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Sweet Return Rsz_co12

Name : Brood X. Bach
Epithet : Mushiba (Tooth-Decay)
Age : 28
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 190 lbs
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Blockbuster
Alliance : Nox Prime
Crew : P.T.S.D.
Ship : The Dead Air
Crew Role : Chairman
Devil Fruit : Amai Amai no Mi
Haki Level : 7
Hitpoints (HP) : 380
Attack (ATK) : 525
Defense (DEF) : 350
Reflex (RX) : 510
Willpower (WP) : 400
Level : 70
Experience Points : 7039
Bounty : 355,000,000
Income Multiplier : +10%
Shop Discount : -20%
Berries Berries : 146,550,000
Posts : 278
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Sweet Return Empty Sweet Return

Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:50 am
I have returned and I am sorry that I left. I was surprised to see that the whole "you're a pioneer for life" thing was serious but I am a bit glad that it was. I am back for good and no matter what happens this time around I shall not be going away just because of any lapses of activity that I see. Besides, 2016 wasn't my best year for role-play. I hope to turn it around this year. Thank you for having me back. (I need to update everything I believe, so if that is okay let me know if not that is also okay. <3 )

Side Note: Gray my old chum, Charlotte family fruits made me feel less silly about my own fruit. Biscuits. Candy. Sugar doesn't seem so outlandish now. xD
Sweet Return Cool-t10

Name : Gray Starks
Epithet : The Conqueror (Formerly "Black Fist")
Age : 49
Height : 10'2" / 310 cm
Weight : 1043 lbs / 473 kg
Species : Human Cyborg
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Lurking Legend (Former Yonkou)
Crew : Black Fist Pirates (Destroyed)
Ship : Sangria's Vane (Destroyed)
Crew Role : Captain (Former)
Devil Fruit : Pressure-Pressure Fruit
Haki Level : 9
Hitpoints (HP) : 750
Attack (ATK) : 800
Defense (DEF) : 600
Reflex (RX) : 715
Willpower (WP) : 650
Level : 100
Prestige : 8
Experience Points : 18000
Bounty : 5,000,000,000
EXP Multiplier : +10%
Income Multiplier : +20%
Shop Discount : -30%
Berries Berries : 25,000,000,000
Posts : 2677
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Sweet Return Empty Re: Sweet Return

Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:13 am
YES!! WELCOME BACK YOU OL' CHUM~! When I say for life, I mean for life! 8D

You are quite right about needing a few many things needing to be updated. I'd upgraded your levels while you were MIA, so we'll start with that. Since we have you on Discord, I can coordinate your updates with you there!

P.S. Believe it or not, the first time I saw a candy-based fruit(especially the Lick-Lick fruit), your character instantly came to mind~


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