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[Crew] The Yokai Pirates Empty [Crew] The Yokai Pirates

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Nov 11, 2023 6:40 am

The Yokai Pirates

Name: The Yokai Pirates
Faction: Pirates
Number of Members: 4
Strength: 63

[Crew] The Yokai Pirates Yokai-Pirates-Flag
Insignia/Jolly Roger: The Jolly Roger depicts two skulls, one with horns, one with a guitar plunged into it, and a single sword extending to the right. In the background there is a large symbol representing death, and written beneath is the word “Yokai”
Motive: The Yokai pirates are looking to find “the land of Myth and Monsters” and create a kingdom and safehaven there to allow monsters and powerful individuals to live in peace, unbothered by the common people or the World Government. On an individual level, Doji seeks to wield his strength to engrave his clan's name on history, and to blaze a path forward that will allow his crewmates to accomplish their greatest ambitions.

Captain/Navigator: Asakura Doji
First Mate/Shipwright: Skoll
Archaeologist: Naoki
Quartermaster/Destruction Expert: Hammerhead Joe
Doctor: Nietzche
Cook: Juri


[Crew] The Yokai Pirates Gmz2060-feudal-japanese-castle-with-red-rooftops-in-anime-art-s-7ef1737e-e708-442a-8a02-d336625445d5
Name: Gashadokuro, the Walking Castle
Class: Landcrawler Castle
Description: A mobile castle, Gashadokuro is supported by mechanical limbs that ambulate over terrain; the hull of the structure is surprisingly buoyant, with a large air-pocket situated at its base. The interior of the castle is aptly sized for its giant residents, and those smaller residents have plenty of space to work with as a byproduct. In some areas the structure is in utter shambles, whereas others were preserved almost immaculately. Slowly but surely, the monsters aboard this ship have been converting it into a cozy, comfortable, and secure living space.

But to outsiders, this structure will always appear as an enormous, towering, monolith of impending doom.


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