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Episode 1: Row Row Fight the Power! Empty Episode 1: Row Row Fight the Power!

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:13 am

Dante rose from the wooden chair he occupied with it creating a noise similar to boards creaking. This noise alerted the snoring individuals in the opposite room, rising from their slumber to check in on what had made the eerie noise. Dante sighed and shifted his body to meet theirs while they slowly crept along the wall and inched forward to see inside the room. Their eyes closed in relief almost unity as they realized it was just Dante moving throughout the hut. As each of the three entered the room the nearest one to Dante opened his mouth to keep Dante from wandering off outside of their view.

"Where do you think you're going Dante? Should you be leaving with so many around?"

"Someone has to check the prices for the ships in this town. We need one made if we're going to get off this island. You're the ones that are constantly complaining about needing to move from island to island. Plus, I can't stay in this raggedy shack with you three, you're always finding ways to bore me more than I thought was possible."

The three looked at one another and the closest one shrugged and stated, "Fine, but hurry up. It shouldn't take long to check prices and none of your antics, we don't want to clean up after your messes."

"Yea yea, I'll be quick." He muttered the words under his breath to hide the obviously shattered patience he had with them and their warnings. He knew the consequences of getting caught and he knew the risks of leaving the god forsaken hut, he was a strategist after all. He shuffled to the door and gripped the coat that hung on a coat rack by the door. Pulling the gloves out the coat's side pockets, he'd be ready to venture out into Loguetown's roughest parts. He placed the black gloves on his hands then opened the door to the hut wide open, breathing in the fresh air. The group lived on the edge of town only being able to afford a hut with the money they had escaping from the marines. The rest of their money was for their ship and much needed rations. With all of them huddled up in that two room hut, he needed all the wiggle room he could get and today walking through Loguetown was it.

Being so focused on stretching his limbs and taking long strides to work out his muscles, Dante wouldn't notice the shadowy figures trailing him from either side and from behind. He hadn't calculated that the marines were so intuitive with their information gathering. He knew from the messes his comrades attempted to clean up that they'd be on their trail. Dante's mind fluttered about from the scenery that Loguetown provided, from the big burly men to the various shops that used interesting advertisement tactics to lure in customers. Loguetown was definitely a sight to see. The seemingly perfect place to kick back and lay low for a while. He began whistling a tune as he made his way to the shipyard.

Episode 1: Row Row Fight the Power! Empty Re: Episode 1: Row Row Fight the Power!

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:34 pm
Walking through the wilderness of Roguetown. Where was she headed? To the town of course. She had recently landed and had been getting used to the surroundings of this island considering she was going to be around for a while. However, hearing the whistling on the path of the road, she saw a man taking particularly exaggerated steps whilst heading into Loguetown. He seemed rather cheerful as well. They were both going the same path as well it seemed. With a neutral expression, she walked openly alongside the bomb man with her long white hair blowing in the wind. “You look like you are having a good time right, boyfriend?” She walked up to the man before putting on a wide smile and said her statement with a cheerful tone. Wrapping her left arm around the man, the smile dropped as she decided to tell him in a whisper. “You’re being followed.” Afterwards, the paw human unwrapped her arm before walking ahead a few steps.

She wasn’t looking to get involved in this conflict, but at least felt generous enough to inform the man he was being stalked. As for the man who was heading to the shipyard, she herself had been looking to gain a ship for herself. The sloop was not going to be sufficient for her ideals of being a pirate. No. She would need at least a galleon in order to fit a crew, have reasonable supplies, and of course cannon to arm it with. On top of provisions and various other costs, she realized that she might come short if it came down to it. 1,050,000 Beri was simply not enough to cover all of those costs. With no job, and no way to do crime without drawing attention in Loguetown, she realized she might have to look to an ulterior method. Damn, how annoying. It wasn’t as if there were friendly pirates present that would be willing to help her in this endeavor either. Little did she know that she had found someone who might be willing to help her with that by pure coincidence.

She had a number of goals she was wanting to fulfill, but it would take time and hard effort. "Such trivial issues. Damn my misfortune. I'll be needing to rethink my strategy. Perhaps I should sell the sloop for some extra funds. It would still be too short regardless. Hmm. Issues, issues. Perhaps I could become a mercenary to someone for a short while? Become a bounty hunter and raise the funds necessary? It would set my plans back a notch or two...but I don't see much else choice." She had another possible job although it didn't seem one she would be doing for a while. She was a navigator having been trained in such while still living on Karate Island. She wasn't part of any crew however. It was a skill that wasn't so useful without a crew to man a boat either. How disappointing.

Episode 1: Row Row Fight the Power! Empty Re: Episode 1: Row Row Fight the Power!

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:41 pm
While he had been taking strides to make his way towards the shipyard, a woman approached him and suddenly wrapped her arm around his making it seem as though they were together. Dante didn't particularly think of himself as some kind of womanizer and nor did he have too many friends or potential romantic partners in his life for him to remember such a woman. A single eyebrow raised at her comment being his girlfriend. Obviously this must be some ploy to get any money off him while she was attached to him. He was not about to be pick pocketed in this rundown town.

"I suggest you get your filth-"

The woman's next comment stopped him in his tracks cold while she continued a fair bit ahead. An extreme amount of calculations ran through his head as he tried to wrap his mind around being followed. His brief pause ended as someone bumped into him from behind and stirred him back into motion. Taking a look around, he found another woman approaching from his right hand side that happened to be doing her make up while walking down the street. Her similar state of being oblivious to her surroundings would bite her in the ass as much as it did to Dante. Snatching the handheld mirror out of her hand he would dip into a more packed crowd of people to escape her desperate lung for his coat.

"Someone stop that man please!"

Her cries would either go unnoticed and ignored or a few would scream back at her to shut her up. She sorrily gave up her pursuit as no one had any intentions of helping the distraught woman. In this town, everyone would be looking out for themselves. What was she doing in Loguetown anyways? With his newly acquired mirror, Dante would flip it back open and make it seem like he had been looking at himself in the mirror but was actually using it to spot his pursuers from behind. Sure enough, figures that lurked on the outside of the pack of people were inching forward and closing in on him. They all wore the same outfits, blue colored robes with the brim of a hat poking out from the hoodie that covered their faces. The obvious color and the hats gave him a decent idea on who was currently giving chase. Two men were nearing severely close, almost right on top of him. Closing the mirror and tossing it into the street behind him, Dante rolled his sleeves up and cracked his knuckles.

"Always a thorn in my side..."  

Taking a few steps forward he would be swung around by the pair of men who thought they successfully snuck up on the bomb user. The pair held rifles at his chest and began cocking back the hammer to signal their terms of surrender. Dante's hands shot forward and instantly the barrels of the guns would appear to combust before the men, sending them flat on their butts. The bustle of the street had momentarily stopped as the event unfolded, completely perplexed at the sudden explosion that had happened beside them. A group of marines took the moment to rush forward with equally menacing rifles and fixated them upon Dante.


Apparently the residents of Loguetown didn't take kindly to marines trespassing upon their lawless zone of protection. The attacks from the bystanders hindered the marines, allowing Dante to bust into a nearby saloon to avoid any random fire from the rifles. A burly voice could be heard outside the saloon bellowing orders to the caught up marines.


"What an attractive laugh..."

Episode 1: Row Row Fight the Power! Empty Re: Episode 1: Row Row Fight the Power!

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:04 pm
What a predicament. She was apparently going to be caught in this trouble. This was apparently the poorer side of the island as the other side seemed to be a more lawful conglomerate of law enforcement and dominance. All of a sudden, there was a yell of marines and to attack them. “Nani?” Before she could say or do much of anything, a fight was beginning to break out in the middle of the street. “Ridiculous. Just my day.” However, she didn't miss the sudden combustion either. Interesting. Squeezing her pawed palms, she stepped forward, deciding to get involved with this riot to end it quickly. However, she wasn't on the side of the Marines. No, she was targeting them. Stepping forward, she quickly approached two marines with a glaring frown on her face. Grasping the face of one man with a leap, she slammed his face into the floor as hard as she could before using her repulsion and causing the man’s head to slam a second time with greater intensity to the floor causing a shattering of stone. The second marine looked to her with his gun raised only for the young woman to toss his comrade with relative ease into him.

Stepping ahead, looking to another man in the distance, she simply held her hand up as a bullet pressed and bounced harmlessly off of her body. A white energy had formed in front of her hand in the form of a paw before getting smaller. It fired off at blinding speed before slamming into the marine up ahead causing a minor blast which sent the officer of the law flinging away. It was now evident that she was a devil fruit eater and she was likely drawing attention to herself. She was gradually attempting to make her way to the saloon and out of this bullshittery. Getting involved with this marine battle was going to get her into more trouble, but she was also interested in that man who caused a sudden combustion. It was unnatural. He was followed by the world government. Why? Was he a pirate?
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