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Mikado Law (WIP) Empty Mikado Law (WIP)

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:41 pm

Mikado D. Law

Mikado Law (WIP) Soul-society-bleach-anime-6544443-266-400

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Super Rookie | [Starting Bonus Roll]

First Name: Mikado
Middle Name/Initial: D
Last Name: Law
Epithet: Mikado The Law, The Fuyu Doctor, Shorty, "Child" of the World Government (Last two mainly used as taunts)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Marine
Profession: Swordsmen, Doctor

Physical Appearance

Height: 4'4"
Weight: 102lb

Hair Style: Spiky
Hair Color: Snow White
Eye Color: Turquoise
Scars: Various lash markings on the front of his upper body.
Clothing and Accessories:
Mikado's usual attire consists of a standard sleeveless haori with the marine symbol for "justice" on the back, a kimono underneath, a green sash around his shoulders, held together by a round, star-like clip, and white socks with brown sandals. The sash holds his katana's sheath in place on his back and is tied to it at either end.

Description: Despite his age, Mikado's overall appearance, and height is that of someone in their mid teens, or even younger which he isn't too fond of especially when someone points it out. His skin is tan with a slim, but skinny muscular build, dawning a six pack, as well as scars that mostly cover his chest, and stomach from previous lashings.

The Past

Main Traits: Socially Awkward, Honorable, and Justice Driven.
Likes: Drawing, Honor, Marines, Justice, True Doctors, Medicine
Dislikes: Those who disrespect his drawings, Those without honor, Having to fight dirty, Those who betray their nakama, Being called a child, Criminals, Selfish Doctors
Unique laugh: "AHSHNESHNESHNE" (Embarrassed about it)

Hometown: Wano Country
Personality: Mikado is a calm, quiet, reserved, and socially awkward character who is mostly work and little play. He tends to keep to himself when it comes to large groups and would stare off into the distance, deep in thought or look on to the group, observing them. His facial expression is almost always in a serious tone which fits his lack of goofing off. He will have his moments of giving a brief smirk if he has something snarky to say or a small smile when something interests him.

Mikado sees the world from a gray point of view, neither believing in good nor evil. Just people with differing goals. Mikado's views on justice are a combination of Absolute, and Blind Justice depending on who he's up against, and what they stand for. He rarely holds a grudge against another if he's been wronged personally, but will not forgive those who wrong his allies, and innocent civilians. Getting annoyed is also nearly impossible when it comes to Mikado, unless one refers to him as a child due to his appearance. That will definitely set him off.

When it comes to social activities, women, flirting, small talk, or even just relaxing, Mikado has a very difficult time handling those. After being freed from slavery, Mikado has pretty much been spending his time training, or studying, pushing friends out of his life due to previous events. He will simply stutter, freeze up, blush, or try to distance himself from these activities.

During his off times, Mikado can be seen either with his head in books, training, or drawing either the first thing he sees or whatever comes to mind. Yes, Mikado is an outstanding drawer who can draw things he sees to perfection due to drawing being the fourth thing he invested himself in as a youth other than training, medicine, and reading.

When it comes to battles, Mikado is a good tactician who focuses mainly on close combat while focusing more on speed damage, and counters with his sword. Due to being raised in Wano, Mikado also believes in honor when it comes to battles, especially one on one battles and doesn't take kindly to those who intervene. He will respect those who wish to battle on their own so he would expect the same in return unless the situation calls for something different.

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