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Chef's Special [Hasegawa][Past] Empty Chef's Special [Hasegawa][Past]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:04 am

The chaotic crew found themselves in the East Blue doing what it was that they did with little to no regard for the safety and well being of those around them. In the case of the one who had two slashes permanently engraved into his skin as a reminder of his past failures and his own near death experience in this merciless world, he was perhaps the most forward about how little he cared about people. But today was a special occasion, for today was the day in which the crew and all those therein were coming to a shitty island for one reason and one reason alone. To ransack and kidnap. Pillaging was nothing more than a fun group activity one could do with their friends, it brought them closer together while simultaneously traumatizing others in the process. What better way to be a jolly giant than to enforce your will on others. The only issue with their plan this time was the sheer size and scope of the island in which they chose to arrive on. This place was swarming with more pirates than Brood was willing to deal with, so chalking up his missed opportunity as a temporary set-back, he set out on his own in the city to try and find something to eat. With Mama Two-Tons being far too sick and incapacitated to cook a good meal for the crew, Brood had resorted to trying and cook his own food. A plan that proved to be near fatal on several occasions, with little help from the others in his company. The sheer size and scope of Loguetown was still impressive, as he noted numerous storefronts that sold everything from food to clothing, and it was a bustling metropolis in which he figured he really could get the hang of...despite it being pirate haven. Walking from place to place with little in the way of distraction, he came upon a small bar.

The male decided that he wasn't going to head into these pirate infested streets donning his traditional garb, since he wanted the chances of people recognizing him to be severely low. But his plan backfired even despite the fact that he was wearing a black open vest and navy blue shorts. As soon as he entered the bar, he found himself having to back outside of it rather immediately as a hail of gunfire seemed to fly in his direction from several patrons within the building. They were people he remembered harassing on his way to this very island and hopping back into the street from the bar, he sighed heavily and tucked his hands into his pockets. At least seven men found themselves emerging from the bar itself, each one intent on putting a bullet in his head for the atrocities that he committed upon them only days before. A crowd was starting to form outside, as they typically did here, as most pirates were content with simply watching disputes from the sidelines. He looked them over before remembering whom they were by name, speaking out to them with a large smile on his face. It was rare for him to smile, but in this case he was just surprised the lengths people would go to put him down in a blue where his name had little weight. "Well color me pink and tickle my ass. If it isn't Captain Carlos, Captain Reeds, Captain Sampson, Captain Daito, Captain Love, Captain Green and Captain Boar...Oh wait, you can't be captains, since I captured and sold off your crews into slavery...yeah sorry about that." Brood mocked the individuals who presented themselves before him, his laughter coming out of his mouth before his expression dropped. His eyes intensifying all the while. These small fish were annoying.

"You monster...I told you if I saw you again I was going to kill you. You fucked all of us, you hurt our friends. You're an abomination, not even fit to be considered a pirate. You have no code of're nothing more than a beast that deserves death." Captain Carlos spoke, but Brood looked at the rabble unimpressed, looking over towards a man in the crowd that interested him. "Hey you, with the black hair. Come over here." He stated calmly, Brood was in no way shape or form in danger from this coalition of capsized captains. But he was the kind of person who always entertained the idea of enjoying a nice show with his dinner. With a look of disinterest, he was actively talking to the one known as Hasegawa, even though he didn't know the male's name, nor did he care if the male was simply passing by the event. He spoke with authority, the likes of which could be extremely misconstrued, but that was the nature of Brood and the murderous intent that he was known for was not yet being released from his body. At least, that is what he called it, his conquerors haki was something that proved to be annoying for many to handle, but he hadn't come to the point in which he could fully tap into the potential of his power. "I want your opinion on something. These seven individuals have accused me of being the reason that their pirate crews failed. It seems they have formed an alliance here in an attempt to come after me at a later date. Look over these seven and tell me do you see any potential among them? Would it be worth it for me to spare them their lives so that they could attempt to come after me later. Or should I slaughter them?" He mocked.


Chef's Special [Hasegawa][Past] Empty Re: Chef's Special [Hasegawa][Past]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:23 pm


A boy named Hasegawa was seen running across blocks of houses and stopped after he reached a quite crowded part of the town. It was the market district where Hasegawa would buy his daily groceries in order to fill the refrigerator at home. As his mentor said when he was still learning on how to cook properly, a good chef must be prepared no matter what. An empty kitchen was defined to be the failure of a chef. No matter where Hasegawa was, those words always managed to stick in his memory. It became the fuel on why he’s ready for challenges in life as if he had made some kind of preparations before. Drawing a small purse from his pocket, Hasegawa rummaged around the coins in order to pay for his groceries. He then placed several of them on top of the seller’s palm before making his way back to his house. The town seemed more alive than usual, probably because it was a good sunny day with a cozy temperature. The weather was nice for some desserts, it was neither cold nor hot. Feeling familiar, his mind went way back to his training days. He recalled vividly on how he was forced to stand in the middle of stinging heat during the summer. There was one objective for him to do, it was to create a perfect dessert that had balance in its sweetness. The purpose of standing in the heat was to motivate Hasegawa and taught him the feeling of achieving something that was dire needed. Passing his regular bar where he would spend his free time drinking, he noticed that the street was packed with crowds of townies. Hasegawa’s eyebrows rose as he tried to grasp on the situation, what happened around there? The street was blocked completely that it took a great force of pushing around in order to pass through. Hasegawa let out a smirk as if he came prepared for it. He could easily jump over the crowd with his devil fruit ability though it wouldn’t be interesting to miss the thing that attracted those herds of humans. “Excuse me.” Hasegawa apologised as he pierced through the thick wall of humans.

Clutching tighter to his groceries, he made way towards the inner circle by using his left hand to penetrate by pushing people to the side gently. He struggled at the last part but he finally made it out, placing him in a great seat to watch on the situation. Alas, he realised it was just some kind of small pirate fights that would just waste Hasegawa’s time, he thought that it was better if he could bake some cookies at home accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate while enjoying the view at the rooftop. A curve formed in the corner of Hasegawa’s lips, it seemed he could see that the fight could wash away his boredom. Hasegawa’s eyes were fixed on a white-haired pirate, who seemed to stand alone with no backups or friends around him. The pirate gave a familiar vibe or something that Hasegawa had seen in the past but his mind couldn’t find a trace of hint about him aside from him being a pirate, he actually didn’t know if that man was a pirate, maybe it was just his intuition but that man suited to be one with his current appearance.

In front of him stood 7 other pirates, one of them wore a familiar face because Hasegawa encountered him in the past. “Captain Carlos, if I’m not mistaken?” Hasegawa whispered to himself. The white-haired man seemed to be in trouble but his mockeries to Captain Carlos and his friends immediately changed the notion, the white-haired man himself was the trouble and he was definitely dangerous according to Captain Carlos’s reply. For the moment, he was lost as he analysed the situation but he grasped the reality back after a call from the white-haired man. There were a lot of people but somehow Hasegawa believed strongly that the man called for him. It was as if a lightning struck out of nowhere, why Hasegawa? “M-Me..?” Hasegawa asked. He felt a hand from behind, pushing him slightly as if it was telling “Go over there or you will die!” kind of thing. Hasegawa succeed in making eye contact with the white-haired pirate who somehow managed to intimidate Hasegawa, his whole presence screamed “MONSTER!”.

The man threw Hasegawa a complicated question that Hasegawa wouldn’t answer right away or he wouldn’t want to answer. Due to his habit on respecting someone even his enemies, his answer was based on that attitude of him. “I-I think the crews failed because the captains themselves were incapable in protecting them. I believe you don’t want to waste time with these kinds of guys, you won’t dirty your hands for something that isn’t worth killing right? Give them time to make a preparation so they at least can stand a chance.” Hasegawa blurted out, he did not expect to say something like that. He tried not to get in the bad side of the white-haired pirate but somehow, he made enemies of the opposition since his statement sounded like an insult.
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