this isn't the only present I have for you," Cloud said with a wink before pulling a long box out from behind some of the furniture in his house. He handed the box which was weirdly heavy to Denver. Denver quickly ripped the box open to find a sword, Cloud's old sword Shisui.

"Are...are you sure?" Denver asked excitedly, it was his first sword. There was no doubt in his mind, that he needed to do this with Cloud. They were going to go stop Silver Tooth. "Deal, Let's do this Cloud!" He placed the sword on the table. Before Cloud could react and talk more about when Denver should eat the Devil Fruit, Denver took a bite of it. With the look of the fruit, Denver had expected that it would taste good, but as soon as he bit into it he regretted it. The flavor was completely different compared to how it looked. There was no fruity taste, in fact, it was bitter like he had bit into a pile of salt. He continued to eat it, being superstitious that he needed to finish the entire fruit before he got the abilities of the fruit.


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