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This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:36 pm

Okay, so fighting a sea-king was a bad idea. Check. That was a mistake he was not going to be doing a second time, especially since he didn't even fight the damn thing directly. It's tail seemingly rose upwards and smashed into the side of their ship after one of his dumbass grunts decided to take potshots at the thing with their rifle. A rifle that now resides up the ass of said grunt. With the ship receiving damage to it the likes of which would absolutely require time for Desmond to actually work on and fix the damn thing, the madman and his doom-troopers needed a place to port and relax while the massive perv worked his magic. What better place to accomplish such a task than the nearest island that they could find. Though his intentions for coming to the island were pure, he knew that if anyone saw his massive jolly roger, they'd likely turn any encounter with him and his crew into a fight or flight situation. But to his surprise, after docking at this place known simply as Fireworks Island, no one knew what he had done, who he was, or where his crew even came from. Instead everyone seemed content and happy, running around in merriment as they prepared for what could only be considered their annual fireworks celebration. Brood had only overheard of this event as he found his way walking down the plank and onto the docks, as workers spoke about the upcoming event in baited breath. Knowing that his crew would likely kill and torture these people for little to no reason, he figured that he'd give them a pass this time. Looking up the plank towards his crew-mates whom were attempting to offload. "Keep the bloodshed to a minimum, seems these folks are about to celebrate." He mocked.

The large man found himself shaking his head from left to right as he walked upon the docks and further into the town itself. There were many establishments in which the crew could find themselves going and doing their own kind of celebration, given the fact that the crew was swollen at this point, he didn't think it would be a good idea for every single person to be in one place at one time. So those no-named members of his crew were told to fuck off and go do something where he wasn't, though they simply took it was permission to go on shore leave, and they did just that. If one were to look around they'd easily see the massive crew roaming the streets in a manner that would be considered excessive. This allowed Brood to come to the decision that only his most important crewmates would be present for the one important thing they all needed to discuss above all other things...where in Paradise were these pirates going to set up shop? They absolutely were going to need a base at this point, especially since their crew was eighty men strong and then some. He'd only really need the core members of the crew and a few grunts at his disposal anyway. So discussing where in these treacherous waters their headquarters would be was something he thought was rather important. It had to be a place where he didn't need to worry about people trying to immediately take it from him. There was one place in particular that had caught his eye, that he would suggest when the time comes, but he'd turn towards some of the more important members of the crew and would speak to them with his mouth as obscured as it always was. "We are going to go into that sea-food restaurant and we are going to have a state of the crew address. Or you can fuck off and do something else." He was at least serious.

Cotton and Victory were the first to wave to brood, ducking off to go somewhere private on the island as they wanted to have a romantic evening with one another while they watched the firework show that would happen later in the night. Cotton had a look on his face that suggested rather obviously that he was waiting for a moment to bounce, but this incident did not illicit anger or dismay from Brood himself. Rather he nodded at their departure before noticing that soon afterwards Desmond was gone. Already down the road and speaking to some females whom were attempting to run a fruit stand, his flirtatious behavior caused a sweat-drop to form on the top of Brood's forehead. But before he had the chance to get upset, words from Sorbet would interject. "I suppose I, as Captain, shall go ahead and look for any resources we can have for the ship. You all enjoy yourself." With his flighty voice and a pose, he took off down the street in yet another direction. At least he was doing some shopping...Brood found veins growing on his forehead now, but an arm wrapped around his neck and the stench of alcohol permeated throughout the area. It was none other than Larry, chugging down some extremely sugary rum and burping aloud into the ear of Brood. "Yeah, that's fine and dandy boss. Let the kids go play. We've got business to discuss so lets discuss it." The large male stated with a smile and rosie cheeks. Sasha would walk towards the bar itself chuckling under her breath all the while. Brood shook his head and followed her with Larry at his side. Upon entering the building, they took a seat at booths near the back, ordering a lot of ale. Brood waited for everyone to seat before speaking. "This endless sailing is getting old. We need to have a base of our own, here in Paradise. A place were we can safely plan and operate, without having to lug so many assholes around. I want you all to suggest a place. We need to figure this out now." He was rather serious for a change. Mr. Mumbles, whom had been rather silent this whole time, spoke up from her seat. Stretching back. "Momoiro one would suspect that our lair would be there."


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This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:49 am
Miyamoto Ikana. Bounty:0. Origin:South Blue (Karate Island)

Now as an assimilated member of Brood's crew as one of the more...powerful members due to the nature of her devil fruit and a now decent practitioner of Haki, the woman crossed her arms over her chest as she was interested in conversation of finding an island to call a base. She had fantasies of doing that someday, finding and making her own island nation. However, as she followed the man and his subordinates into the restaurant in search of finding out where they would be inhabiting, it turned out to be somewhat indecisive. She herself had little to no knowledge of the lands of Paradise and so wouldn't be able to give much of an outlook, but she did have belief and understanding of how a base or rather nation should be generally run. "If I may suggest..."

Crossing her hands together, the woman sat at the table with Brood and his closer subordinates before speaking her mind. "Wherever the base is, we must assume a few things and prepare for it accordingly. One is we must assume that the World Government presence will not stand for pirates and will likely gather forces to try to take us down. As a result, eighty grunts simply won't be enough to face the force of a Flotilla. That is unless of course you yourself would remain there constantly to protect the place Brood-Sama. However, I assume you will be off exploring more often. Thus, I suggest we recruit more manpower through the form of troops and officers. Perhaps offer weaker pirate crews asylum in exchange for their loyalty under your banner..." The paw human had looked out to the area before thinking things through.

"I offer myself as one of those said officers to watch over your territory, or at least a portion of it when you are not present. I have amassed a decent amount of cash and shall head off immediately to gather followers if you so wish Brood-Sama. It would be good considering the fact I too seek to become a powerful pirate with great ambitions. If you so order it, I shall head back to the blues and come back with support needed to defend the home and possibly be used as an invasion force for said island. I will also find a way to fund the construction of a few more ships and other basic services for our lands if so need be. What I request in return is your banner to fly on my own personal vessel to not only gather reputation and crew members through your infamy, but so that possible enemies that will get in my way shall quake with fear." Grasping a large mug of booze, she would then begin to swallow it down with vigor. She could imagine gathering a fair amount of men in a short time assuming they knew of the frightening supernova's name. Possibly sailing to the earlier half of the grandline may be a better idea in order to gain more competent men and would be closer to Brood. What he thought of this offer, she had yet to see.

Looking to the other members of his odd crew, she dared them to object with their wisdom, but if they questioned why she would dare make such a request to be an officer as compared to themselves, she'd be more than willing to show them their place at her boot heel if they dare cause a confrontation. The pervert Desmond already knew how that felt...didn't he? Stretching her gloves with both hands in alternation, she waited to hear the sugar man's thoughts on the matter. Her power was interesting and she proved able to deal with most low level to mid level threats. Besides, it would be a good time and way to get herself a bounty of her own and recognition across the seas as a powerful pirate. She had the strength, but she lacked the feats to gain herself notoriety. Now was the time.

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A white cloth moved gently across the furniture. A man, standing at the height of 5’9”, was seen smiling as he did some chores across the kitchen. That man was none other than the chef, Hasegawa. The crew had just finished a meal before touching down on an island and it was one of his jobs to ensure that the kitchen was in a clean condition or else, Brood-Senchou would get mad. The kitchen’s a sacred place for Hasegawa, no one else were allowed to enter it without the permission of the chefs. It was all to keep the kitchen’s hygiene to its maximum potential, the grunts would only leave stains all over the place if they managed to enter the kitchen. With a slick movement, Hasegawa placed all kinds of cooking utensils, plates in their rightful positions.  He obviously heard that the captain called for a meeting and it wouldn’t be appropriate if he arrived late. Hasegawa moved his right hand towards his back and pulling a knot, he undid his apron and hung it on the wall. He walked out of the kitchen, locking the door behind him to stop any hungry, sneaky rats or wolves among the crew.

Hasegawa saw that the captain along with Sasha, Larry and the others entered a building. “So, that’s the place. Alright..” Hasegawa jumped off the ship and marched down the street, following the trail of the captain. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about an island that they could settle in, making it their first official base of operation. The idea itself excited Hasegawa, one of the reasons was that he could have a fixed kitchen, probably huge in size and storage filled with various ingredients. He couldn’t have all of that in a ship because it’s limited, their rations were restricted by the ship’s available space. As he lost in his imagination, he didn’t realize that he had reached the door to the building. With a slight push, he entered the place, filled already with the Captain and the Primetime Baboons. “Yo, fools” Hasegawa greeted the crew with the nickname he decided to use to address the other members of the Primetime Pirates aside from the captain. He took a seat and gave the chance for the captain to speak.

The captain asked us to suggest an island and in turn, the members were expressing their thoughts. He was a bit stunned when he heard Ikana’s suggestion and he replied, “Quite a humble and chivalrous idea you have there. Are you sure you can handle that?” Hasegawa didn’t mean nothing serious, he liked to joke around especially to other core members who he encountered regularly. When it’s Hasegawa’s turn, he jokingly stated while chuckling, “It will be nice if we can have Sabaody Archipelago. I know, I know, there’s no way we can take them from the World Government. Or we can?” Hasegawa loved to play with minds. “Anyway, I don’t have anything particular aside that the island should be in a strategic place, somewhere with good economy or where travellers often pass? I heard that Karakuri Island is home to many famous inventors and researchers. We might get a taste of their technologies or even sell one. Well, it’s just another of my random thought.” He crossed his arms after he uttered his last words.

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The captain didn’t seem to be in a terrible mood, considering his initial dismay at the sea-king attack, but by Wren’s deduction, he wasn’t in a great mood either. There hadn’t been much sympathy from the grunts responsible for the ruined ship following the attack, more glee and hilarity at instigating something of such a scale so early in the morning and Wren hadn’t exactly thought it beneath herself to join in either, singing “Sea-king, sea-king~” To be fair though, sea-kings were a dreadfully rare sight and Wren had simply found herself enraptured by the experience. True, she had nearly toppled overboard in her eagerness to get closer to the sea-king, even as it slammed its rear into the side of the Big Time, and had suffered the indignity of being rescued by a grunt, but it had ultimately been worth it. Now, however, as Wren nestled herself into the thicket of Brood’s white hair, she found herself reflecting on her insensitivity towards her captain and she resolved to right the matter. Feeling her vehicle (yes, she’s not opposed to referring to her captain as a vehicle) halt, she rustled around for a bit before finding herself at the back of Brood’s head and poked her head out. She was currently in the form of a middle-aged tontatta, somewhere in the ranges of late-fifties to early-sixties and crows feet embellished her eyes as she squinted to find her bearings. Seeing that they had stopped at a bar, a lightbulb clicked and a smile immediately spread across her face. Her mechanical wings, which had previously been folded loosely against her back, promptly shot upright and she flew swiftly out of Brood’s hair and disappeared into the slightly ajar door to the bar’s kitchen.

Inside, Wren didn’t dawdle long enough to consider her surroundings and to the staff’s credit (and her own luck), they were busy enough to overlook the tontatta. She was on a mission and though her disposition was one of gleeful mischief, one shouldn’t be fooled by it. Grabbing various bottles of liquor, beer and some more dubious forms of alcohol, Wren tipped the contents into a clean pitcher next to the sink.

”This might not be a good idea,” commented one of her reveries.

“Nonsense!” declared Wren cheerfully. “What kind of loyal crewmate would I be if I ignored my captain’s plight?”

”Uh…one, Brood isn’t having a meltdown and I have no idea what made you think he might be,” said another reverie, looking warily down at her. ”And two, how is that meant to help?”

“What do you mean?” asked Wren, looking up from the bubbly, black concoction that had somehow developed from completely innocent (or as innocent as alcohol can get) ingredients.

There was silence and then a collective sigh before in unison, ”Nevermind.” There was another single and more quiet voice, ”Poor Brood.”

“Now to taste-test!” announced Wren, throwing up her hands in a flourish to reveal her finished and newest devil’s potion.

One thing to remember was that Wren is technically still underage (not that it ever stopped anyone) despite her appearance, but the other thing to remember is that although Wren could manipulate her hormones to increase her tolerance for alcohol, she wasn’t about to do something so convenient. In fact, because her body changed every day including its chemistry, her tolerance for alcohol tended to fluctuate just as drastically as her physical appearance. And so it was completely up to luck and chance as to whether or not Wren would come out of the situation unaffected, tipsy or completely smashed from a mere sip. As it turns out, her luck was immensely good and she returned to Primetime’s table with the pitcher grasped unsteadily in her thin arms, her wings straining from the weight and bubbles laced with alcohol wafting over her head.

“S’prise!” she drawled, dropping the pitcher dead centre on the table. “Ah made it ma’self,” she continued proudly. “Is fir’s time mix’n alcohol, but ah thin’ is a suc-hic-cess!” Suddenly she stopped and stared at each of the crew members around her, before falling into a fit of giggles. “Ya’ shou’d all see da look on your faces! You all has two of ‘em! Wha’s you all talk’n abou’ anyway?”

”A base,” whispered a reverie nervously. As mental projections of Wren’s, some reveries were flying close to the ceiling in a drunken manner, while others still appeared to retain their senses and had caught the final part of the conversation between the Primetime Pirates as Wren approached. The reveries possessed Wren’s scholarly mind and it only took some minor deducing to figure out the context.

“A base, she says,” repeated Wren, slurring as she collapsed onto the handle of the pitcher. “We shoul’ make it here! Dis’ place is fun. Is got sea-kings~"

”Oh god,” moaned the reverie before ducking as another drunk reverie rocketed gleefully for its head and Wren laughed hysterically. This place really was fun.



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Over the course of time since she had made her appearance as member of the Primetime crew, the aspiring Blade Master had started to feel a bit more comfortable and at home with the crazy band of Pirates. Not in the way where she was be able to put her guard down, mind you. But, in the sense in which she had come to be somewhat accepted within the crew without much of a problem. True, it had not been a smooth transition, but she was determined to stay. Perhaps not in the way that others expected her to, but it was besides that point. If anything, it was to look more into what had transpired days prior. After all, her meeting with Brood had proved to be interesting to say the least. Still, he had granted her stay without knowing who she was, but that, in itself, had peaked her curiosity. For that, despite her closely held beliefs, he had gained a bit of her respect. In a way, Serenity had found them all to be somewhat of a disjointed family as well as a group of tightly-knit friends (to an extent). Yet, on the other hand, they were rivals til the end. It was peculiar, but they had somehow seemed to make it work. It was not at all what the young huntress had expected, but she was learning all she could. So far, she had made a sliver of progress. The huntress sighed as she looked over to the horizon. In truth, she had her own personal dislikes for certain members of the oddly crew. Not that she did anything about it, but their characteristics were not at all what she admired in a person.

The Blade Master’s clear blue eyes would then wander towards damaged portion of the ship. Memories of what had transcribed a few hours before would cloud her mind and let out a tired sigh. Shaking her head in vivid disappointment, she would slowly make her way over to the wreckage and inspect the ship of its damages. Serenity would soon brush her delicate fingers against the splintered sections of the ship in deep thought. “They got us good…” Her words trailed off into a murmur as they flew along with the breeze. It had been something out of a storybook, the incident, but they were fortunate enough to leave unscathed. At least, for the most part. Serenity would resume her slow pace, trailing her fingers across the ship, with seemingly nothing better to do. Seraphine would bite her lip as she would turn her eyes back towards the ocean. In a sense, it was enough to make Serenity realize why her Father had never allowed her upon a ship. For, simply knowing that beasts like the one she had seen existed was enough to make a person’s blood curl. Yet, deep inside, there was an unexplainable thrill. The rush of adrenaline and the barking of orders were something in itself. The joy of being alive and the pumping of blood were things that made it all worthwhile in the end. For that reason, she would believe she had made the right choice in accepting the Master’s offer of accompanying them in their travels.

Soon, the ship would approach an unknown island and a bustling of feet along with an exchange of words would be heard throughout. The crew had seen land and, by the looks of what the sea-king left behind, they would need to replenish their ship and stocks. With that in mind, Serenity would then turn her focus to finding her Captain. It wasn’t that she particularly cared about what she should do, but, as his pupil, she would only find it to make sense that she received orders from him. That, or simply take her place behind him in wait. Regardless, it would not take long for them to land, and Serenity would trail behind her Master. She would keep herself poised and aware of her surroundings while the she blended in with the crew. After all, she never knew who would know of her in the places she would visit. Yet, as it turned out, the island was far from aware of what the world around them was going through, If fact, it seemed as if the people had shut themselves from the outside world and made a home for themselves in the deep blue. Soon, the Captain would make his words known, "Keep the bloodshed to a minimum, seems these folks are about to celebrate." Serenity would raise an eyebrow at his decree and said nothing. In a way, Seraphine had made it her mission to remain as inconspicuous as possible. She didn’t wish for the attention, and she would make certain that she would not receive it. So far, it had worked perfectly well.

The Blade Master continued her pace as the Master continued,  "We are going to go into that sea-food restaurant and we are going to have a state of the crew address.” Serenity huffed, biting back a grin. He was a pushy one for sure. “Or you can fuck off and do something else." Serenity tilted her head to the side in avid amusement as her lips curled up into a half smile. In more ways than one, she didn’t understand him and, in a way, she didn’t care much to. But, at the same time, he was of interest. More so due to the fact that he wasn’t the kind of… person that her Grandfather had described. The huntress would bite back a smile at his gesture. Sure, he came out as rough, but he seemed more laid back than anything else. Perhaps it was simply due to the circumstances of their first meeting. Remembering the encounter, her eyes would then cloud as they shifted away from their view ahead. It was of no surprise that after having embarked on the journey with the Pirates, Serenity’s life had undergone a flurry of emotions. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but, deep down, she was afraid of it. Still, she would never show it for she could never come to trust those she traveled with. After all, she knew that in times of true crisis, each was for their own. Her mind would soon come back to the reality of things as most would bade farewell. In part, Serenity wished to accompany the rest, but she knew better. Having made her mind to follow the Master in, she would enter the establishment with a clear head in tow.

The crew that accompanied them would make their way to the back of the restaurant away from the views of prying eyes. It made sense, but, if there was anything she had come to dislike, it was that the only seating arrangements were booths instead of moveable chairs. It definitely gave off a vibe of a more ‘homey’ feel, but it provided very few and limited options to fight of need be. Clearly uncomfortable, Serenity would let out a sigh as she took her seat next to Brood. Shifting around, she would do her best edge her way to the edge of her seat so as to not accidently bump into her Master. It wasn’t that she found him repulsive or the sort, but it was more for the fact that she felt uneasy surrounded by men. Least of all, to be near close proximity to one. Still, she knew it wouldn’t come out as noticeable to the rest, and so she would wait until her Captain spoke. "This endless sailing is getting old,” The Captain would begin. “We need to have a base of our own, here in Paradise.” Serenity could only find herself nodding in agreement. It made sense and, for a base, it would provide stability and a string of revenue when they needed it most. For it to happen though, they had to choose a suitable place. “A place where we can safely plan and operate, without having to lug so many assholes around.” If anything, Serenity was aware of several places, but she would remain silent. At least, for now. “I want you all to suggest a place. We need to figure this out now.” The rest would speak.

Time would go on and the rest of the members would chip in their own opinions of the sort of place they wished to be in. In all honesty, all the places spoken of were of good fortune and, in some ways, had advantages as well as disadvantages. But, for Serenity, there was one place that striked her ideal for this mismatched group. After all, it was a place where her family’s fortune had been stored and passed down to her. If she could get to the place, she would be able to operate more freely as well as be the connection they needed to gain the ins and outs of the place. After all, she was a merchant in trade and the paw human had begun to irritate her. “San Faldo,” She would speak. It would be out of turn, but she felt it only necessary. “I have a place there where we can reside.” Serenity would turn to the table and look directly at Brood. Her eyes would be serious and her words would be sincere. “Master, would it not be ideal for us to have a place where we would have a network as well?” Yet, before her mind could register her next words, she would speak, “If anything, I am sure that my family connections are still strong and-” Her voice would break slightly, trailing off. “” Her brief moment of hesitation would be overcome with a burst of confidence. If anything, it was in order to erase her previous mistake. “It also happens to be a strong hotspot for trade with a carnival setting to boot.” She would only hope he paid her hesitation no mind.
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