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Bearing a Bear's Ways Coolte13


Merry Christmas Adventurers!
As mentioned last week, we are now entering completely new territory with this event, and so, there may be some things you’ll have to bear with. One of them might be abrupt changes through the event when it comes to the posting order. Details of how the posting order will work are explained below.

First Round
The first round of posts will be free - as in, anyone can post without worrying about “whose turn is it”. It is highly recommended, however, that you discuss with any of your crew/group mates OOCly how you plan to enter the event. The details of the settings for each faction will be provided in the NPC post after this post.

NPC Impies
The NPC account (managed by the staff) will be controlling all of the major Impies (important NPC characters) on top of controlling the pace of the plot. There may be quite a bit of exposition, but worry not, the players will still have full control of what they want to do. The Impies might attempt to give you orders/missions, but it is up to you to obey or defy them.

Do keep in mind that whatever you do, it could have major impact on the overall plot. So try not to bite off more than you can chew! (i.e. If you directly challenge a level 100 Impie without any sort of backup and end up arrested or dead, only you can be blamed.)

RP groups
Once the first round of posts is complete, each player can form their own “RP group” in the thread. Each group only has to wait for their group mates to finish posting before repeating the post order. This means that groups might start to become out of sync time-wise, however, the NPC will keep this under control and maybe slow down a group if necessary. When you form or change a group, please also include an OOC spoiler note in your post to keep the NPC informed.

You are welcome to freely switch between groups or merge with other groups, so long as both parties are informed accordingly OOCly.

If you are not part of any groups, it is recommended that you wait for at least 4-5 players to post before posting yourself.

Time limit
When it is your turn to post, if you don’t post within 4 days (96 hours), your turn will be considered as “missed”. It will then be the following character’s turn to post. If you miss more than 4 posts, you will start losing 20% of the total rewards for each post you miss after.

That being said, do your best to make your mark on the world (if that is your wish), and most of all, have fun with it!


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”Para para para para para~ Para para par-kaccha~”


”How’s it looking?”

”Hard to say for sure, but the gulls haven’t spared any measures. Ten warships and plenty of smaller ships. Too many to count.”

”And what about us? How many mercs?”

”You worried about us, cap’n?”

”Don’t be cheeky, Bagh. Tell me.”

”Fine, fine. We’ve managed to hire at least twenty pirate crews—some big, some small. They should be enough of a distraction to allow us to focus on the cream of the crop. Cubb called just a few minutes ago and confirmed that Redhand is there along with the Demon-in-glasses. Those two make a risky pair. Thankfully, the Sky Knight isn’t here like we thought.”

”That means we’ll have to deal with him at Mariejois.”

”That’s assuming the Duke’s theory is right and they are, in fact, deceiving us by hinting a change in the Reverie’s location.”

”I understand your doubts, Bagh. But, you’d be wise not to make them known so boldly. Your relationship with him doesn’t speak for the crew’s.”

”Sorry cap’n.”

”Never mind that. Among the mercs, have you got anyone actually useful?”

”Aye. The Primetime pirates—a bunch that are well known around these parts—look promising if a bit unhinged. There are a few other decent ones which I can’t remember the names of, but they should be plenty.”

”So be it.”

”You be careful… cap’n.”


The panther-mink looked on from the cat-shaped figurehead, his amber pupils narrowing under the merciless sun. In the far distance, there it was. Las Camp—the most prominent navy base in West Blue. As observed before, the silhouettes of ten warships were clear even through the mirage of summer and the tormented sprays of the sea. Countless ships followed the Laguz, their combined mass wading through the waters like a famished titan. Death had come.


”Vice Admiral Warp! Vice Admiral Gordon! The enemy fleet has been spotted! There are at least twenty ships being led by the Laguz.”

”Ohhh, is that sooooo? That’s really too baaaad.” The elderly uniformed officer yawned and stretched, peeling himself from a makeshift wicker chair. ”It’s almost time for my afternoon nap though. Can’t they come back later?”

The scout struggled to keep a straight face, which was noted by the other officer standing next to the older one. ”See what you’ve done? You interrupted the old man’s sleepy-time. How are you going to make it up to him now?” The young one hesitated and stumbled over his own words. ”B-but, Vice Admiral Gor-Gordon. I-I..” Both the mischief-makers laughed deviously, the younger of the two patting his subordinate with sympathy before pushing up the bridge of his glasses with his middle finger.

”Don’t panic. Go report to each of the rear admirals and pass on the following orders: Protect your stations at all costs. As soon as they land, the 118th battalion will engage them first. As they enter the plaza, we’ll box them in from all four sides. Make sure you tell Steps that he retreat before the invaders wreck the entirety of 118th. We can't box them in if the rear is open.”

Warp bellowed and roared like a randy stag, his laugh bludgeoning all subordinates around him. ”That brat’s never had to be taught a lesson in moderation. I’d be more worried that he might sleep through the entire battle. Wahahahaha!” A defeated smile appeared on the younger Vice Admiral, who nodded in agreement and sent off the nervous reporter.

Below the platform on which they waited, stood two notorious pirates—Demon Blade and Iron Beast. The red-haired young man was locked inside a mobile cage, frowning like a child. ”Those fucking bastards. Using me like I’m some beast.” In response to which the Demon-in-glasses called out. ”You do call yourself the Iron Beast. We’re just helping you live up to your name." The red-headed delinquent scoffed and spit in the vice admiral's general direction, mumbling to himself while making his toasted bottom comfortable on the hot, metal floor of the cage.


”And how’re those troublemakers handling it?”

”One moment they make me wish you’d sent me alone. The next moment I can’t seem to get by without them. I really don’t know how quiet they’ll be, Djinn-san.”

”Bear with it, Garland. We need to find out why they framed us for the massacre at Lumina Bridge. And you know better than to doubt Price’s instincts. If he says you’ll find some answers there, I believe him.”

”Then why didn’t he come to babysit these guys himself?!”

”Oh? It’s rare to hear the Black Mage complain.”

”I can hear your smirk from here, Djinn-san.”

”Don’t assume things. Besides, it’s not like I didn’t send you a backup babysitter. Has he caught up yet?”

”He’s sitting right beside me. The others don’t know he’s here yet. I’ve yet to introduce him."

”Better get to it.”

”I’ll keep you updated, Djinn-san.”

”I’d expect nothing less. Kaccha.”

”Alright then, let’s have you meet the Bonbon X candies, shall we?”


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occulte à la carte
Four months of surfing lessons for scratch. Even more time spent scheduling a quiet, pleasant vacation: goose eggs, sure as she had a mind to leave some over the heads of those responsible for ruining it. She’d even been invested enough to pick out a new bikini and matching sarong that suited her tastes, something she might even privately dare declare “sexy,” only to have the poor fabrics doomed to rest in her wardrobe for another time. All because that headline in the News Coo had some weight of truth behind it, and the Feral Pirates had likely bitten off more than even they they could chew, whether they realized it or not.

Not that turning away from their rallying call would prove an easy feat, especially when the Xu Fu had the pure misfortune of being in the same Blue as them at the same time, too close for her to feign ignorance. And it wasn’t just Apollo’s Pompokolin: before Laurel’s desk in the “Den Den Den,” the Xu Fu’s Mushi-laden bridge, was spread out a live feed of the legions of pirate ships; some familiar, others obscure, all brought to the same place by the same entity.

“Scant’s happening yet and this is already a pain in the urse,” Laurel said with a heavy sigh, tobacco smoke blowing through her nostrils and a deckhand’s loud groan echoing across the room. Even with the shame of a recent defeat hanging over Firebear’d’s shoulders, his name and reputation as a Yonkou still held incredible sway across the high seas. Shame meant nothing, and the old bear commanded respect even far outside his own crew. Leaving at the risk of earning a “yellow-bellied” reputation was one thing; the Hundred-Faced Supernova could do without fellow pirates opening fire on her crew or ship while a Yonkou screamed mutiny, whether it was deserved or not.

Something stank about Las Camp of late, however. According to the News Coo, the latest Reverie would be held here, a peculiar deviation from time-honored tradition. Laurel had her own opinion on the matter — an opinion that may or may not have been shared by those freedom-fighting Minks, much as she respected their cause — but as the Laguz came into view, there could be no denying that there was something of value to be had besides simple loot. The whole thing made the scars on her back and left foot itch, somehow. Laurel hoped it was just nerves.

Still, she kept the Xu Fu at the perimeter of the crowd of other pirate ships, like a lackadaisical shepherd watching over her restless flock. A flock being willingly led to a den of wolves. Once again: something stank about Las Camp of late. And sympathetic to the Minks as she may have been out of respect to her old mentor, there could be no denying the Feral Pirates played a crucial element right now. Even if they personally bore no ill will towards their fellow scoundrels, the Hundred-Faced Supernova still gave a knowing glance back to her navigator, half-expecting either the boy or the ship’s network of Prokos and Camekos to spot something—anything—out of the ordinary even this early in the task. A dispatch of Marine ships from another island to accost them where they least expect it, perhaps. Laurel hoped it would be something better.

Eventually, she heaved another smoke-laden sigh, shoulders sagging, and a crick of annoyance and defeat marred her usual cool smile. “If we truly must,” she whined, half her mind still pining for a getaway vacation in Paradise, now abandoned. She motioned to an apprentice, “You there—see if we have a White Den Den Mushi lying around somewhere. Just in case.”

Meanwhile, she leaned to a cabinet, and drew out a sleeping regular Den Den Mushi—regular, inasmuch as one designed in her own image could be, considering the leaf betwixt its retracted eye stalks and brownish stripes running around its shell. The creature reluctantly opened its eyes, yawned, and looked up to its owner as if to ask, why? The poor thing—Laurel could certainly relate right now. Unfortunately, its protests, and hers, would have to wait.

“I suppose there’s no harm in punching our names in for the roll call. So rise and shine, my dear, and let us make this beary important call to the Laguz just ahead. Perhaps we’ll find out more about the grisly tasks that await us, mm?”
Bearing a Bear's Ways Tg4Ok47


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”Hmm? what do you want?”

Funny enough, Ryuji had just been recovering at Las Camp for a significant amount of time after his naval battle with a pirate alliance on the Blue seas, he had been injured in battle... Ryuji had thought that with a very tight and protective place like Las Camp, Ryuji could sit back and relax his mind for a while before he would go back to active duty... but nope, it seems that trouble has found him this time. It started with constant reports of increased marine activity happening throughout West Blue, then after reading the news coo, a many other events had started to lead most people to believe that Las Camp is going to be the target of the Feral Pirates due to the Reverie to be hosted at Las Camp, Ryuji took this situation even more seriously when big shots of the marines had come to Las Camp. Vice-Admirals Warp D. Bryon and Bart Gordon which had Ryuji worried.

His worries became reality however, as many hours ago, ten warships had arrived and were already ordered to be stationed at specific spots of Las Camps port, before Ryuji could call the shots for him to control a Warship near the bay, they had already been taken by most of the other high-ranks, he wanted to still assume control of one at first but the advice of Captain Kuro, a notable member under the command of the 45th Shock Battalion and expert in naval combat told Ryuji it isn't wise to, Ryuji was surprised that a man who's fearless of the sea felt it was ill for Ryuji to be on the frontlines like that, and took his advice... so now, the 45th Shock Battalion is one of the many Battalions stationed on Las Camp in a strategic location, on the land until ordered otherwise.

As said, Ryuji's battalion had been waiting for hours, on high-alert for enemy pirate ships to attack at any time, but Ryuji had felt drowsy on the spot, tired of all the waiting. He could hear footsteps coming close to him however, as he turned to his right to see a reporter. "Sir! I-" "Report." Ryuji had instantly cut him off, which led to the reporter showing a confused look, but did so afterwards. "Right, enemy pirate ships have been spotted, at least around twenty ships being led by the Laguz, Vice-Admiral Gordon wants all Rear-Admirals to stay stationed at where they are." Ryuji punched his fist against his other hands palm in excitement, which slightly shook the reporter. "Finally! some action!" Captain Kuro had calmly walked up from the line of marines, saying "Uh... Rear-Admiral Kazama, don't forget the warships, it might be a while until they actually land." Ryuji's excitement had been shot down, as he looked down in disappointment. He then went back to a serious tone, looking at the reporter. "Very well, thank you for the report, you're dismissed." he had quickly ran off.

Ryuji let out a sigh, "Who was the idiot who suggested that we stay back here instead of being at one of the warships?" Captain Kuro had slightly stuttered, looking at Ryuji with a shocked face. "That "idiot" would be me, Rear-Admiral..." Ryuji looked back at Captain Kuro with a raised eyebrow. "I rest my case then." Captain Kuro was about to speak back, but he held it back and stood back into the shoulder-by-shoulder line of marines. Ryuji looked back at the front, placing both of his hands behind his head. "Nonetheless, were waiting for a while, if were lucky hopefully we won't even need to fight them on land... nevermind, that's too optimistic." he then placed his hands down and into his pockets, a more serious tone had come back once more as he waited patiently for what might come.


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Don't cause a scene~!

“I cannot believe I agreed to that,” grumbled Antoinette, leaping off the creaking cart as it approached land. With her tall figure, she managed to cross the last stretch of water gracefully without any expense to her billowing skirt, but the passengers she abandoned yelped with fright as the floating cart rocked precariously. “Oh, stop your wailing!” she snapped before a word of complaint could leave the lips of her crewmates. “Oliver, you know this is all your fault. Why did you have to answer the call from that damned Djinn?”

“That’s Djinn-san to you, witch!” barked the smaller girl, always ready with a fiery retort at any ill mention to her idol.

“Don’t get started again, you hags,” grumbled Cherry bad-mannerly, reaching for the edge of the dock. He tried to scramble unceremoniously off the fleshy mountain piled on top of the cart, failed and caused another wave of panic to resonate across the remaining crew. “And I’m not taking sides, but if Oliver hadn’t been hanging off every word from the geezer leader and insisted on being ”discreet”, we wouldn’t all be piled on top of Alice’s cart.”

“I’ll tear that shrimp to shreds when all this is over,” promised Becker from the water at the head of the cart, blowing angry bubbles on the surface of the water as he dragged the cart closer to the dock. “Cherry, stop moving or I’ll sink the bloody cart.”

“Careful, everyone!” muttered Fable nervously, who had been forced to swim alongside the cart on account of his sheer size and weight. Despite that, he had refused to discard a single item of clothing and he paid the price for his stubborn decision. He had struggled to stay afloat as he paddled clumsily from the Wonderland Hatch, which was anchored far off in the distance where it would remain unspotted if it weren’t looked for. “We have a devil fruit user onboard and Becker really can’t afford to save her if she falls off.”

Credible to his unspoken role as the crew mediator, the comment proved to silence the Bonbons. At least until they were all assembled on the dock.

Still grumbling under his breath, Becker pulled himself out of the water and Fable flopped down next to him, panting heavily as his soaken clothes dripped and pooled under his body. In contrast, Becker was in perfect fashion form and the water simply slipped effortlessly off his clothes. To his credit, the bombastically dressed fishman had put in an attempt at the whole “discreet” plan. But when Antoinette had made her ostentatious arrival to the upper deck that morning in her enormously poofy dress, daring bertha neckline and heaving parasol, Becker had stormed furiously and red-faced back to his cabin.

When he returned, he had on a pair of pink leather pants, ripped sporadically with a golden chain wrapped twice through the belt hoops. Above it, he wore a mesh singlet paired with a fabulous white trench coat festooned with sequins and an explosive array of rainbow feathers lining the sleeves and hood. Thick, golden chains adorned his neck and more delicate chains wound several times around both his forearms, attached to heavily jewelled rings on his thumb and middle finger. Perched daringly on his head, he sported a feather headdress with golden plaits twisted around the crown.

He had swept his azure eyes across the crew when he had made his second appearance, daring them to question him. But they had all deftly avoided his eyes, with the exception of Antoinette who had smirked knowingly. Because as ridiculous as they declared him to be out loud, they secretly admitted he looked great (what’s Becker’s thoughts doing in the narration?!).

“I dare you to say that about Djinn-san again!” shouted Oliver, her violet eyes sparking.

“Why are you so obsessed with him anyway?” countered Freya. He stood back-to-back with his twin, Friday, who appeared disinterested in the current skirmish.

“It’s not like he’d be interested in a runt like you, anyway,” added Friday boredly, affirming that he was ready to backup his brother despite his own divestment.

Oliver reeled back, an expression of sheer horror spreading across her face as though the twins had dealt a physical blow. She spluttered incoherently, but failed to deliver one of the fluent retorts she was so renowned for.

“Now, now,” a voice with strained cheerfulness sounded from the cart.

Heads turned to the young captain of the rowdy bunch, who had been buried at the very bottom of the passengers and had suffered the full consequences to his back. He now quite literally understood the true responsibilities in carrying the weight of a crew on his shoulders as its captain. Sweeping his eyes across the group, he then clambered unsteadily off his beloved cart—currently deprived of his beloved treasures—feeling his bones complain noisily in the process.

“We’re here now, so we might as well do what we were ordered to,” he declared boldly, throwing his chin forward.

His crew stared dumbfoundedly at him, disbelieving.

“What?” he asked, with a hint of indignity.

They turned abruptly to Becker, expecting him to understand the sudden roundabout in their “respectful” captain’s behaviour. The crew wasn't in a habit of turning to the moody fishman, but desperate times apparently called for desperate measures. The fishman—currently in the process of swiping drops of water off his blue-scaled skin—paused and shrugged.

“You heard him,” he said and continued to rid himself of the last potentially damaging droplets.

More silence ensued; mouths gaped; eyes bulged. Whatever was going to happen to Bonbon X now?


cait at btn

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The large clunker of a machine known as the Big Time slowly went forth among the fleet, it was a monstrously sized ship with so many canons aboard it that they were visible from any of the other ships within this twenty-ship armada. The Big Time's unique look was complimented by the sheer size of their single sail which had a demented looking clown face upon the front of it. It was the signal that the Primetime Pirates had arrived, those merciless privateers who did whatever they wanted for money and did whatever they wanted in general. The main deck was covered from front to back with suit wearing individuals who had pirate flags covering their mouths, as these were the countless pirate grunts of the team. Each one having their faces painted in clown make-up of some kind whilst also wearing designer suits so magnificent that one could assume they costed a pretty penny. The colors of these suits ranged from obnoxious pink and green colors to suitable browns and blues. These mafioso looking individuals were in their battle attires, ready to showcase to the world that the Primetime Pirates were more than just 'this years hot commodity'. There was only one goal in mind today, catching the attention of the World Government so that they officially recognized the Prime Pirates for what and who they were. Individuals of a great deal of importance. This was shown evidently when two large wooden doors found themselves swinging open with a great deal of force. Their hinges nearly coming off as several individuals emerged from the meeting-hall on the upper most portion of the ship. Leading the group of well dressed pirates was none other than the madman himself, Brood Xaldin Bach. They psychopaths had finally arrived and with them would come a waft of death, mutilation and insanity. For the Primetime Pirates were bred for this, the were the scum of the North Blue.

Without any hesitation he made his way forward, a slow and prodding pace that allowed the metal heels of his snake-skinned boots to clack against the metallic coating aboard the hull of the ship. The man wearing a large black trench-coat that covered his mouth with several buckles. He'd allow his waltz to get him towards the front of the ship itself, where he'd raise himself upwards onto the very edge of it, elevated by the barrier known as the railing. He'd reach down and rip off his trench-coat, revealing his bare chest and the endless muscular frame that he had gained over his long hard life. The numerous scars covering every inch of his torso and back being both pronounced and for all to bare witness too. He'd let his now revealed mouth hang open as his tongue would run circles around his lips. The moisture mixing with the salt of the sea breeze and allowing a chill to wash over the male's figure. He'd smile as he'd peer out at the Marine base, his own excitement causing numerous blood veins and vessels to react in a manner that showcased he was fully awake. He'd cross his arms for a moment as he peered out into the vast expanse. He needed no plan of attack, but he was very clear to most members of his crew that they were to stay on board until the fighting had reached the midway point. He wanted to minimize the causalities of his primary members on his own end, since the grunts would be extremely expendable here and now. His objectives were threefold. First he wanted to make sure he captured as many slaves from this place as possible. Needing them to replenish the deaths his crew would suffer. Second he needed to impress the Marines, they wouldn't just invite any random person to be a Shichibukai member. With that being said, he wasn't exactly sure if his actions today would be in his best interest. But he had to risk it, after-all, he want to be seen as a threat.

He would uncross his arms, eye's fixated ahead still as he spoke to the members of his crew whose names were worth remembering. He wasn't the kind of person who cared about weaklings with no true potential. "Were were contracted here to execute a job on the behalf of one of the Yonko, specifically the one who hails from the mink tribe. This is a good thing for us since it means we were on this man's radar despite only being a Supernova. I want you all to be at your best for what is too come. This isn't going to be like all the other times we've fought as a unit. Death is in the air here, thick and heavy. It's...invigorating. Wren, you're with me, I trust the rest of you can do whatever you wish at your own discretion." He stated clearly and without any hindrance to his cremates. "WE ARE HERE TO CAUSE DAMAGE! WE ARE HERE TO KILL! I WANT AT LEAST A HUNDRED OF THEM CRUCIFIED BEFORE THE SUN SETS!!" He projected his voice, since he was addressing his entire crew now. "FOR WE BRING DEATH!!" He'd outstretch bot of his hands, fingers spread apart, and he'd lift those hands upwards in the air. He'd lean his head backwards and would take in a deep breath. His eyes becoming bloodshot almost immediately as he let out a scream the likes of which could have made him appear to be some sort of ravenous animal. Like a mixture between a crocodile and a hyena. "WE BRIIIIIING WAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His roar was fierce and it caused a chain reaction upon his ship. Causing his grunts to cheer excessively and scream as loud as they could. Beating their rifles and swords against the ship like tribal warriors. The man allowed his aura of mayhem to be revealed in all of it's glorious splendor. He'd start to beat his chest like a madman, it was time for some cannibalism.


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Honestly, this plan shouldn't have worked. Unlike every other Pirate Crew that was there, The Blue Hair Pirates actually hadn't known about the massive event that was coming. In truth, their typical disguise had changed. Rather than being part of the caravan of Merchant ships that they were sailing alongside, they were sailing as a sort of guard for the ships themselves. Alexa supposed that it made sense. The Azure Night was built for speed and defense. They could take more than a few hits if they needed to. Still..there was one thing that worried her as she turned, following the group she was told to follow. "Are we sure this is a sound idea? You and I both know that there should be at least some kind of patrols out here." And there it was. Alexa sighed softly as she heard Jason Morris, the first mate and man who technically owned the ship, approach from behind.

"Yeah. I know. But these people were offering up a legitimate source of income for us. You and I both know that we can't exactly go about and raid innocent people. Only one member of this whole crew would be for that, after all. On top of that, we aren't exactly really well known, or all that powerful. We're just following the people we were told to follow for now. That's all."  The young Captain said, sighing and rubbing her face with one hand. They were apparently coming as a guard ship for a bunch of merchants who wanted to set up shop in Las Camp for some event called 'The Reverie'. For some reason, it sounded really familiar to Alexa. But she couldn't exactly place why.

"Yeah, yeah. I get it. Caution and whatnot. But this just seems..a touch fishy." He said as they slowly pulled into the Harbor of Las Camp. "Yeah, especially since these damn idiots had us come in from the wrong side of the island." Came another voice. Oh. That explained quite a bit. As the anchor was dropped, Alexa looked downwards. "What do you mean Pierce? This was the way they mapped out, and you didn't say anything when they did it." She said, obviously seeming rather confused. "I mean that we're not in the right harbor. That's why we didn't see any real patrols. There's a chance that these people weren't being entirely truthful. Here, take this and look towards the horizon."

He said, tossing a Spyglass at Alexa, one which was caught rather easily. Of course, his request made her sigh as she turned, facing the horizon from where she was standing. And as she peered through the spyglass..she discovered something rather interesting. Many, MANY small specks sailing through the very obvious patterns. Well then. "Alright..Pierce. Make sure everyone knows that we need to be cautious. Im not too sure that this island's gonna be safe for too long, if the marines here have such heavy patrols going." She said as she tossed back his Spyglass. This was a VERY interesting dilemma. If they had such heavy patrols..then how did they get through them without seeing any in the first place?

There were many questions running through Alexa's mind at the moment. Still, she took a few steps back from the wheel..and began to sink. The wood underneath her feet rippled and bent, almost like it was becoming liquid. As she took a deep breath, Alexa allowed herself to sink, landing with a light grunt in the small office that was in her personal quarters. Of course, given the light snoring she heard, it was very likely that Noir had wriggled her way into the room again. Still, she sighed. Without much ceremony, her swords were strapped to her waist, and her newly upgraded gloves were tugged onto her hands. After that, it was a simple matter of putting on her belt. That alone took another five minutes, solely because she had to take out each individual grenade that was holstered in the belt before she put it on, and then had to put them back in one at a time.

After that, she opened the door that led into her main quarters, not even bothering to look at the source of the snoring before she yelled. "ALRIGHT, WE'RE HERE. EVERYONE GO AHEAD AND DISEMBARK. GO DO WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU PLANNED TO DO ONCE WE LANDED!" She said, knowing full well that Pierce had likely warned everyone aside from whoever it was that was sleeping in her room. Today was shaping up to be a rather..interesting day. But still..they needed to be careful. If the patrols were as heavy as that, it meant that the marines here were expecting something bad.

NPC's Used | 2:
Bearing a Bear's Ways Vk6odI4
Name : Richard Maxwell
Epithet : Plague Rat
Age : 49
Height : 6'0" / 183 cm
Weight : 160 lbs. / 73 kg
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Supernova
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A glowing ember at the tip of a thin cigarette drew a faint and wavy line against the salty wind. Dressed in a sharp, brown suit, an older gentleman was idly leaning on the railing. A pair of venom-green eyes wandered on the fleet of ships. Many big names gathered here, see. Two in particular stood out to the thin traveler. One was an enormous and ornate vessel, like a floating temple with an air of grace about it. But was it just him or was there an odd smell in the air...? The other ship was much the opposite, a loud behemoth of metal brimming with reckless maniacs. In fact, he could’ve sworn he heard them howling their heads off... Not that the passengers of other ships or this one were any less colorful. The deck was sprawling with fur and claws while chatter mixed with grunts and growls. Fascinating folk these minks.

With a smoke-filled sigh, the criminal turned his gaze towards the water and thoughts inwards. Supernova... Right. Though he had managed to slip away from the law after the whole Alabasta incident, the World Government still figured out a way to make his life difficult. Typical. Keeping low profile became a lot more challenging now that he had a new title and a fresh bounty. But to be fair... Having fame wasn’t all bad, you know. It was one of the reasons he found this job. Or would it be more accurate to say the job found him? Well, either way... The recruiter had made an offer he simply couldn’t refuse. It involved money. A lot of it.

As far as the doctor was concerned, today’s plan was simple enough. Just hang back and keep people patched up. The trusty suitcase sitting by his side was fully stocked with medical supplies. Likewise, his pockets were lined with more needles and pills than a small clinic. As he had already assured the fine folk who hired him, his talents and equipment were at their disposal. Even now he was merely awaiting for orders. Others could have all the fame and glory they dared to claim. He was here only for the shiny loot afterwards. A sharp grin spread across his features. And if things went south, well... There were plenty of lifeboats around and the sea seemed traversable enough...

Wanted Dead or Alive: Richard 'Plague Rat' Maxwell

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Trailing behind the group of fancy-dressed maniacs was what some might have considered to be an unexpected sight, but was no less a lunatic than those she mingled with. Whizzing through the air above the heads of the pirates who had made their dramatic entrance from the meeting-hall was a thumb-sized tontatta girl with mechanical wings, her silver tail flicking restlessly as she circled the group. She wore an expression of boredom, partially because she could only be idle before the still of the storm broke and mostly because she had woken up with no abrupt changes to her original body. Her only solace was the white Primetime suit she donned, including a bright red tie, white dress shirt with strawberry red stripes, white waistcoat and grey trousers both laden with silver-threaded embroidery depicting mystical fires and fleeing wildlife. But there was still something missing and she now whirled artlessly through the air with her arms crossed as she contemplated the dilemma.

“Psst!” The tontatta froze mid air, her mechanical wings fluttering noiselessly.

“Psst!” the voice came again and she swept her hazel eyes across the grunts, until laying rest to a pot-bellied man with hair and flies covering every inch of his exposed skin. He beckoned her eagerly and she immediately complied, hopeful of something interesting. “Here, Miss Fluffy, I thought you’d appreciate this.”

He held up his heavily calloused palms and Wren peered inside his cupped hands. Her eyes lit up with excitement and when she returned to the parade of notable Primetime crew members, her face was shining brightly without a trace of her former apathy. She now fashioned two new items, one a massive red clown nose which she wriggled happily and the other a rainbow afro twice the size of her head. In her excitement, she had completely missed the first half of her captain’s rally, but her attention was pulled back when she heard her name called.

“Aye, aye, captain!” she exclaimed, tumbling through the air until she landed delicately on her captain’s bare shoulder, where she found herself a comfortable throne.

With her much happier mood, she readily joined in the uproar that followed the closing of the dark-skinned man’s speech, clapping and laughing gleefully. She threw were arms into the air, calling for war and blood in such an innocent manner that it was almost difficult to register the gravity of her cheers. And yet, she was arguably one of the most enthusiastic for the first instance where blood would be drawn, indifferent to the prospect of lost lives. As contradicting as outer appearances were, Wren was at heart a Primetime pirate.



Kurotane (Black Seed)
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An ominous whisper of the wind ruffled through the black spikes for hair as he stood on the precarious edge of the lonesome ridge. Philosophical minds might have called these whistles chimes of fate. Not him. For him, the chilly relief from the searing heat was little more than an encouragement to his lethargy.

An undefined time ago... (Do I look like a timekeeper?)

”Are you sure you won’t change your mind later?” The furrowed rosewood glare still managed to betray a kind gesture behind it.

”I’m sure, Djinn-san. I’m not fit to lead.” The young soldier bowed politely—mocked by a snortle. ”You know your humility somehow always manages to sound shallow.” The source of the mockery was a man not much older than its target, his sable dreadlocks caressing his bare shoulders.

”You want the truth, Yedi-ya? I just don’t wanna be responsible for anyone.” The younger one sighed, knowing his words would do little to justify his self-indulgent reasons. ”Keep quiet, ignorant fool. You not taking any responsibility is only evidence that you are useless to this cause. Even that bumbling band of misfits are more dutiful than you.”

Djinn-san smiled as he interjected. ”Now, now. Don’t be so harsh, Yedidiyah. Just earlier you were mentioning how efficient Acacia was on your last expedition.” The disciplinarian pouted like a pufferfish. ”Don’t use my own words against me, Djinn-san! I’m trying to make a point.” A half-victorious smirk sat on the spiky-haired loafer, immediately rebuked with a sharp knuckle-rap on the back of his head. ”Don’t sneer like you’ve gotten away with it.” Acacia only mumbled illegibly and rubbed the sore spot.

”Speaking of the band of misfits, I might have an idea.” The young one knew not who they spoke of, but a ”band of misfits” and ”an idea” put together certainly didn’t sound very reassuring. It was as he feared.

”Since you refuse to lead a crew yourself, I should assign you to Ronx.” He recognized the name vaguely, though unsure of the origin. Acacia languidly inquired after the crew’s name—still frowning—to which Yedi-ya replied on the seated man’s behalf. ”Bonbon X. Though Djinn-san refuses to call them that. A futile struggle if you ask me. But, he’s not wrong. Your ability might even be popular with their buffoon captain.” Bonbon X sounded like the last place he wanted to be - no matter how suitable his devil fruit was. But if it meant avoiding having to lead subordinates of his own, it was a tolerable compromise. He did not protest.

”In fact, I’ve sent Garland to guide them on a mission in the West Blue. He was complaining too, so you can help him out. It’s decided then. You’ll be first mate to Ronx and his crew.”

He was about to relent when he heard those final debilitating words. ”Wait what--First mate?! NO! That’s not what I--” And that was that.

An equally undefined time later… (No, I’m still not a timekeeper)

Acacia was red as a beet while he strained—burdened by five elephant-sized daifukus hanging low—climbing up the smooth face of the cliff bare-handed and bare-footed. More often than not, the unsteady rocky protrusions would snap off under the load, only delaying his rise to the summit.

His teeth chattered violently, nearly giving up on the string of mochi which held onto one of the fat sacks of delicious sweets (though he’d never admit it) he’d created to inflict himself this torturous exercise. After another hour of said torture, the climb was over. A tall and thin frame stood on the edge, awaiting him impatiently. He swept back his thick and wavy, creamy blonde hair behind one ear. Looking down on the new arrival with a sly smile, he spoke to a droopy transponder snail—which seemed to be struggling to stay awake. ”--He’s sitting right beside me.” He ached too much to follow the conversation, his scarlet eyes hazy when they looked out at the sea.

Forcing himself to stand, lest he fall asleep, a wayward glance caught a stray group of clowns landing onto the island, noisy as can be. With that fox-like grin still wreathed on his lips, the Black Mage spoke. ”Alright then, let’s have you meet the Bonbon X candies, shall we?”

If only I’d known then how mochi trouble I was in for.

word count: 722
tags: @Baltroy @Howai
notes: Merry Christmas!

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The past few weeks had kept the marine base at Las Camp lively. Between reports coming in that the Reverie would be hosted at Las Camp this year as opposed to its traditional location at Mariejois. A good many marines, Nathan included, had been called to Las Camp. Some marines thought it was just to tighten security for the event. Others like Nathan felt that there was a bigger reason. Las Camp was already pretty well fortified, it felt like putting a safe in another safe.

Nathan had been tasked with heading up one of the medical camps that had been erected to support the main fighting forces. Multiple tents lined with cots and a multitude of medical supplies stocked within stood behind Nathan as he peered his good eye through a lens of a pair of binoculars. "Damn..." he breathed. " That's a lot of ships-op." he commented lowering the binoculars. Nathan was somewhat glad that they were a ways back from where the fighting was anticipated to take place. The Frog Doctor wasn't all that fond of using violence, as his profession focused on healing rather than harming. Nathan hoped that he could provide the most value with his medical skills. Though if the situation koala-ed for it, he'd fight if necessary.

Nathan smoothed his lab coat before tightening his frog shaped gauntlet- gloves. He turned on his heel and gathered the attention of the other medical marines that had been assigned to the station. He cleared his throat. "Marines! I'm sure you all feel the tension in the air same as I do-op. The air here at Las Camp has felt of uncertainty since I've gotten here-op. Whatever happens here, keep your head on. We're all doctors, our job is to keep the marines in good health and fighting form so they can get back out there, and at the end of this go back to their families-op. I trust you all to do what you need to in order to keep our fellow marines in good health. Listen for any update orders from the V.A.s and adjust accordingly-op. Let's do our best!" Nathan finished with a salute to the gathering of medical marines who gave a hearty cheer and saluted back.

Nathan broke from his salute and walked back towards a smaller tent. He entered where a small galley had been erected. Nathan stuck a kettle on one of the burners. Nathan sighed looking at the slightly dented kettle sitting over the flames of the burner. He figured a cup of tea would help calm his nerves before the tension finally broke. The frog doctor stepped off to the side to grab a bag of tea and a cup in preparation. After a short wait, the kettle finally gave a hiss of steam and Nathan removed it from the heat and killed the flames of the burner. The blue haired doctor then poured the water into the cup, before walking out from the tent and over to the edge of their medical camp. The light steam from the tea dissipated into the air as Nathan took small sips as he waited for whatever was to come next.

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"ALRIGHT, WE'RE HERE. EVERYONE GO AHEAD AND DISEMBARK. GO DO WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU PLANNED TO DO ONCE WE LANDED!" Ryoma heard Alexa shout from the upper deck. Ryoma was just doing some last minute inventory in the hold, and decided to head to the top deck to see the island. "Cap, ain't it a little suspicious to be going and shouting that in such waters if we are where you said we were going?" Ryoma said as he stepped into the light of the top deck, looking around to see where everyone else was noticing that Noir was missing probably sleeping the in the captain's room again, he thought while letting out a sigh.

"So your giving us permission to do what ever we want on the island? Isn't that a little bit dangerous with the type of people we have here on this ship, eh Alexa?" Ryoma continued as he walked up to his captain. "We are pretending to be some muscle for our merchants so shouldn't we quote unquote make sure to go with them to the market and be all body guarding?" Looking towards the shore Ryoma noticed that the docks looked liked they were part of some back water town not whatever this Reverie thing should be taking place, but this is what he signed up for the adventure, the danger, and the ability to do what he wanted.

"Well if your allowing us to do what we want then I might as well go see what kind of smiths the have here, then I might as well go see what kind of fighters are here might be fun to see how i fair against some tougher people, heiheiheihei," Ryoma said with a smile and a laugh. Ryoma headed towards the area to disembark and waited for the ship to fully dock before heading down the plank and onto the docks to get a good view of the town. Thinking to himself "Wow this is amazing so many new faces and sights, okay calm down don't stare you don't wanna look like a yokel do you." Ryoma then calls back up to the ship "Anyone wanna follow me to the town and see some sights before we get down to business?"

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The chatter of rats surrounded Weasel as he tended to his family. Rodents of all colors and patterns filled this special room within the ship. There were no cages, but he did make sure the room was secure enough to prevent his rats from escaping. This wasn't to trap the rats for the sake of enslaving them; the purpose of it was to keep all the monsters that lived on the ship from killing, maiming, eating or doing worse to the rats. He pampered them and gave them copious amounts of love. They were washed everyday, played with, trained. He was able to train them to be able to communicate with him.

From that, he learned how to naturally communicate with their kind. When the time came for him to prepare for the mission at hand, he let a few rats slip into his coat. He had an identical coat to his normal one tailored to comfortably hold rats. Comfortably for both him and the rats. The snow-haired pirate left his rat-room with a padded crate to hold his rats. "Sorry, guys. They don't like you, so I hope you like the bed I put in there for you. Gotta put the lid on for now, see you soon!"

Sealing the crate, Weasel kept a steady pace as he retrieved his tools and met with Alexa. He armed himself with his own spyglass, his shuko and kusarigama, a mask and pouches holding various ninja tools. Meeting with Pierce, Alexa and the ship's owner, he smiled curtly and raised his hand to his head for a straight-forward greeting. "hey." He waited a moment as he listened to them speak, pulling out the map he had gathered from his collection. "Uh, if you don't mind, I...uh. Hi Pierce, and uh, morning 'Lex. And, oh, you too, Mr. Morris."

Weasel was nervous as they hadn't been sailing for long, but he regained his composure and pressed on much more confidently. "I disagree with you, Pierce. I think we came in the side we definitely needed to. I'm assuming you saw the gathering ships heading toward that point of the island? The attention is going to be focused on that part of the island. At least, until those pirates diverge." Weasel laid down his map of Las Camp on the closest table and waived his crew-mates over to come inspect it with him.

He pointed at the points they were entering from and the predicted point-of-entry for the pirates attempting to enter from a different point. "Y'know, Cap, there is something weird about this...Assuming you keep up with the News Coo. The Reverie, this BIIIIG gathering of all the nit-picky's happening in the West Blue. A blue. Not within the stronger muscle of the Grand-Line marines. Odd, isn't it? Maybe they're taking advantage of the weaker waters. But, and I'm hoping you keep up with the news, but..." Weasel started darting around like his rodent brethren, brain-storming.

"Oh, dear. This is going to be fun. Pierce, did you check out those ships while we were en route? The one and only. Fire. Bear. 'D. This place is gonna light up like a candle and they didn't expect him to come alllll this way, and uh...they just gave him softer waters to sail." Weasel lit up in excitement, for he saw riches. The World Government was going to take a hit and they deserved it. Whether it be whatever head Firebear'd decided to take or the berries they were going to bleed into Weasel's pocket.

"This is going to be so fun, but we need a plan, of course." Weasel thought about the risk, and he was willing to take it. It was rags to riches for him. He loved spitting speech on strategy, navigation and history. Information is his game, and he had loads of it to share. "I'll have my 'brethren' do recon and I'll take Ryoma with me for muscle. If you need me to work my thievery magic, just contact me. If you see my rats, raise one finger to stop them with your left hand and then one finger with your right to come get me. Raise two fingers if you want them to contact their brothers and sisters to return to me immediately."

Weasel rolled up his map and handed it to Pierce, prompting him to return it to his quarters after they leave. Weasel's favorite rat came out from his collar, chitter-chattering into his ears. "Agreed, Amadeus. Amadeus thinks you look great, Alexa."

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Bearing a Bear's Ways
World Event
Tanaka Howai
A cute girl, who has a propensity for pickpocketing

„So, you are from sky island? How it there? I always wanted to be in the clouds. Is it even possible to use my devil fruit power up there? You know, what I mean? To sprout an arm for examble on a cloud...“ (around 15 minutes later) „...And that was the last adventure with my old friend. I haven't seen him from this time forward. Can you imagine that?“ Howai drove Oliver up the wall with questions.
„ Yes, I...It‘s….I-I me-mean…..“ She tried to answer, but the titanean didn‘t get really a chance to speak and so she decided to say nothing. Howai didn‘t feel anymore like a stranger on the ship and you could tell by the way she spoke. She was much more receptive and open minded.
Suddenly there was a ring. Oliver stood up hectically and ran to a transponder snail. Maybe to had a reason to escape from the questions, but nobody knew.
As Howai looked at her, she noticed that Oliver‘s face flushing slightly. Few minutes passed until she came back. „We have to go. Hurry!“ said Oliver without going into any detail.

~~~ Sometime later on a small cart somewhere on the ocean ~~~

Due to her small size, Howai was nearly on the top of the literally pile of humans. At first, she thought it was the better choice, so she wouldn‘t be buried, but at that moment she realized that it wasn't better up there. She was afraid that she would fall into the water. Of course, Becker was nearby, but she was the only one in the crew, who couldn‘t swim.
Cherry didn't make it better with his tries to reach the top. „Please stop, Cherry“ Howai muttered. While the others quarrelled with each other (like they always do in such situations... not that to lie on each other is a common situation….), she lay motionless and covered her eyes.

After Alice piped up, silence ensued and nothing happened until they reached the beach of the island. When they had arrived there, Howai jumped into the sand, sank on her knees „Finally it‘s over.“ Howai cheered beaming with joy. She lay down on her back and made some sand angels. But something wasn‘t right. Lieing there she didnt get rid of the feeling that someone was watching them...


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Dressing himself head-to-toe with his typical uniform, Adrian felt a surge of excitement. The day ahead of him was going to be full of violence and joyful tyranny. The marines were going to oppress the pirates as they made a futile attempt for disrupting the Reverie. Pacing around his quarters, he made sure his voice modulator was function and that he was armed to the teeth with various daggers and tools. Once he was fully-geared and suited, he equipped his signature arm piece and holstered his shrunken trident on the back of his waist.

Adrian smiled underneath his disguise, blood-lust filling his eyes just to remind him he needed to place his eye-contacts down. His skin was masked with a powdery-white concealer. His bright eyes were turned grey by the contacts, completing his full-body disguise. This morning didn't start with him crying over his past. This morning started with zeal and preparation. Honor and ruthless passion. He was ready to kill, but the marines only knew him as a justice-bringer. Adrian wanted to tear the crude pirates limb-from-limb, but they knew he wanted an end to their barbaric attempts.

At least, they thought of him as a peace-maker. That was the game, anyways. Having no officially recognized post, rank or battalion of any sort; Adrian was sent to assist Rear-Admiral Kazuma. It didn't take him long to arrive, and he immediately formerly announced himself and addressed the Rear-Admiral. "Adrian Knight reporting for duty, Rear Admiral Kazuma-sir!" He was in proper form and saluted until Ryuji told him to be at ease.

This man...was the same man who saw him drenched in blood. The same man who saw a weak, frail boy. A skeleton that had to do a lot of self-defense. The masquerade to excuse the ball that Adrian had eliminating the traitorous marines and the disgusting Rat-Ear. It excited him that he stood near someone who saw his true self...but didn't even realize it. His voice-modulator gave him a deep voice, disguising his typically younger-sounding voice. Coupled with his full-body uniform and the Rear-Admiral saw the outer shell of Adrian Knight. He just knew him as Alex the Frail.

Thinking about how he was going to impress a higher-ranked marine rose the excitement even further. Let's have fun, Kazuma. Adrian realized how boring his surroundings were. That was when he realized they weren't even the front-lines, and the excitement deflated much like the recovering marine's had. Shit. I actually have to wait even LONGER!

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Cobalt had gotten bored just standing around waiting for something to happen, true tons of pirate ship had already began to come into view but even they were busy waiting for something to happen. The Shichibukai hated sitting around doing virtually nothing, at least give her a bucket of chicken or a rack of ribs to satiate her for the time being but instead she was left standing around with the red headed dolt being angry about a cage and the vice admirals jabbing at him. Why was he in the cage again, Cobalt thought back to the other night when she had a meeting with the navy and the other shichibukai, of course only three of the seven showed up and one of them seemed to have quite the eye for inappropriate views. Her memories jolted as she grinned remember that she had thrown a spoon at his head for being a little too prying and called him some sort of name ending in buffoon which resulted in a rather explosive result, then the memories turned south as she remembered getting hit in the head by flying derbies after attempting to finish her tea and her mood turned a little sour. Looking down at the raging beast in the cage she couldn't help but return to thinking about food and as such she started making up some peculiar object knowing full well that the beast would probably start looking at her for some relief. Soon it had been prepared rather crudely but it looked almost like her save for its hair being significantly longer and it lacking any sort of leg ear and of course the eye patch being old and discolored and not in the slightest decorated. Setting up her masterpiece she turned and walked away to go find herself some sort of dinner while the Iron Beast and the vice admirals had their jabbing match, though she fully expected the marines to have taken notice of her leaving but the crude scarecrow she left in her place was really meant to pick on Rubill.

A few minutes later a distressing marine was seen running around the island apparently terrified by something though what transpired only moments ago was hardly life threatening. Two minutes before the distraught marine started running about Cobalt had found herself almost on the completely opposite side of the island while searching for the kitchen when the poor marine approached her, this interaction resulted in a question and a death glare that apparently scared the poor fool. Cobalt continued wandering about the island in search of at least some dried jerky or something to snack on until she came across a group of marines two of which looked like they held some sort of position above the others, paying no mind she found herself simply walking through the group garnering some murmurs and questions for the lower ranking marines one of which Cobalt managed to mishear. "WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT ME YOU DIRT BAG!?" She screamed at the marine while staring him directly in the eye with her signature death glare resulting in the fool to begin panicking but of course this was going to gain the most attention out of the captain and rear admiral standing just beyond yonder.

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The change in destination initially surprised the navigator of the Xu Fu. Not for the fact that it meant joining a fleet deadset on interrupting a gathering of some of the most influential men in the world -- no. That sort of idea was unfortunately common for the boy; It was in fact bordering sane compared to some of his previous captain's gambits. But his current captain mostly didnt appear interested in such conflicts, and while she was not that she was above them  -- she was a pirate, after all -- she tended to operate on a far more organized scale.

A scale which usually avoided the kind of risk that usually came with what amounted to a call that all but said "help serve as our battering ram." The kind of risk that made you thank your lucky stars twice over on the chance you made it out in one piece.

And for what? Money? Fame? Or rather, infamy?

No, a chance to put one's name into history was not worth such chance. If anything, the young man had to guess this was more about connections and alliances. An assessment of her peers. An obligation. Whatever feelings she had, however, were indiscernable as she watched they watched their surroundings, albiet perhaps boredom.

He for one was relieved when many smaller ships came surging forward, though, crews all eager for blood and glory. Some not so small-time, as well.  He watched the Xu Fu's many displays from a table filled with notes and charts, not willing to put it past their opponents to have traps hidden beneath the sea, even if this meeting were a fake. It was a good move for the circumstances, and with narrow spaces between the now approaching swarm of pirate ships, anything that might explode and catch fire would be particularly devastating, too.

Such thoughts served to keep the blue-haired boy on edge as he waited like so many others on the approach to Las Camp. Although that mightve simply been because he was more comfortable thinking about the sea than on land, for the time being. Oh, he was itching to put a dent in the much hated organization no different than many others. The excitement of possibly being a newer pirate to beat one of the higher ranking Marines. Yet he could not deny his own fear. The likely possibility of his own death and the loss of people he knew. It made him wonder if it was just better to not get close to anyone at all. For the fallen to remain faceless within his mind.

That was, of course, a question he already knew the answer to.

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It... Certainly wasn't the best ship she had been on. The bed she slept on was uncomfortable. It smelled. And worst of all; that one guy brought RATS on here! RATS! They carried diseases! Kaia was seriously considering just ditching the pirates for a moment, unsure why she had even joined in the first place. She was already dressed, laying on her bed - her hat pulled over her face as she let out a low groan. She paused in her thoughts. Well. She could always give it a few more days. She'd have to demand a new bed, though. It was like she was sleeping on a wooden board with a sheet over it. She slept on floors more comfortable than this! Though in truth; she was just being picky and much more used to expensive passenger beds on travel ships.

That's when the captain started barking out orders. They were near land then? She swung her legs around and pulled herself up out of the bed with a groan. Her hand, gripping the top of her hat, had pulled it up and planting it down on her head firmly, squishing her wild, dark hair down as she slowly stood up. Time to get to work, she figured.

She ran through the information in her mind. They had to be safe and just do whatever while they were in port. But what were they doing exactly? Stealing? Did the boss lady have a plan? One of the others? She let out a soft grumble as she made it to the top deck, the short girl looking at everyone with tired eyes - did she get enough sleep?

".. Hey all." came a simple reply to all of them, not quite offering a personal response to any of them just yet. She simply listened. They got permission to do whatever but it was like Ryoma was protesting. Her blue eyes moved from him to the much more excited man. Weasel. Rat boy. He was gushing about the ship they had passed recently. Kaia seemed to nod slightly at his words before letting out a soft sigh.

"Yeah. This place is gonna light up. I would rather not see us get lit up with it as well, wouldn't be good. Nor would being grabbed by a patrol."

As she spoke she moved to grab her revolver, spinning the gun in her hand idly for a moment as she looked towards Alexa, "Anything you want me to do, captain? I ain't really got anything planned so I'm all ears if someone needs me for something."

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If there was one thing that people could entirely agree with on the matter, then it was that Noir was far from a pirate. Certainly, she might have been accompanying a crew of pirates, but even they were considered some oddballs compared to the usual pillaging cold-hearted masters of the sea that were talked about in stories. In fact, right now the young huntress might have been furthest from being a true pirate. At least she had the rebellious side down, having snuck inside her captain's quarters the night before, and as typical of her, had been using her ahem, ample bosom as a pair of pillows to nap on... at least till dawn came and her captain decided to sneak her way out of the room, leaving only an actual pillow in her wake. What a tragic thing to do, right? At least it meant she had a pleasant sleep, as was evident in her light snoring. However, the night before she had at the very least listened to the rumors that were going on.

It appeared their ship was sailing toward a particular area that was currently being used as a staging point for something important. In the end, some very important figures were going to show up, and those individuals possessed something she desired: raw power! That's right, rather than a pirate Noir was a huntress in the true sense of the word: someone who hunted powerful creatures to test her prowess against them, and among those beings humans were the most powerful and dangerous prey the world could offer!

It was also for that reason she had slept so long, till the captain's voice resounded from the deck, making it clear they had arrived. Only a few moments had passed since the command was given when she opened the door and stretched her arms into the air, a sheepish grin on her lips. "Good morning all~" Of course she had plenty of reasons to be in a good mood, considering she slept on the most wonderful pillows the ship had to offer!

A cheerful greeting that totally ignored the dangerous tension of the situation, but she was quick to address each member of the crew with her usual casual attitude. "Hey Weasel, I think that's a pretty clever idea actually. If you want I can send out some of my snakes to help us cover more ground?" Yet Ryoma's words poked right where she liked it the most: the search for strong enemies. "Lemme know if you find some Ryoma~ However, if I find one before you: finder's keepers!"

Yep, she was clearly in high spirits just because all those famous people were going to be showing up! Nonetheless, there were still two more people for her to greet, right? The next one, the smaller Kaia had Noir raise her bandaged arm lightly as she tried to affectionately pet the girl's head, humming with a smile. "How about you join me and Alex--- I mean the captain on a trip? I'm certain your adorably feisty presence and skill with your guns will be just the thing we need~ I mean I could just breathe out a fireball but I'm sure 'someone' would scold me for being too flashy then..." A wink followed in Alexa's direction when finally her gaze settled onto the island, her eyes narrowing into a focused glare. "Hmm, but usually the strong only gather when something significant is meant to happen. Remain on your guard everyone, whatever is meant to happen today... I bet this is just the calm before the storm, and storms at sea are rarely gentle from what I hear."

Now she thought about it, her brother used to describe this type of gatherings among the strong as 'events that would shape the world', but she had yet to figure out what he truly meant with that... Of course Weasel's comment made Noir's eyes lit up with a spark of excitement, a few nods of agreement coming from the huntress. "I didn't know that Amadeus was a fellow admirer of our Captain~ He certainly has a taste I can agree with~ Good work Amadeus, you got upgraded from potential rat kebab to brother in arms!"

A hearty chuckle escaped her lips as she waited to see what the others would do.
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