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No Good
Name : Butch Castle
Epithet : "No-Good"
Age : 19
Height : 5'8½" / 174 cm
Weight : 143 lbs. / 65 kg
Species : Human
Faction : Bounty Hunter
Crew : N/A
Ship : Little Castle
Crew Role : N/A
Balance : [ber] 256,650,000
Posts : 117

[Bio] Butch Castle Empty [Bio] Butch Castle

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:36 pm

Butch Castle

Butch Castle

Basic Character Information

First Name: Butch
Middle Name: Francis
Last Name: Castle
Epithet: "No-Good" I'm gonna kill the sonuva bitch who made that stick.
Birthdate: November 11, 1809
Gender: Male Can'tcha tell by lookin'? Don'tchu laugh at me ya cunt.
Race: Human Fuck that salty old man who argued otherwise.
Faction: Wannabe Bounty Hunter Whaddaya mean “Wannabe”? Ya tryin' ta pick a fight?
Affiliation: I ain't lookin' fer small fry ta babysit.
Position: I'm the captain of mah own life.
Bounty Hunter: Those weak fools who go after big-name bounties are lookin' ta get dead. I earn mah bread just fine baggin' nobodies in street corners.
Odd Jobs Extraordinaire: Ya oughta try livin' a daytaler's life. I make good moneh workin' fer small businesses from town ta town. It keeps me in shape too.
Gunsmith: That old cod taught me how ta take care of mah guns. I make a mean bullet or two real good too.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'8½" (174 cm) I'm tall enough ta kick yer balls.
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Hair Style: I ain't no princess who combs her hair all purrty. I like mah hair free, just as it is. I ain't gonna let it grow past mah shoulders though. I don't wanna give dickheads an excuse ta call me a girl.
Hair Color: I reckon I'm gonna grow a few more grey hair if ya keep askin' me these useless questions.
Eye Color: Somewhere between silver and none o' yer business.
Scars: I still got scars from the time I got stabbed in the chest a bunch. I can't even begin ta count the number-a-times I've been shot. Mah hands are blistered ta shit from all the hard work I do, unlike ya lazy piece of a dung heap. What?! How'd ya know about that birthmark?! If ya tell anyone where it's at, I'll fill ya fulla lead.

Clothing and Accessories:
I like ta keep mah brown jacket on cuz it's got nice, deep pockets. Work pants are good too - I can work real comfortable in 'em. No. I only wear shirts in shades of red. It ain't none-a-yer business why. What's yer problem with mah cloak? It might be gettin' ripped up, but it's done right by me fer years.

I ain't got mah guns on me right now, but, I keep 'em in these here holsters - which I like ta keep low towards the knees cuz I'm quicker on the draw there. I call mah purrty revolver twins “Fly” and “One Day”. Why? Cuz it sounds nice.

Detailed Description:
As ye can see, mah skin gets real brown under the sun. I work hard all day long, and I got the muscles ta show fer it. Ya wanna see? Fine then - ain't like I give a damn. I got some busted up knees though. Huh? I ain't no rent boy. Fuck off. Mah knees are shredded from all the roofs I've fixed.

The Past

Main Traits: Whimsical, Unpredictable, Comical, Flexible, Non-committal Commitments are fer losers who don't wanna live life ta the fullest.
Likes: Fun-livin', Explorin', Workin' new jobs, Guns, Freedom, Self-preservation Don't judge me, ya barnacle-sucker.
Dislikes: Commitments, Foolhardy bravery, Selflessness, Haughtiness, Ill-humored folk I ain't likin' yer annoyin' ass much either.
Unique laugh: Buhahahaha! Why do ya wanna know?
Hometown: Flevance What disease? I ain't got no disease.
I'm a whimsical man. I like ta be unpredictable cuz I like ta see the look of surprise on yer face. Bein' consistent with how I behave gets borin' real fast. Who said I have an unstable and erratic psyche? Well yeah, I sure did move around a lot from orphanage ta orphanage when I was a kid, but that don't mean nothin'.

Ya know, I don't like foolhardy and selflessly brave punks. I like ta take care of mahself. Self-preservation is most important. Though that don't mean I don't take risks erry now and then. Just cuz I love mah life don't mean I don't enjoy a good rush or a fun adventure. You just ain't gonna see me go on suicide missions. But, when I'm livin' fer the rush, I get a bit wild and folk get hurt. Yer lucky I ain't livin' on the edge right now or I mighta shot ya fer askin' so many questions. Just kiddin', I ain't no criminal. I like moneh, but I also like ta come by it earnestly. I work hard doin' odd jobs and goin' after bounties ta earn. Bounty huntin'? Naw, I ain't no do-gooder. It just pays nice sometimes. I could be goin' after higher bounties, but they ain't worth the effort that comes wit' chasin' 'em down.


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