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[Bio] Kortanna and The Vulkan(WIP) Empty [Bio] Kortanna and The Vulkan(WIP)

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Feb 04, 2023 4:22 am

Kortanna and The Vulkan

[Bio] Kortanna and The Vulkan(WIP) Sample_9e2a38af6117798586196d59476a1ce514474d77

   Basic Character Information

   First Name: Kortanna and the Vulkan
   Middle Name/Initial: -
   Last Name: -
   Epithet: Deaths Puppet
   Birthdate: October 31st 1789
   Gender: Female
   Species/Race/Tribe: Mink
   Faction: Pirate
Archer- Death flies swift on the wind, or savagely in the jaws of iron and felt. Her primary way of bringing those to their inevitable end through the air with a whistle. She has plenty of practice, both on boards in the woods, animals in the woods, or the souls she needs to shepherd. Her aim is true, always and forevermore.

Navigation- Whether by map, the stars and a compass, or through tracks and broken branches, her target cannot escape her or the jaws of The Vulkan. Footprints in wet mud on a stormy night, broken branches running through the woods, knowing that they hole up in a settlement in the north side of the island.

Sewing: Between huts, sometimes The Vulkan gets injured, so Kortanna has to heal her friend. It started out rough, some rough jobs can still be seen through an inspection that she will always say are his battle scars.
Ventriloquism: While she cannot speak without moving her mouth, it is always covered with a mask, so all she needs to do for The Vulkan to speak is to throw her voice, which she is able to do easily enough, though she will never admit to it.

   Physical Appearance

   Height: 5 foot 8
   Weight: 150lbs

   Hair Style: Her hair and fur are all connected, strikingly clean and kept, though long and fall across the sides of her bask, with thick bangs that are held up by her mask.
   Hair Color: White as snow
   Eye Color: A bright and icy blue
   Scars/Tattoo's: Kortanna has a set of Tattoo's on her ears and a few across her body, but The Vulkan does
   Clothing and Accessories: A simple set of masks- a black one to contrast her fur, and white one to contrast the black felt of The Vulkan. She also dawns a white one-piece outfit, reminiscent of a bathing suit, died white and mixed with white sheep furs-designed to be minimalist so she can keep some modesty, while also allowing her flexibility and add as few identifying features as possible(though it does not work very well). They share the swirl-like pattern that she has on her legs and ears.


'Mother, can you tell me about them? The monsters in the woods?'

'Of course. Once, a long time ago, before you or I, consisted a pair of Hunters. A lamb, white as snow, standing like you or I, and along side her- a Wolf, spectral and vicious in equal measure.'

Kortanna proper is, while not short, looks so at first glance. She keeps her back hunched, and legs bent at the knee regularly, though she has a second joint at her shin. Her ears are long and floppy, tattoo'd with blue ink in the shape of simple swirls, that reflect in the moonlight. Her Tattoo's are also extended to her inner thigh, though not with blue ink. If looked at closer, they seem to be more scars than tattoo's. Her hands are noticeably larger than her defined forearms, her fingers calloused from the repeated use of her bow.

Her arms, similarly, are calloused as well though in specific area's. These area's always have string attached to them, though only one arm at a time, and always connected to The Vulkan. Her mask is a simple wooden mask, charred black by searing it with flame, and sealed with stolen resin. The mask has a white swirl on the forehead, the hooked part of it facing upwards. Many speculate that it represents those killed with Kortanna's arrow will go to heaven, though she has never commented on it.

The Vulkan is made with various black fabrics. Shirts, pants, blankets, and various other fabrics taken from those chosen to pass by the arrow of Kortanna make up The Vulkan. Charred beyond recognition, and burned at the ends to simulate whisps, akin to the billowing smoke of flame that follows you as you make an escape. His maw is made with a metal frame, plundered from a sunken ship with no survivors, shaped into the head of the beast.

The Vulkans teeth were once sword blades, stolen from those who attempted to cheat death by destroying it. The tips smashed off, wedged into the frame and cloaked in the clothe, to make deaths companion more lethal. Within The Vulkan itself, lay several strings, wrapped into and along the jaw, both at the base and in the joins, connecting throughout the body, and connecting to Kortanna's arms. As well, within The Vulkan is several fishing lines to help distance manipulate the puppet with precise Electro control.

   The Past

   Main Traits:
Kortanna: Calm, playful, mournful, and tranquil. Steady in her actions, though clearly not all there.
The Vulkan: Wrathful, playful, yearning, loud, and passionate. Wishing for something more beyond their silken existence.  
   Likes:  The Vulkan, and allowing for a swift release. The Vulkan enjoys Kortanna, and the chase.
   Dislikes: Those who cheat their release, or lead their flock astray. Those who control the dead, or parts of the living that should not be touched.
   Unique laugh: "hm-hm-hm-hm"(Kortanna) "RAUGH-HAGH-HAGH-HAGH!"

   Hometown: Born on Zou, though has lived 75% of her life on an isolated island in the East Blue

'But why would they take us? What did we do to it?'

'Oh, sweet child of mine, they do not take us for fun. They do not take us for fun, they take no enjoyment in the lives they take. It is to us as to lead our lambs to safety. They lead our souls beyond.'

What she believes:

Kortanna is a quiet, serene shepherd of souls- who's time has come in the world. She believes to be the true manifestation of death in its purist form. Either those who accept death, with a swift taking of the arrow, or those who run, being hunted by The Vulkan. There is nothing more to them.

In Reality:

Kortanna is borderline insane. While she knows The Vulkan isn't truly alive, she continues to act like it is. She will have conversations with the puppet, replying to herself through her Vulkan persona, as to stave off decades of loneliness. She wants nothing more, deep down, than to have friends that don't require her to actively input their emotions.

Kortanna is actively curious about new things added to her surroundings. She will poke, prod, and try to figure out how something works. The same works for people who haven't hit her arbitrary threshold to "shepherd" their souls. If she doesn't have a target, she is very easy to distract. Trinkets, games, and the like will usually get her to stay put.

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