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J.L. Fountain Empty J.L. Fountain

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:17 am

John Leon Fountain

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Super Rookie. | Start Roll

First Name: John
Middle Name/Initial: Leon
Last Name: Fountain
Epithet: 'Guntooth' , 'The Gunsmith' , 'Seven-gun', Charmer
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Undecided (Considering Bounty Hunter, Revolutionary, or Pirate)
Profession: Gunsmith, Armorer (Bullet making), Scientist> Chemist

Physical Appearance

Height: 7 foot 2 inches
Weight: 220 pounds

Hair Style:  Short, somewhat messy, but kept away from eyes.
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Light blue
Scars: Some minor burn marks here and there on arms, hands, right side of face.
Clothing and Accessories: John's typical style of dress includes a button up shirt, either buttoned up or left open. Long sleeved or short sleeved depending on weather. The shirt is usually worn over top a solid colored t-shirt. The t-shirt is tucked into pants. Often the pants have extra padding at the knees for when taking a knee or being on the ground. On his feet are black or brown work/dress style shoes, protective of the tops of his feet, yet still flexible for quick movements and crouching. Around his waist and across his chest are holsters containing his guns and bullets. His guns are arranged with two at his hips and four on his chest, with his rifle being strapped to his back. Over top everything, he wears a dark colored cloak/pancho. And then he has a dark brown/grey Australian style safari hat.

Description: Describe your bodily appearance (not including your clothes) in detail.

The Past

Main Traits: Charming, Persistent, Laid back, Confident
Likes: Coffee, well crafted guns, parties, alcohol, Books
Dislikes: Cold weather, being picked up, Being called Johnny, being asked about his past.
Unique laugh: Bulle Bulle Bulle! (Bullet minus the T)

Hometown: born in the North Blue, Spent 5 years on a pirate crew, then lived on Toroa for 10 years as a gunsmith.
Personality: John, is a charismatic young man with a charming and quite polite personality. He's a bit of a flirt both in and out of battle. Among people he doesn't seem to stop talking, part if it being a bit of overconfidence, part of it is a little bit nerves. When alone he is pretty quiet. He is at his quietest when he is tinkering, reading, or drinking alone in remembrance of his former crew.

In combat John is steady handed, and level headed. His positive attitude tends to help him and his comrades when things get tough. John often has the thought of what his old crew sacrificed so he could continue on living. He lives so that his crew can live through him. That's often what keeps him going when things get tough. John's loyalty is an incredibly valuable thing for anyone he deems worthy enough of entrusting it to. John understands that everyone's story is different. He comes from a background of loss. He lost one family. Then he lost his second, then he lost his home. He understands loss and can be incredibly empathetic, even through his confident charisma.

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