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Bashita's Fun Tools Empty Bashita's Fun Tools

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:31 am

Bashita Ciar's Fun Tools

   Character Name: Bashita Ciar
   Number of Equipment Pieces: 2
   Highest tiered equipment: 1
   Total Equipment Stat Points: +10

   Equipment Name: The Twins
   Equipment Type: Chained Scythe
   Equipment Tier: 1
   Equipment Stats: Attack +4, Defense +1

   Equipment Description: The twins are twin chained scythes with the chains for both scythes joined. It can switch from long range to close range whatever the situation calls for. Bashita uses it for mainly attacking but sometimes uses it to block or redirect an attack. The scythes and chains themselves are a iron color while the handles are wrapped with a durable black clothe.
   Equipment Name: The Tiger's Eye
   Equipment Type: Necklace
   Equipment Tier: 1
   Equipment Stats: Willpower +5

   Equipment Description: The Tiger's Eye is a black choker with a buckle and a tiger eye gemstone in the front. It is used to boost the willpower of the wearer.


Equipment Techniques:
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