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Oh, fair doctor! [Social] Empty Oh, fair doctor! [Social]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:04 am

Don't cause a scene~!

It was a quiet afternoon, only the soft buzzing of summer insects filled the background and Ronx rolled lazily in the meadows just outside of the town. The scenery was one of tranquility, with hills extending as far as the eye could see in front and the seaport town, Kelo, just behind him. After a day of stifling warmth, the evening had brought on a refreshing breeze from the sea and Ronx nestled himself comfortably in the long grass, feeling his eyes lower drowsily. With a small, serene smile resting on his lips, his long lashes brushing his cheeks, his slim hands clasped together over his chest and his golden hair shimmering under the sun and breeze, he was a stunning image to behold. Such charming innocence and undeniable nobility of the lavish tuxedo he wore; no one would dare disturb the young man, just as one would have feared to disrupt the stillness of a sleeping beauty. But that was exactly what Theodore B. Cherry would inevitably do, typical of the crass child he was who lacked an innate appreciation for art.

“Alice! I finally found you!” a roar broke the calm chittering of the insects and the sound of footsteps stormed towards the sleeping man. Ronx’s eyes fluttered gently open before bulging as a tiny foot sank painfully into his stomach. “What have I told you about running off on your own and getting lost?!” As he snarled these words, he stomped several more times for good measure, less to make his point and more to take out the frustration that had accumulated during the past hour of running around town trying to locate his wayward captain.

“Cherry,” squeaked Ronx when he was finally released from the terror and he curled up into a tight ball to nurse his stomach. “I was wondering where you had gone.”

A vein above the young boy’s left eyebrow twitched and he lifted his foot as though to pummel it once more into his captain. Ronx rolled out of the way just as the foot landed inches away from his face and just as he let out a sigh of relief, Cherry swept his foot back up, kicking him in the face. While the child puffed out his chest in pride of outsmarting his older companion, Ronx squirmed in newfound pain. The boy then reached down and grabbed him by the scruff before marching back into town with the captain openly weeping in tow.

“When are you going to stop acting like a child and start doing your job properly?” grumbled Cherry, throwing Ronx to the ground once he had gotten tired of giving him a free ride. “You’re a commander for the NRA! You should be aiming higher instead of pandering in small towns like this!”

“I had a good feeling about this place,” explained Ronx, scrambling to his feet before hurrying after the child. He brushed dust off his mantle and clothes, but the white imprint of Cherry’s sole on his stomach took some work. “Besides, if I aim any higher, eventually there won’t be any higher places to go, right?” He said this cheerfully while reaching into his pocket and pulling out a red drawstring pouch. He pulled the strings free and offered its contents to the younger boy, knowing the treats would soften his mood. Cherry twisted his lips into a pout as though to say he wouldn’t be bribed, but his eyes peeked treacherously to the side and he relented without further persistent encouragement.

“Your lack of ambition is the reason why we have so few people willing to join our crew,” mumbled Cherry while his hand rustled around the pouch before pulling out a lollipop with red and blue swirls.

“Are you unhappy with the people in our crew?” asked Ronx, feigning worry.

“N-No!” stammered Cherry and Ronx giggled inwardly. It was so much fun drawing out the boy inner tsundere. “It’s just you could be doing greater things!” His face reddened and he gnawed on the hard candy furiously. “Don’t get me wrong, I-I’m not saying you’re a great commander or anything! I just think the crew deserves better!”

Ronx’s countenance softened as he regarded the child. He reached down and ruffled the boy’s brown hair, but before he could say anything, a cry interrupted him. “YOU!” Ronx looked up to see a massive man with bulging muscles standing terse in front of a shop. His eyes were wide and he pointed a finger accusingly at Ronx. “You’re the one who took all the candy I was selling!”

There was a moment of confused silence before Ronx bolted in the opposite direction, dragging the stunned Cherry along with him. “What is going on?” he gasped, finding his feet to run alongside his captain, his pale blue eyes wide with shock. “You did pay for this lollipop, right?”

“I did!” panted Ronx as they turned a corner, before ducking behind a set of conveniently placed crates and the shop owner charged past them without realising. “Well, I bartered.”

“With what?” demanded Cherry, his eyes narrowing with suspicion.

“Some very precious knickknacks,” was the cheerful reply as he checked that the coast was clear before straightening.

Cherry slapped his palm against his forehead with a groan, before sighing. “It wouldn’t surprise me if the existence of your bounty is purely based on candy related incidence rather than actual revolution causes.” When Ronx appeared interested by the notion, Cherry turned a glare on his. “Let’s go, we’re leaving this island, now!”


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Oh, fair doctor! [Social] Empty Re: Oh, fair doctor! [Social]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:26 pm
Like most of the days that had passed since Valkyrie’s arrival, the passing weeks were of a bright sunny, sky blue variety without much of a hint of clouds in the sky. In more ways that one, it was what many would consider to be the ideal combination of tranquility and calmness within the balance of the overall perfect day. Similarly, the chill of the morning air would warm significantly as the sun rose higher, thus leaving it to be a light breeze that wafted out and about the otherwise calm town. For many, it would be a great opportunity and time to enjoy and make the most of the time. Yet, for the doctor, it would be far from ideal. Not that it truly affected her in any way, but she was never one to truly be able to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. After all, these were the days that most of her clients would come pouring in to be cured and/or to fix an injury. Not that Meghan minded doing her job as she was one to enjoy it, but she hadn’t been able to make time for herself. Moreso due to the fact that her assistant, Morgan, was one to never pay attention to Meghan’s schedule. In other words, she made sure Meghan never took much of a break. This often bothered the aspiring doctor, yet she knew that Morgan meant no ill will. She made it work, but there would be a time where Morgan would regret it with a decrease in pay. Yet, if there was anything that Valkyrie had come to truly detest, it would be unwarranted noise at a time like this.

Not to much of a surprise, things would soon turn awry as the calmness of the office would come to a halt for commotion would spring and the yells of several would be heard outside of the doctor’s door. It would have been something that the young woman could have ignored, if not for the fact that the noise would not stop. In fact, it only brought more noise as people would cry out and a tumbling of objects would be heard throughout. Thankfully, she had no cases to look over, but, nonetheless, this was exactly what Valkyrie hated. Sure she would appreciate noise every now and then, but, for now, she wished it gone. Still, in the spring of things, it was a rare occurrence for it to happen within the town. After all, not much happened anyways. Regardless and growling inwardly, she shuffled irritable through her stacks of papers as the townspeople cried out every now and then. In the end, her irritation won and her papers would slam against the wooden table of her workplace. “Morgan!” Her angry exclamation would not go unnoticed by her secretary. After all, it was now clear that Meghan had finally reached her breaking point. “What on Earth is going on outside?” Morgan would simply shake her head and shrug without a care for her boss’ irritation. It was not that Morgan did not care, but it was that she was now used to Meghan’s boredom and otherwise hasty remarks. Not like this was any different from the befores. “Dunno.” Silence would ensue.

There would be a long, silent pause before Morgan would look back up at Valkyrie in sheer boredom and with an uninterested demeanor. It was obviously clear that the doctor was now clearly annoyed with her reply. Still, Morgan was not one to care and continued her onslaught, “Not like it really matters, right?” Meghan’s eyes would slowly begin to narrow dangerously in a form of challenge towards her employee. It wasn’t that she was angry, but more for the fact that Morgan had not to find out the origination of the commotion. Sure it did not matter, but she was curious. Yet, unlike the effect she wished to create, Morgan would roll her eyes and resume her endless piles of work. Surprised confusion would then cloud the doctor’s mind at her assistant's action and blatant uninterest. And so, unsure of what to do next or how to proceed, Meghan would simply shake her head and look out the window with a sigh. It appeared that her close friend was useless in times like these. But, in the end, she supposed that Morgan was right. Shrugging it off and returning to her work, she would soon begin to note that the noise outside had started to slowly tone down. Turning to the door, she would furrow her brow in confusion in an attempt to figure out what had gone on. Yet, to no avail, she came out with nothing. Before long, the aspiring doctor noticed crates that had been left piled up against her door. With a frown, she would look back at her secretary in question.

Meghan bit her lip and returned her gaze at the crates. Had she ordered more supplies or had they been left by mistake? There was only one way to find out and so she would turn to Morgan for answers. “These the new orders?” Morgan would just shrug. This proved to be of no help to the doctor and so, with a tired sigh, Valkyrie stood and neared the door only to hear hushed voices just centimeters from the closed door. “...bartered.” Meghan raised an eyebrow as she stood frozen at the entrance. Had she just heard a voice? Picking up the nearest tool, a reflex hammer, she placed her hand upon the doorknob. “With what?” Came another voice similar to that of a child. “Some very precious knickknacks.” Valkyrie’s eyes would suddenly glisten in newfound opportunity. Surely this would prove advantages to her. “Let’s go, we’re leaving this island, now!” It would be then that the doctor would open the door -a small, amused smirk decorating her lips. “And go where?” It would be clear that she had overheard. Meghan would gesture towards the flurry of townspeople looking for what she supposed would be the child and the young man. “If anything, wouldn’t you be heading straight towards all of them?” Of course, she would prove to be their savior. “Wait it out here if you’d like,” Meghan would smile warmly at them. “Or feel free to come in. You’ll be safe there for the time being.” Question now was, what would they choose to do next.

Oh, fair doctor! [Social] Empty Re: Oh, fair doctor! [Social]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:00 am

Don't cause a scene~!

Cherry’s immediate response to the unsolicited invitation was obviously something along the lines of, “No freakin’ way!” But Ronx’s mind rattled a little differently and he acted before the words could fall out of the boy’s mouth. The look of surprise on his face—greatly contrasted by the look to sheer outrage on his child companion’s—quickly transformed into delight and he swung the boy onto his shoulders before a single word of protest could be made. “How wonderful,” he commented as he entered the doctor’s clinic, with the kind of ease that only a member well acquainted with place could have. He clearly had no recollection of having met the woman before, but he demonstrated little restraint in examining her workplace with intrigue. He was so absorbed in exploring this new room that he had completely forgotten his little bundle of joy, until that little bundle kicked his feet up, managing to lodge one foot solidly in the blonde man’s face and wriggling free. He handed on the floor, glaring up at the two women with a level of distrust that made up for his captain’s absence of it.

“First of all,” he snarled, before turning his eyes on his captain. “Don’t enter a stranger’s house without first confirming they can be trusted! Second of all,” he turned back to the women, the little bundle of joy seething with suspicion. “I don’t know what motive you have for hiding us, but we were in no such danger of being found and we were definitely in no danger of being harmed.”

“Except loss of pride,” chirped in Ronx, having recovered from the boy’s attack. He dealt with such abuse on a daily basis and his skin was so thick that his pains were mostly theatrics nowadays (not to condone domestic violence, children should not learn from dear Cherry). The young revolutionary commander took a step towards the two women, one who fashioned a confident smirk and the other appearing just as annoyed as Cherry at the new commotion albeit containing it much more admirably that he did. “Pardon me, I have yet to thank you for your help,” he said with an air of grandiose civilness. “My name is Alice B. Ronx and this is my dear companion, Theodore B. Cherry.” The boy scoffed, turning his back on the group with his arms crossed. “As you can see, he has a bit of an attitude but the secret is that it only makes him more adorable.”

Cherry’s face flushed with fury and the lollipop he still clenched in his mouth shattered between his teeth . “Are you done?”

“Quite,” replied Ronx cheerfully. “Wait, where are you going?”

“Back to the ship,” was the short reply as the boy headed for a window that faced away from the street they had previously been on. “I’ve spent half the day looking for you, so the others should have stocked up on supplies by now.”

“Already?” cried Ronx in dismay. “But we haven’t repaid these two for helping us yet!”

“We didn’t need help,” snapped Cherry, pushing the window up. “Tell me how an old man selling candy would have been any danger to a wanted man by the marines?”

“You weren’t scared of him?” asked Ronx with a look of wonder and admiration. “I was. He didn’t look very happy about the deal we made.”

Cherry paused, knowing better than to admonish him again. Instead, he took a deep breath and jumped up onto the windowsill before turning back to face his captain. “What was it that you bartered with again?”

“The broken fan you left on the table last night,” was the enthusiastic reply, which was only met by a blank stare.

The boy took another deep breath, as though to mentally restrain himself from launching yet another attack at his captain. “Say good bye to those two. We’re leaving.” With that, he turned and leapt out of the window, before disappearing swiftly towards the port where their ship lay waiting. This left Ronx alone with the women who he still had yet to become better acquainted with and he turned to them with an apologetic smile.

“Thank you again,” he said, bowing his head politely and for a moment, the folly he had displayed throughout their exchange was replaced by an air of sophistication. He turned away and scrambled out the window, that moment of refinement lost when his mantle caught on the window when he tried to close it on his way out and a battle ensued with the window almost coming out as the victor until a rush a strength erupted and Ronx tumbled unceremoniously to the floor when his mantle pulled free. When he stood, he waved optimistically to the two women and skipped leisurely after his companion who had long since disappeared.


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