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Episode 1: Hasegawa-sensei Empty Episode 1: Hasegawa-sensei

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:26 pm

A figure could be seen sitting properly on a bench near the bartender. At first glance, he looked nothing special aside from his habit on going shirtless. However, those who knew his identity usually would lower their head or shook in fear. He’s a Supernova after all, and it was not easy for him to reach his current level. Sweats streamed down his forehead, the humid yet hot temperature wouldn’t be something you welcomed with an open heart. His hand raised a glass of booze and titled his head backward.

As his lips touched the mouth of the glass, he took the sip of the flowing yellow liquid. Loud voices and noises pierced his ears and he found it quite disturbing but he couldn’t do anything. A fight in a bar would only give him unnecessary problems. The bartender had a couple of buttons opened so he could feel a bit of the rare cold breeze which escaped from the bar every time someone opened the door. Hasegawa wiggled his glass as he looked over the remaining liquid, almost vanish to thin air. With a single flick of the finger, the bartender gently slid across customers and finally reached the place where Hasegawa was seating.

The bartender quickly filled Hasegawa’s glass, not wanting the man to wait any longer. Hasegawa delivered a small smile so the bartender would know that he’s satisfied with his service. Hasegawa was about to taste his last beverage when an elbow knocked the glass of his hand. The glass immediately fell and the drink spilled all over the bar’s counter and Hasegawa’s pants. At that moment, Hasegawa could feel that the rage inside him was building up. The incident was accompanied by loud voices and noises, Hasegawa then realized that a bar fight was about to intensify.
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