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This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:09 pm
So. It's the triumphant return of Alexa. Some of you people hanging around here might remember the old version of her, with her fairly decent crew, stretching powers, and just blatant amounts of bullshit she had. That Alexa? She's dead. I never planned to bring her back. This is a new version of her. For those interested, and the handful of people who remember her that may still be hanging around, here's the rundown. Alexa's a 21 year old rookie pirate. She's also the person in possession of the power granted by the Swim-Swim Fruit. She gained it basically by accident, as the powers were meant to go to a marine officer who is currently unnamed.

She was to cook a meal that included the fruit in some way, and tasted it to try and get a grip on its flavor. Unfortunately, that meant that the Marine didn't get the power he wanted. In his anger, he killed Alexa's father. Alexa saw this, and ran off afterwards, having stolen the blade that the Marine left behind. For a few years, she stowed away on ship after ship. Eventually she got tired of it, and is now the proud owner of a merchant ship known as The Azure Night. She's really running a barebones crew at the moment, having only enough people on board to properly run the ship and make sure that nobody dies of illness while out at sea. Fair warning to those who want to beat her up: She's a highly mobile fighter, and will not shy away from the use of explosives. You've been warned.

Now, with that out of the way, let's talk about the plans I have for her. Obviously, Im fully willing to recruit anyone and everyone who would be willing to serve as a member of her crew. Pretty much everyone that isn't a marine or revolutionary is welcome. Devil Fruit or no, as long as you are willing to follow the handful of rules she's set for her crew, you should be fine. Really, it's a crew that will have its motives defined by the interactions between Alexa and the people who join. In fact, she's even willing to make pirates out of civilians who are willing.

Of course, that doesn't leave Marines and Revolutionaries out of luck. So, lets start with Marine characters. Obviously, the theft of a sword that belonged to an officer could be a plot point. But aside from that, Alexa has actually done surprisingly little. She doesn't really catch civilians in the crossfire, avoids theft from places normally, and generally seems to act like any captain of a merchant ship would. Of course, that doesn't mean she'll be completely cordial to a Marine. She does have her prejudices against them after all. Thus, more often than not, a topic with an active marine will lead to either a massive argument in which she tries to keep her actual identity hidden, or a fight--provided the two are at an equal level so as to make the conflict fun.

Revolutionaries..are a weird grey area. She doesn't really feel the need to recruit them, nor does she feel a need to fight them, given what their doing. So really, topics with Revolutionaries are likely to lead to her hatred for the government getting a bit more fleshed out. She'll remain a pirate no matter what, but I don't really know where we can go with stuff like that. I guess I'll leave that up to any revolutionaries that wanna meet her.
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