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[Info] 11. Annual Purge Specifications Empty [Info] 11. Annual Purge Specifications

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Jan 06, 2024 2:55 pm

Annual Purge Specifications

Revival Dawn annually purges inactive characters and accounts which can mean that players who have not shown any activity during that year could potentially permanently lose their progress.

If ever in doubt about whether you are in danger of getting purged, you can always ask questions at the [discord]help-desk[/discord].

Annual Purges

Every year, on November 1st, a new activity check thread will be created in the New and Announcements section that will require players to post in that thread if they wish to keep ownership of their characters. If they fail to report in that thread within the following two months (by January 1 00:00 UTC), their accounts will be eligible for deletion.

The requirements for meeting purge exemption will vary depending on the number of characters you own, the types of devil fruits you hold, and the important positions you occupy. See the Purge Exemption Requirements section below for details.

When the purge thread is created in November, an announcement will also be made in the Discord server and a reminder email will be sent to the emails you have registered accounts with on Revival Dawn.

Purge Exemption Requirements

Players with One Character
Players who own a single character must have written a total of at least 5,000 words between all their quests (of any category, including world events) between January 1st and December 31st of that year for their character to be eligible for purge exemption.

Players with Multiple Characters
Players who own more than one character must still write at least 5,000 words with one of their characters. Furthermore, for every character they own who matches the types below, they must write an additional 5,000 words between all their quests (of any category, including world events) between January 1st and December 31st of that year.
- Mythical Zoan devil fruit user
- Logia devil fruit user
- Canon devil fruit user (manga-only)
- Holder of an important position with 10 or fewer available slots.

If a character fits into more than one of the above types, the words required do not stack. For example, if you have an alt character who is a user of a canon logia fruit and holds a limited important position, you still only need to write 5,000 additional words, not 15,000.

Additionally, the words do not need to be written with each character you own. You can write all the required words with just one character if you so choose, as long as the total requirement is met.

Players with Companions
For every companion that is associated with your crew(s) that matches one of the types below, at least one of the associated player crew members must write an additional 2,500 words in a quest of any category.
- Mythical Zoan devil fruit user
- Logia devil fruit user
- Canon devil fruit user (manga-only)

New Accounts
If an account was created in the second half of the year (after July 1 00:00 UTC), it will automatically be eligible for purge exemption that year (regardless of whether you have previously created characters on Revival Dawn). However, you will still need to post in the purge thread when it is opened in November to apply for a purge exemption.

Special Exceptions
Special exceptions to individual purges for certain players may occasionally be granted at the administrator's discretion upon request. However, these are not to be relied upon except under extreme circumstances. And even then, only players who have been active members for a long time previously will be considered.

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