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[Turf Details] Jolly Keys Empty [Turf Details] Jolly Keys

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Jan 12, 2024 3:04 pm

The Jolly Keys

[ximg] [/ximg]

Owner: None
Status: Untouchable
Economy: 15

Description: The Jolly Keys—an unassuming set of tropical isles in the South Blue—are a nest of vipers, a den of thieves, and home to the wicked. Two larger islands form the eyes while a chain of smaller islets shapes the archipelago's eponymous smile.

The presence of officials and authority figures is as welcome on the Jolly Keys as cold sores on a hot date. But, even in this moshpit of crooks, many innocent civilians live out their dull lives.

Many fishing villages and camps dot the Jollies—a popular nickname for the archipelago. But, the majority of the population can be found in its three cities.

Port Teardrop is the largest of the three and perhaps the least crime-infested. It sits snugly between a lone mountain and the southeastern coast of Dexter Eyeland. Out of the three jolly cities, Port Teardrop has the highest tolerance for outsiders and benefits from all manner of free trade. The Mourning River runs down the mountain and through the city, dividing it into two nearly equal halves. Many wide stone bridges built over it support hundreds of buildings, practically making it an underground river.

La Crima, a town on the western edge of Dexter Eyeland, is more infected by crime and illicit businesses. Assassins, organ traders, human traffickers, and smugglers of all sorts congregate in this place. Tourists in La Crima are bound to have their wallets snatched or their panties stolen.

Lastly, the city of Carbuncle sits by the Bay of Spectacles on Sinister Eyeland. Jagged reefs and shoals—affectionately called "The Lashes"—protect the bay like a guard dog's fangs. Ships entering the bay will surely find their watery graves unless they are familiar with the tide schedules and the surrounding currents. The entire length of Sinister Eyeland's coast consists of high cliffs and various dangerous rock formations. This serves as a solid natural defence for those with vested interests in Sinister Eyeland.

A patch of mountains—unsurprisingly referred to as the Patch Mountains—lay on Sinister Eyeland. An active volcano lies in the centre of this patch. Several factories operate in these mountains and in Carbuncle, mining minerals and producing substances unfit for model citizens. The owners of these factories fiercely protect their assets and rule the Jolly Keys from the shadows.

For an archipelago so averse to authority, it somehow does not fail to fall victim to strong leadership. Carbuncle is a city closed off to all outsiders, for it is home to notorious criminals who hold the Jollies under their thumbs.

Important Towns: Port Teardrop, La Crima, Carbuncle


Officers: IV
Navy: III
Leader Training: II
Officer Training: I
Naval Training: I

Trade Routes: III
Taxes: II
Markets: IV

Tariff Collection: III
Medical Services: II
Secret Passages: II
Weaponry Production: III
Shipyard Services: II

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