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[Fighting Style] Fun Fun no Mi (Propel Propel Fruit) Empty [Fighting Style] Fun Fun no Mi (Propel Propel Fruit)

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Sep 17, 2022 6:19 pm

Fun Fun no Mi

Devil Fruit: Propel Propel Fruit
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Appearance: Light blue grapes with swirls and a "T" shaped stem.
Devil Fruit Description: The major strength of the fruit is that it grants the user the ability to expel air from open holes on the body. The pressurized air trapped inside the body can be released  via outlet(s) to empower attacks. By applying this to the legs, it grants the user amazing jumping power, which can be used to launch himself at incredible speeds in order to deliver attacks enhanced by a high magnitude of momentum due to pressure difference. By applying this ability to other portions of the body, such as arms, it can release strong long-range attack.

One of the main weaknesses of this fruit lies within self-propulsion by releasing pressurized air, the user can only be propelled in a straight in a straight direction, making it easy for the opponents to predict the trajectory and counterattack.

Fighting Style: Swift Jet Style
Weapon Utilization: No
Description: As a practitioner of the legendary No Sword Style fencing school, he does not use a literal sword when fighting. Instead of a sword, he uses his hands and legs as weapons, turning his body into a "sword". It is emphazied in strong, powerful punches like its base Karate and sturdy, linear kicks like its base Taekwondo. Both of which are enhanced by the devil fruit's propel ability.

Toggled and Passive Abilities: Overhaul - a technique that allows the user to move so fast it creates the illusion of teleportation. 20% Reflexes


Light Techniques:

Medium Techniques:

Heavy Techniques:

AoE Techniques:

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