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[Bio] "Fluttering" Ainsley [WIP] Empty [Bio] "Fluttering" Ainsley [WIP]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Mar 21, 2023 12:14 pm


[Bio] "Fluttering" Ainsley [WIP] VzNa07m

Basic Character Information

First Name: Ainsley
Middle Name/Initial: N/A
Last Name: N/A
Epithet: Fluttering
Birthdate: 1810
Gender: Male
Species/Race/Tribe: Human
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Ainsley is an artist and one with a great deal of pride in his craft. He has a specific gift in the creation of situations, largely ending with people handing him any sum of berries as an artist must rightfully charge for attendance to join his audience. Now, before one can leap to conclusions, one must remember Ainsley is an artist first and a performer second. His audiences are willing spectators to his designs (to begin with, anyway...and on rare occasions, to end with too!) and much like any successful artist with a generous (not to mention, necessary) sprinkle of business acumen, Ainsley must levy accordingly.

Physical Appearance

Height: 192 cm / 6’2”
Weight: 90 kg / 198 lbs

Hair Style: Tousled curls
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Scars: None noticeable
Clothing and Accessories: Ainsley favours muted colours, though he isn’t without a certain sense of unassuming grace. His fashion is intended to blend in a crowd, but charm upon personable interaction. The beige coat, fitted vest and loose tie has an almost chemical purposefulness. Subtle enough to lose unwanted attention, but coordinated accessories on closer inspection can flip to draw attention depending on his designs on the often unsuspecting perspective. A tip of a bowler hat over deep eyes one suddenly realises are more gold than brown, an adjustment of cufflinks to indicate class, an artfully planned grin to catch the glint of a solid gold molar…these are the characteristics his audiences often remember of him, but draw attention away from his plain face.

Description: Take away the garbs, the jewels and the charming persona, what is left of Ainsley is startlingly simple. However, it’s this exact simplicity that lends him the flexibility to be anyone he wishes. With a lanky and long build to his limbs, he can pass for a common guard; with a waist proportionally on the slightly slimmer side, he can pass for a woman; with the generic colouring of tanned skin and dark hair, he can pass for a merchant; and with sharp facial features, he can play the noble. And thus, you have yourself the bastard son you thought you’d rid yourself of, here to claim the inheritance he thinks himself owed and unsettle the idyllic household. Happy nobling!

The Past

Main Traits: Eloquent, calculating, proud, altruistic, resourceful.
Likes: Books, jewels, the open sea, games.
Dislikes: Alcohol, cats, falsity, hypocrisy, corruption, extortion, the ridiculous, belittling and self-centred society of the aristocracy. And cats. Creatures from hell, if one is compelled to be honest with himself.
Unique laugh: Shaaa-kikikikiki

Hometown: Briss Kingdom

Personality: Few have seen a completely honest Ainsley and to be an honest narrator, fewer to that number are actually alive to speak of such an Ainsley. However, bleak is no word to describe him. Ainsley has never let his mask of perfect composure drop. There is always a performance, a ploy to enact, a justification for the inevitable means. And the means always have a justification. Ainsley enjoys the role of the heroic outlaw most, the hand dipping into the pockets of nobility to feed deprived poor, the perfect illustration of the one who crosses class boundaries like a phantom of an opera. Ultimately, Ainsley views himself an artist, one who spins words, gestures and circumstances to suit the next act in his play. Furthermore, Ainsley is a rich compilation of character complexities: proud without boasting, confident without demeaning, enamoring without forcefulness, considerate without reason, prejudiced without malevolence. The writer of his story couldn’t be more pleased with having manifested the perfect main character with no character flaws.

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