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Bashita Ciar Empty Bashita Ciar

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:50 am

Bashita Ciar

Bashita Ciar Touko.%28Pok%C3%A9mon%29.full.1240780

   Basic Character Information

   Starting Bonus: Pocket Change | Starting Bonus Roll

   First Name: Bashita
   Middle Name/Initial: N/A
   Last Name: Ciar
   Epithet: Cursed Moon
   Age: 18
   Gender: Female
   Race: Human
   Faction: Pirate
   Profession: Proficient in both navigation and cooking

   Physical Appearance

   Height: 5'3"
   Weight: 120 lb

   Hair Style: Her hair is tied in a high ponytail with a lock of hair falling over each of her ears.
   Hair Color: Dark brown
   Eye Color: Bright deep blue
   Scars: A medium sized jagged scar on the lower right of her ribs and a small burn scar on her left palm
   Clothing and Accessories: A black sleeveless jacket that reaches to her hips and has two pockets at the front. This covers a plain slightly loose white tank top which is the same length as the jacket. Dark blue faded jean shorts that are slightly torn on the front of both leg sleeves. Black ankle socks and black sneakers with magenta colored laces finish the clothing style. She also has two bracelets that are black with a magenta stripe going through it.

   Description: She has a short but muscular body type though its slightly thicker around her chest and hip area. she has long wavy dark brunette hair that is mostly tied up in a high ponytail. She has a short oval shaped head with rosy pale skin and large almond shaped eyes that are a deep blue similar to the ocean. A button nose sits a little bit low between the eyes with slightly thick rosy lips a little bit below the nose. A slender neck with normal sized shoulders. Her arms are slender and surprisingly double jointed. She has a medium size bust then a normal sized waist with hips that are the same width as her shoulders. Her thighs are a bit chunkier than she would like but they are fit for most athletic activities. She has small feet and hands which annoys her slightly. She has a medium sized jagged scar on the lower right of her ribs with a small burn mark located on her left palm.

   The Past

   Main Traits: Shy. Quiet, Observant, Adventurous and Comical
   Likes: Cola, Meat, Friends, Family, Adventure, Ocean and Freedom
   Dislikes: Being caged, Bullies, Snotty Brats and Cocky People
   Unique laugh: Its a playful yet quiet laugh that can vary in pitch.

   Hometown: Dawn Island
   Personality: Bashita is vicious when in a fight. Anything goes for her in a fight. This causes her to be very unpredictable and dangerous considering she is versatile on how many weapons she is skilled in using. Bashita tends to be more assassin or ninja like when fighting. Usually leading her opponent to become either impatient or angry to the point where they are just focused on hitting her then she goes in for the killing blow. If she catches her opponent off guard she will use it to her advantage and more than likely will kill the person as a surprise attack.

Outside of battle though is a very different person. Bashita becomes shy and quiet leaning more to listening rather than talking. Though she is very adventurous and observant and with these two traits she gets into many bad corners and spots. Though it is very easy for her to get out of these situations using her artistic side. When Bashita becomes nervous or anxious she turns into a comedian with a wide range of jokes going from fart jokes to sex jokes. Bashita is also known to be childish, reliable and wary though these only show up in serious situations. Though her being so childish and wary are her greatest weaknesses along with an unpredictable temper makes for a bad combination.

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