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[Episode] Apprehension of Disbelief Empty [Episode] Apprehension of Disbelief

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Jul 13, 2022 7:56 am
Quest Information:

If Draconia had been the big bad wolf, no house would impede her advance. For she huffed and she puffed as her cheeks flushed red, completely unable to keep her emotions in check. The Princess of Pain had arrived at Carbuncle Island, her eyes full of fury and rage. All for a good reason assuredly, one to be revealed in due time.

The criminal in which she pursued and his crew of miscreants, The Whiteriver Pirates, were last seen in this location. Not that it was such a surprise. It was one of the few islands in the South Blue where one could quickly recuperate after a battle.

It was known for its shipwrights.

Draconia herself needed no such repairs, but the number she had done on the enemy vessel naught but a few hours ago forced them to dock here. But she was no fool. She had only brought one Marine cruiser.

And that shipl didn’t carry enough people to even warrant her to be here. Not that she thought her presence here needed to be warranted by any stretch of the imagination. She did as she wanted when she wanted, which ultimately would lead to her downfall eventually.

If she didn’t ship up.

After a short while at sea her cruiser lazily rolled up to Blister Port, which was one of two ports located on this smaller than normal island. The secondary port being Pus Port, but the pirate presence on that side of the island was always far thicker than even she wanted to deal with. The numbers game was not in her favor and even if they could not defeat her, they could distract and slow her down enough for her quarry to escape.

She couldn’t allow that.

As her crew started the process of tying down the ship and making their way into the city Draconia pushed off the wooden figurehead of the ship with all of her might, sending her careening through the air until she ultimately landed on the port dock. The wood splintered and creaked underneath her massive weight. She towered over most people here.

Clearly the strained wood underneath her large body was intimidating enough, coupled with her impressive stature, but just in case it wasn’t she bellowed loudly. Producing a sound that was rather violent with her own lungs.

“Oi ya’ ‘unty bishes! G’cha arses up’n ‘ell me w’re da’ fook da poosi-bois ‘ang or ill ded ye n’ won’ even ‘ell ya mawm, k? Get da’ info pronto!” (Citizens, please tell me how to get to Pus Port from here. Refusal to aid in my investigation shall force my hand, and I shall have to destroy this entire town!) She was neither shy nor coy in her approach.

But her attention immediately settled on a figure that she vaguely recognized, even if she had no personal dealings with them.

Captain Okirama.

Approaching the man with her thuggish, brute-like style of walking. She plopped her hands on her hips and tilted her head to the side. “Ah! Cap’n O-ki-do-ki, u bein’ a poosi-bo? Ye ‘iding er somtin? Wai’, I ‘un car. G’off’n yer arse n’ ‘elp me ‘atch dez cry’n babes talk’n ‘bout, ooo nooes da’ dommy mum hit me wif da fir oh no mi cry’n cause pussi-boi, mi no can ‘andle reel wom. (Are you currently undercover? If you’d be so kind as to help me out here, I’m looking for some escaped criminals that need to be brought to justice.)

{ 514 | 514 | 5000 }

Stone Okirama
Stone Okirama
Name : Stone Okirama
Epithet : Kodiak
Age : 19
Height : 10'8" | 328 cm
Weight : 1458 lbs | 661 kg
Species : Human-Giant Hybrid
Faction : Marines
Crew : The Hunting Party
Ship : The Open Season
Marine Rank : Captain
Crew Role : Captain
Devil Fruit : Kuma Kuma no Mi, Model: Kodiak Bear
Quality Score : A
Balance : [ber] 105,550,000
Posts : 55

[Episode] Apprehension of Disbelief Empty Re: [Episode] Apprehension of Disbelief

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Jul 16, 2022 7:53 pm
Alone on the docks sat Marine Captain Stone Okirama, he was dressed plainly and wore nothing that would lead someone to believe that he was a government official. The reason for Stone’s manner of dress was simple.

The young captain was on the hunt.

High off the success from his sudden promotion and victory just a few weeks ago, Stone was permitted to run his own ship and set off on his own, free from the clutches of Captain Crepe. Over his short solo career, Stone has built up quite the reputation for himself among his peers as a rookie crusher. Every time an upstart pirate reared their head in Captain Okirama’s part of the South Blue they were quickly confronted and arrested. Though Stone is not without his detractors, facing criticism from his more seasoned colleagues for only hunting small-fry.

Like Stone cared what they thought of him, a pirate is still a pirate, no matter how big their bounty is.

The Hunting Party’s most recent target however was no normal pirate. The criminal and shipwright Eddy T was last seen on Carbuncle Island following a deadly naval battle against the Hunting Party. Not one to give up halfway through a job, Stone made the executive decision to keep applying pressure on the pirate and capture him once and for all. With a staggering bounty of 3 million berries, Eddy T had the highest price on his head out of the small handful of criminals that Stone had brought to justice prior.

Upon making landfall on Carbuncle Island, Stone sent about a fourth of his men to scout the few small towns on the island. The Captain himself was seated on the docks, awaiting the intel that his loyal subordinates would deliver to him.

The bear-man’s ears perked up when he heard a large thud somewhere on one of the other docks. Being far away, Stone had a hard time figuring out who exactly this character was, Though their manner of speech immediately left the impression that they most likely aren’t from the South Blue, like himself.

Once the mysterious woman approached, however, Stone immediately knew who it was. From what his friends and seniors alike have told him, Commodore Sanguis is known to be eccentric at best and erratic at her worst when it comes to bringing people to justice.

For the inexperienced captain, unknown variables like Miss Sanguis could be the difference between success and failure. And Stone had no plans of failing, at least not when he was so close to losing his win streak.

Listening to his superior’s request orders, Stone decided to lend a hand to the Commodore. Who knows? The Captain might be able to knock out two birds with one stone. “Commodore Sanguis. I was not aware you would be in the area. I’m searching for an escaped criminal myself. If the guys you’re chasin’ ended up having to hide out here I have an idea of where they might be hiding away.”

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